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CD's, DVD'S and other outdated technology

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Posted by: Leanne6

2nd Feb 2023 09:48am

Do you still use CD's, DVD'S and other obsolete technologies.
And if you don't, what have you done with you old collections.
I use to spend hours and many hundreds of $$ buying TV show box sets and the latest music CD's.
They now collect dust on my shelves.
How about you?

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  • 28th May 2023 02:36pm

I still buy DVDs sometimes and would not get rid of my collection, because eventually DVDs and Blurays will be phased out and we will all have to rely only on streaming services or buying digital copies. There are many tv shows and movies that will never be shown on streaming services or will be heavily censored to appease the cancel culture movement (The Dam Busters comes to mind, a classic film but with some very problematic language now).

  • 25th May 2023 11:20am

They are making a big come back, especially vinyl and CDs. I prefer to listen to CDs and vinyl analog records over digital mp3s. You also get a physical album cover with artwork and even song lyrics. With old record album covers you even get that nostalgic smell l, just like an old book. Media is a bit like fashion. It goes in cycles, does not really ever get dated.

  • 25th May 2023 09:15am

Stll have my cds and vinyl good just collecting them

  • 21st May 2023 09:09am

Still have all my vinyl and CD’s. I have a lot of music that is not available on streaming. I love confusing Shazam.

  • 18th May 2023 08:05am

I still purchase music CD’s bc I love particular Swift,Rhiannon,Harry Styles;Pink.

  • 17th May 2023 07:28pm

We have a large library of CD's and old vinyls we would not get rid of. Not everything has to be digitalised and it's bice to listen to warts and all.

  • 14th May 2023 03:59pm

I do still have quite a few but they are our favourites and well if its not one you can just watch then is handy to still have

  • 11th May 2023 10:21pm

Love my LP’s and the grandchildren I care for love there DVD collection
Any CD’s in our younger days me n hubby covered the walls and ceiling of a party room ,which was pretty cool.

  • 10th May 2023 09:34pm

I still enjoy listening to my CDs and watching my DVDS.

  • 10th May 2023 06:10pm

I still listen to cassette tapes on walkman machines stories, radio BBC shows, etc have only ever bought a few CDS and only of books not music. Used to buy DVD sets of shows would like to put them onto new tech one day

  • 10th May 2023 06:09pm

No tech is obsolete. I still have copies of my original, tapes etc. They have all been copied to mp3 format. But Music was music and Movies were not really a big deal for me, make believe just doesnt cut it. So I have very little and What I do have I enjoy

  • 8th May 2023 06:50pm

For individuals who have collections of physical media, it is understandable that these collections may become obsolete as technology advances. I can consider some options that I can do. Choose to keep them as sentimental or nostalgic items, or donate or sell them. Another option is to digitize the contents of the collection and store them in a digital format for easier access and preservation.

  • 8th May 2023 04:14pm

Have moved on from compact disc technology, simply stream music these days. In terms of DVDs, I still have a quality Blu-Ray player and use it watch films or television series not readily able to stream. Local libraries still have a range of titles on DVD that can pique my interest.

Missy Sarah
  • 8th May 2023 03:00pm

I love my cassettes, cd's and videos. Too old to change now.

  • 8th May 2023 10:55am

still use my cassette player to listen to cassette tapes or past BBC radio shows and books i am 78 years young and dont need all the tech gadgets lets go back to the old days

Missy Sarah
  • 8th May 2023 02:59pm
still use my cassette player to listen to cassette tapes or past BBC radio shows and books i am 78 years young and dont need all the tech gadgets lets go back to the old days

I'm the same.

  • 7th May 2023 10:22pm

I still listen to my cds and records...obsolete? I don't think so.

  • 7th May 2023 07:39pm

Yes, I collect DVD's, CD, and other technology.

