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CD's, DVD'S and other outdated technology

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Posted by: Leanne6

2nd Feb 2023 09:48am

Do you still use CD's, DVD'S and other obsolete technologies.
And if you don't, what have you done with you old collections.
I use to spend hours and many hundreds of $$ buying TV show box sets and the latest music CD's.
They now collect dust on my shelves.
How about you?

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  • 28th Mar 2023 05:08pm

Yes still use CD's and DVD's, can't be bothered with streaming and I have a CD player in my car which I like the sound of. I own a lot of CD's and nearly have all of Neil Youngs collection. I don't have many DVD's because I can borrow from the library, I only watch a DVD once but CD's play more than once, so it makes sense.

  • 26th Mar 2023 10:03pm

Yeah still have them and will never get rid of them

  • 25th Mar 2023 03:08pm

I've never been one of those people who has to have a big movie collection. I don't think there's much point if it's not an absolute favourite.
I still have quite a large CD collection and enjoy listening to vinyl now I have a turntable again.

  • 23rd Mar 2023 02:28pm

I still have a large DVD (885 DVDs) and CD Collection (664 CDs) and still adding to both. I don't see myself ever stopping this. I watch and listen to both.

I do subscribe to Disney, Prime and I have Foxtel too, but it's such a pain to look up anything to re-watch. I can look at my dvd collection and pick out something to watch.

Just wish they still made 3 or 5 disc players. I currently have a 3 disc player, but it's not a very good one. I'd like to get a new one, but there is not much to choose from. I do rip my CDs and have them on my phone, so I can listen to music on the go.

  • 28th Mar 2023 05:09pm
I still have a large DVD (885 DVDs) and CD Collection (664 CDs) and still adding to both. I don't see myself ever stopping this. I watch and listen to both.

I do subscribe to Disney,...

I have a 6 disc player in my car, it sounds great and is very handy for long drives.

  • 17th Mar 2023 02:41pm

I still use them, and now usually buy from op shops, or used online. I consider them great value - old favourites are still there to be enjoyed at any time. I don't pay for streaming services.

  • 16th Mar 2023 11:47pm

I love my CD and DVD collection and continue to add to them! I will never get rid of them. I prefer them to using streaming services because often they don't have the movies I want to watch.

  • 15th Mar 2023 06:39pm

I have several thousands of DVDs as i dont like or trust the cloud to keep them safe

  • 14th Mar 2023 06:11pm

Living out in the bush, I keep my CDs in perfect condition for those all-too-frequent times when radio is not available.

  • 14th Mar 2023 05:28pm

I have a decent CD, DVD and Blueray collection however haven’t added to it for about 7 years and don’t really use them anymore

  • 14th Mar 2023 02:16pm

Yes I do still use them.
I have 3 kids, and they often discover a movie they love on a streaming service, and then one day when they want to watch it, it isn't there.
The most recent one was Harry Potter - none of the FOUR streaming services we have access to, had it at the time!
Also still but tv shows sometimes. If you want to guarantee the availability of something, you still have to buy it.

  • 14th Mar 2023 11:45am

Still buy music CDs, mainly from charity shops, garage sales, boot sales etc. to augment my collection.

All are ripped to a hard drive, which forms my jukebox, and the CDs (the original media) go into storage boxes.

  • 13th Mar 2023 09:37pm


  • 13th Mar 2023 02:32pm

Collect dust on the shelf.

  • 9th Mar 2023 05:22pm

i still have and use cd's and dvd's. the content on a lot of them is unavailable on "new" formats, or are only remakes of movies.

  • 7th Mar 2023 10:11pm

I don't use the CD's and DVD's anymore. They live in the entertainment unit side rollout cupboards. They are really out of mind and out of site since I don't have the time or inclination to listen or watch them. I don't have a music subscription or a entertainment subscription as I generally only consume media if I am available such as on the radio and on television without going looking for content.

  • 7th Mar 2023 01:22pm

I too have collections collecting dust on shelves…… maybe disturbed at Christmas (the odd Christmas cd) or melancholy moments when certain songs enhance the memory

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