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Posted by: Goulah

10th Jan 2023 05:12pm

Many surveys can be incredibly boring – for example finance and telecommunications. I originally started doing surveys from a greed factor but over the last few years have used them to mainly stimulate my brain. Being asked to do a survey today on cruise ships I felt, for the first time in a very long time, that I was truly being asked my opinion. It made me wonder if I was being petty in finding certain topics incredibly boring or most people felt the same way.

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  • 18th Aug 2023 10:36am

Good for you for actually bringing this topic up- and I have to somewhat agree!
I do surveys for several reasons also.
Firstly to have the chance to put my opinion out there and hopefully make a difference. (Maybe I’m dreaming a bit on that one!)
Secondly to keep my mind active and really get to think about different issues or subjects, I possibly wouldn’t otherwise think about.
And thirdly as a bit of spending money to help our household.
But I do agree that continual surveys on financial institutions or insurance matters does get monotonous. Especially as I feel, it’s never asking for a direct opinion- it’s usually a multiple choice survey and whereas you’d like to say your honest opinion- sometimes that’s not possible so you choose as close to your opinion as you can. I must say I do use the end part of surveys that offer it- where it asks for any comments regarding this survey. I use this part to put my opinions forward and I explain I wasn’t able to express myself fully, with the multiple choices I was given!
I do love the odd survey I get that’s really different and I appreciate being chosen for different things. It’s all stimulating and keeping my brain engaged in something!

  • 17th Jun 2023 04:35pm

Surveys indeed can be monotonous. That said, I think this isn't the case because a survey is optional and you do not have to enter and 99% of the time you are never forced to complete them. However, if you do choose to complete a survey for whatever reason... don't think your opinion doesn't matter, it definitely does. In order for a survey to be relevant to your specific responses, the survey conductor requires hundreds, if not thousands, of answers from diverse demographics, including ethnicity, age groups etc. This is because they get a wide sample of data from the survey before compiling it together. But rest assured, even if you never find out if your opinion mattered... it did in some way. They may use a survey you completed to determine whether more of something should be made etc.

Likewise, if a survey bores you and you want to feel your opinion matters... you can sign up directly to a company survey portal. A lot of companies these days are reaching out and making their own survey platform and rewarding people for their time. For example, in Australia, a lot of TV Channels here have their own survey platform where you answer surveys on certain shows, watch time, adverts you enjoy, programs you enjoy and after the survey closes they email you the average result which can be very interesting. This feels more rewarding as the surveys are more local, require less participants and can give you accurate data quicker. Unlike say, a global survey from CafeStudy, where multiple websites may have similar surveys to get the wide range of participants they require and eventually down the road you may find out the results (Rarely).

Overall, to get less bored with surveys, only answer the surveys you have an interest on the topic. If you are not interested you are more likely to not answer fully or correctly and just get it done to complete it for whatever reward may be offered. Therefore, skip this survey and wait for one you're more interested in. Also, to not get burned out by the bigger surveys that seem less like your opinion matters, signup to some local company websites in your area and see if they have their own survey platform. You will find your opinion seemingly matters more if you do and you'll enjoy their surveys more because they are less random and more on topics more relevant to you.

  • 16th May 2023 11:37am

If I found things boring and didn't think I was being rewarded for them in the finance and telecommunications surveys, I'd exit. The survey company producing them should make them more engaging and less boring to complete, possibly also make them shorter. If a survey takes too long and is tedious it gets closed here.

aunty gran
  • 19th Jan 2023 10:56am

Like you, l have been undertaking surveys for a very long time more from a need factor than a greed factor as the rewards do help me purchase some special items that l may not have otherwise done. The surveys also allow you to perhaps look at a different perspective of why we purchase/ consume items. There are some surveys that are mind numbing which are usually car and finance and l often let them slide by. You are correct regarding your opinion truly being valued at times this is most likely not the case but not always. What l find the most frustrating occurrence is when you are answering the survey questions only to be informed that you are not meeting the demographic for whatever reason.

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