  • 7th May 2023 02:44pm

I still buy and own dvds because theres are lot of shows and movies out there that do not get shown again

  • 6th May 2023 08:32pm

Yep! It’s super important to me to own physical media, as you never know when a streaming service might go under or the licensing rights may be removed, and some older or niche series/movies can only be watched on DVD anyway, which is what most of mine are! With so many streaming services nowadays, I usually opt for the dvd since I can’t always remember which platform its on, but i know its on my shelf :)

  • 6th May 2023 12:43pm

Yes the world needs to slow down on getting rid of hard copies

  • 4th May 2023 09:32pm

I still have them, waiting to have the time to watch them again. I've started listening to Spotify since my grandson broke my CD player and I can see the benefits as well as the drawbacks in Spotify creating playlists for you.

  • 4th May 2023 09:27pm

I've gotten rid of most of my DVDS AND CDS But have kept my favorites or hard tonfind movies etc..

  • 4th May 2023 03:24pm

My daughter couldn't part with her childhood videos and when the video player wouldn't play anymore she still wouldn't part with them and now are collecting dust in her adult home. I'd love to find a video player for her.

  • 4th May 2023 07:08am

I have almost 2000 dvds and blu-rays that I still watch over and over lol. I used to go into blockbuster every fortnight and buy at least one or two (if not 5 or 10 lol) of their second hand dvds or new ones and add them to my collection. Sadly now though since they closed and I have a 22 month old little girl we just buy Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol dvds from places like JB Hi-Fi lol, the up side is I now know all the words to the paw patrol theme song lol…

  • 3rd May 2023 07:22pm

I have hundreds of country music cds and I love to play them. Mine collect dust until they are played, but I like to hear what I want so I will keep my collection

  • 3rd May 2023 02:42pm

I don't use them anymore

  • 3rd May 2023 12:07pm

I don't buy cds because they took away stores where I used to preview music before purchase, without them I don't buy. The ones I have are in an album. I listen to YouTube for music, free streaming. Cheaper, better. I don't admire the movie industry. Majored actors have their money diverted to anyone but them, publicists don't pay they just run off with the money leaving actor unpaid for seriously good efforts and well organised productions. I only purchase DVD if I really really want to watch over again. That is rarely.

Con D. Oriano
  • 3rd May 2023 11:38am

Yes, although I never spent hours and hundreds of $$ to buy box sets.
Just a few here and there.

CD's aren't obsolete, they have the highest quality of sound, it's just that CD burners and players are harder to find.

DVD's are still pretty good, Blu Ray too.
4K is inconsistent with the quality of the masters, which is a shame.

Hardcopy is king. Many companies are self-censoring their own works to change the meaning or fit an agenda, which is seen when you are dependent on streaming services.

Not to mention there are more and more streaming services popping up, it's not worth getting them all, it's too expensive.

  • 3rd May 2023 08:23am

i had a massive collection of movies on vhs then finally started to buy dvd's & then eventually onto blu-rays. the later ones i still watch a little but mainly use streaming now. i read somewhere that people pay good money for vhs tapes if they're in good cond which mine are, i should look into it. they're just all boxed up now & taking up space

  • 3rd May 2023 06:49am

My collection of media consists of reel to reel, cassette, LP vinyl, cd and dvd’s. I must say the DVD collection (blue ray 4K and regular dvd) is collecting dust in draws and box’s. CD’s are still used due to the music quality(audiophile) equipment. The LPs have history from my childhood and time as a DJ. Cassette hold memories of driving in my younger years with friends. The reel to reel more of a show pce, the sound on these studio recordings are just amazing.
I guess for the memories created, I cannot pass the music medium, the dvd’s not that much.

  • 3rd May 2023 12:58am

I had a lot of cash and cassettes and mix tapes and now they are just filling shelf space. I started giving the cassettes to my kids old primary school for the kids to use for craft projects

  • 2nd May 2023 07:58pm

I am actually exploring for recycling CDs.. loads of creative ideas for making decorative stuff

  • 2nd May 2023 06:31pm

I rarely play CDs at home. I have a reasonable collection of DVDs that get played occasionally. In the car, CDs are my go-to dedicated music source, especially when out of radio range.

  • 2nd May 2023 05:35pm

I still play and buy CD's and now and again a DVD. If they still make them; even if in much smaller quantities; you can't say they are obsolete. I will play a DVD now and again, but not much these days.

  • 2nd May 2023 04:20pm

I’m keeping my cds and dvds for one day when the internet dies or streaming services make it too expensive to subscribe

  • 2nd May 2023 04:18pm

Its very rare that i reach for a cd or dvd these days. I am looking to sell them all but i dont know who would buy them. I have put ads on gumtree but nobody seems interested? Does anybody know what they are worth? Or are there any particular titles that still hold value?

  • 2nd May 2023 03:49pm

I have kept some that I rewatch at different times but a lot that I had have been sent to the OP shop as they still sell them on a regular basis

  • 1st May 2023 11:14am

If they are in the original box and in good condition, they could be worth something one day. I wish I had looked after the vinyls I bought in my youth. They were scratched to hell!

  • 27th Apr 2023 04:29pm

My old collection has served me well. I do acrylic paint pouring on them, they look great!

  • 18th Apr 2023 10:15pm

I still have my favourite DVDs, and even some of my favourite VHS tapes. I know they sit there, but I look at them with such fondness

  • 18th Apr 2023 05:32pm

I have collected over a thousand, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes and don't know what to do with them! Any body interested to buy?

  • 17th Apr 2023 09:41am

I still own lots of dvd’s and cd’s. We don’t use the dvd’s quite as much but the cd’s get used as we have a big stereo with a vinyl player in the top and it’s just so much more satisfying to listen to music from a cd or vinyl!

  • 14th Apr 2023 06:44pm

I still buy vinyl for my music. It's superior and DVDs of the movies i love boxed sets of tv shows. Are not. My thing. These days streaming. Channels. Allow you to watch some of the old shows.

  • 14th Apr 2023 02:58pm

Yes still listen to the CDs I have and watch DVDs.

  • 14th Apr 2023 02:38pm

Yes, I listen to cds when driving and like watching DVDs when I have a quiet moment on the weekend

  • 14th Apr 2023 12:58pm

Mine all got thrown out years ago unfortunately, but yes, we used to collect them and store them. There were only a few shows we would rewatch so those we kept and the rest we sold to other people after watching them.

  • 14th Apr 2023 09:17am

I still buy them, and sell them! More CD than DVD, as a lot of music I enjoy isn't on streaming services. It depends on how tech-minded you are, but there's very cheap players second hand and DVD costs very little now. So it can be an alternative to streaming with very broad choice. The key is to ditch it once you watch it, I re-view very few shows .

  • 14th Apr 2023 09:01am

I have a stack of CDs that I never listen to but I still appreciate the cover work, the photos and the thanks and everything that comes with the total pack. I listen to streaming music. I miss the tangible experience of owning music but you have to roll with the changing times

  • 11th Apr 2023 10:50pm

I started collecting DVDs and sometimes went overboard when the studios “double dipped”, for example releasing a second, special edition. I did this a couple of times with some of my all time favourite movies.

Later I started replacing my DVDs with Blu Rays and I still enjoy watching them.

Having access to all the different streaming services is also expensive. Another advantage in owning a movie is that the studios will occasionally “tinker” with the streaming version and potentially you will not be able to access the original versions any longer. Unless you own a copy.

  • 28th Apr 2023 09:48am
I started collecting DVDs and sometimes went overboard when the studios “double dipped”, for example releasing a second, special edition. I did this a couple of times with some of my all time...

Another advantage in owning a movie is that the studios will occasionally “tinker” with the streaming version and potentially you will not be able to access the original versions any longer. Unless you own a copy.


I know that some VHS tapes are considered valuable/collectible for this reason: they have a version of the show (often TV rather than film) that is no longer available as scenes / language have been edited for various reasons.

Less of an issue with music, which is my main collection, although I have made a point of finding original artwork examples where the art has been changed / moderated over the years.

  • 6th Apr 2023 02:28pm

Hi Leanne

I have kept some tapes (don't ask me why), records (because their tonal quality makes them sound better than digital technology), CDs and DVDs and have all the players to support them.
I trashed a lot of VHS and music tapes when I moved relatively recently ... it was a good time to have a purge of excess 'baggage'.
I've transferred many of my favourite songs to digital format for playlists in the car.
The funny thing is that I've gotten used to listening to track after endless track in shuffle, that when I play a record at home, five or six tracks later, things get really quiet and sometime later I wonder why it's gone quiet ... oh, that's right I have to flip it! 😂
Like you, as someone who loves movies, I've spent a small fortune on DVDs, I can't bring myself to discard them, even as E waste. How sad😔, I'm happy to keeping dusting my collection. :)

  • 6th Apr 2023 11:26am

i got a massive VHS collection then i replaced most with DVD's & Blurays so i have multiple copies of many movies. not sure what to do with it all. i do still buy some shows i don't how or where to see them otherwise

  • 6th Apr 2023 09:04am

I still keep some dvds and cds,as most people l know like Hoarding,,l would like to get rid of most them and l hope one day l can ,But there is that special moment meeting your stars from Music and Tv/Film and getting signed on your DVD or Music Cds is always a great Feeling

  • 5th Apr 2023 02:12pm

I still have them all. I did buy a ridiculous amount of cases to hold all our CDs and DVDS, so they didn't take up as much space. We use them when travelling.

But then again, I still have a record player and kept all my favourite records (and ones that never got brought out on CD)

PS I'm only 35 🤣🤣🤣

  • 4th Apr 2023 09:49pm

CDs & DVDs are definitely not obsolete! So much nostalgia for my older CDs. I also buy them but not as much as I use to.

  • 4th Apr 2023 04:32pm

Yes, I do use CDs and DVDs. I actually prefer to use this technology. I find streaming is too unreliable in terms of buffering and poor reception. Some programs I am interested in are not available through streaming. I guess it depends on personal preferences. Most older people like to retain their CDs and DVDs, while younger people definitely go for the streaming options.

  • 1st Apr 2023 07:46am

I still have the full set of DVDs of a few TV series that ran in the 1970's and '80's and I still watch them on my laptop or DVD player. It is really good to have them there as sometimes I like to rewatch an episode.

  • 31st Mar 2023 02:04pm

I too have bought many cd's and movie DVDs especially for my kids. Luckily I have a great DVD player and can still enjoy my collection and the kids after a while of no interest have reverted to watching their old DVDs with great interest and more importantly are finding interesting things that they didn't see earlier. So I feel that I have my moneys worth on my collection.

  • 31st Mar 2023 02:04pm

I too have bought many cd's and movie DVDs especially for my kids. Luckily I have a great DVD player and can still enjoy my collection and the kids after a while of no interest have reverted to watching their old DVDs with great interest and more importantly are finding interesting things that they didn't see earlier. So I feel that I have my moneys worth on my collection.

  • 30th Mar 2023 03:01pm

Obsolete? 🤣😂
I maintain my cd's as the quality on streaming is abysmal. Also not everything is available online. At least 30% of my collection is not on any streaming site.
In regards to DVD/Blu-ray I'd rather have a hard copies to watch than have to subscribe to 5+ streaming sites to cover the material i already own. Pfft obsolete.

Ever hear of vinyl? How popular are record stores now, answer - very.

  • 30th Mar 2023 12:10pm

I have a unit full of DVD,CD and videos can’t fet rid of them, but have given some away to people who don’t have paid TV.

  • 29th Mar 2023 03:44pm

My DVD collection collects dust. Now has been placed into boxes in the garage. Our household has mass technology in it, with 3 teenage boys, game consoles, smartphones and tablets with all access to Netflix and Disney plus. If they are not playing games, their watching movies on those platforms. I haven't physically bought a DVD in a few years now. That's just the reality for us. I no longer use CD's in the house as I stream music through Youtube. BUT...I still have to use CD's in my car, I have a 6 disc thingo and I love it. I hate having to worry about connecting to bluetooth or my phone in the car, too much techno stuff for me in the car. I don't buy too many CD's though.

  • 29th Mar 2023 01:24pm

My CD collection is still in regular use, as are my Cassettes (100+). I had the huge benefit of having access to professional equipment to copy LPs and CDs, and still treasure the occasions when I play the Cassette and CD together and invite others to tell me which source they are listening to.

  • 29th Mar 2023 11:05am

I love mine! It’s nice when I can’t find something on Netflix or whatever so I just watch a dvd!

  • 29th Mar 2023 01:29am

I have a collection of both still but havent bought in years, all streaming now

  • 28th Mar 2023 05:08pm

Yes still use CD's and DVD's, can't be bothered with streaming and I have a CD player in my car which I like the sound of. I own a lot of CD's and nearly have all of Neil Youngs collection. I don't have many DVD's because I can borrow from the library, I only watch a DVD once but CD's play more than once, so it makes sense.

  • 26th Mar 2023 10:03pm

Yeah still have them and will never get rid of them

  • 25th Mar 2023 03:08pm

I've never been one of those people who has to have a big movie collection. I don't think there's much point if it's not an absolute favourite.
I still have quite a large CD collection and enjoy listening to vinyl now I have a turntable again.

  • 23rd Mar 2023 02:28pm

I still have a large DVD (885 DVDs) and CD Collection (664 CDs) and still adding to both. I don't see myself ever stopping this. I watch and listen to both.

I do subscribe to Disney, Prime and I have Foxtel too, but it's such a pain to look up anything to re-watch. I can look at my dvd collection and pick out something to watch.

Just wish they still made 3 or 5 disc players. I currently have a 3 disc player, but it's not a very good one. I'd like to get a new one, but there is not much to choose from. I do rip my CDs and have them on my phone, so I can listen to music on the go.

  • 28th Mar 2023 05:09pm
I still have a large DVD (885 DVDs) and CD Collection (664 CDs) and still adding to both. I don't see myself ever stopping this. I watch and listen to both.

I do subscribe to Disney,...

I have a 6 disc player in my car, it sounds great and is very handy for long drives.

  • 17th Mar 2023 02:41pm

I still use them, and now usually buy from op shops, or used online. I consider them great value - old favourites are still there to be enjoyed at any time. I don't pay for streaming services.

  • 16th Mar 2023 11:47pm

I love my CD and DVD collection and continue to add to them! I will never get rid of them. I prefer them to using streaming services because often they don't have the movies I want to watch.

  • 15th Mar 2023 06:39pm

I have several thousands of DVDs as i dont like or trust the cloud to keep them safe

  • 14th Mar 2023 06:11pm

Living out in the bush, I keep my CDs in perfect condition for those all-too-frequent times when radio is not available.

  • 14th Mar 2023 05:28pm

I have a decent CD, DVD and Blueray collection however haven’t added to it for about 7 years and don’t really use them anymore

  • 14th Mar 2023 02:16pm

Yes I do still use them.
I have 3 kids, and they often discover a movie they love on a streaming service, and then one day when they want to watch it, it isn't there.
The most recent one was Harry Potter - none of the FOUR streaming services we have access to, had it at the time!
Also still but tv shows sometimes. If you want to guarantee the availability of something, you still have to buy it.

  • 14th Mar 2023 11:45am

Still buy music CDs, mainly from charity shops, garage sales, boot sales etc. to augment my collection.

All are ripped to a hard drive, which forms my jukebox, and the CDs (the original media) go into storage boxes.

  • 13th Mar 2023 09:37pm


  • 13th Mar 2023 02:32pm

Collect dust on the shelf.

  • 9th Mar 2023 05:22pm

i still have and use cd's and dvd's. the content on a lot of them is unavailable on "new" formats, or are only remakes of movies.

  • 7th Mar 2023 10:11pm

I don't use the CD's and DVD's anymore. They live in the entertainment unit side rollout cupboards. They are really out of mind and out of site since I don't have the time or inclination to listen or watch them. I don't have a music subscription or a entertainment subscription as I generally only consume media if I am available such as on the radio and on television without going looking for content.

  • 7th Mar 2023 01:22pm

I too have collections collecting dust on shelves…… maybe disturbed at Christmas (the odd Christmas cd) or melancholy moments when certain songs enhance the memory

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