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Posted by: Daddo

27th Oct 2022 07:40pm

Do you prefer
Ebook or Paperback?

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  • 12th Sep 2023 06:48pm

I prefer paperback to digital - always get lost when trying to read in digital format.
I like the feel of a book in my hands and to be able to turn the pages.

Avocado Green
  • 3rd May 2023 04:40pm

Definitely paperback! I love the feel of the pages in my hand.

  • 18th Dec 2022 07:23am

Paper books are extra special, especially a brand new one.
The minimilist in me is 100% ebook all the way!

  • 5th Dec 2022 04:35pm

Ebooks are super convenient, but paperbacks have their own charm. The smell of new books and having cool bookmarks is worth the effort.

  • 3rd Dec 2022 05:06pm

There is nothing better than holding a book in your hand.
We as people now have some form of digital item constantly in our hands, especially children.
It’s very important these days to distress and the best way to do this is with a good book.

  • 1st Dec 2022 12:03pm

I prefer paperback as at times like to highlight and underline pints that catch my attention.

  • 1st Dec 2022 09:39am

Reading both, I prefer the paperback (dead tree) format.

While eBooks have benefits (portability, ability to resize text, etc.) ultimately you are spending more time staring at a screen. I'd rather not do that.

  • 30th Nov 2022 05:36pm

Paperback for sure . It’s like s hidden world beneath the pages

  • 30th Nov 2022 09:34am


  • 29th Nov 2022 07:05pm

Ebooks all the way

  • 29th Nov 2022 04:58pm


  • 29th Nov 2022 02:51pm


Narelle 32031778
  • 27th Nov 2022 03:49pm

Definitely the paper book! I love the smell and turning the page's.

Narelle 32031778
  • 27th Nov 2022 03:49pm

Definitely the paper book! I love the smell and turning the page's.

  • 26th Nov 2022 02:05pm

it depends on where I am reading! I love ebooks for travelling, but paper books for home.

  • 24th Nov 2022 11:44am

My books are my "other children." eBooks just can't cut it.

  • 23rd Nov 2022 07:20pm

paperbacks, portable, recycable if you don't like the story, easy to use, eco friendly no power to use, tactile when reading.

  • 22nd Nov 2022 10:10pm

Prefer an eBook. lots of books in a small space, great for travelling. Also love to be able to adjust font size and light, making it easier to read for old eyes. I recently bought some paperbacks and the print was so small it was verry hard to read without a magnifying glass.

  • 22nd Nov 2022 11:50am

Paper love the smell of a new book.

Con D. Oriano
  • 21st Nov 2022 11:42am

Ebooks are great for reading at night without a distracting night-light. Changing font size to reduce eye strain and the ability to carry many books with little volume. You can also auto-scroll the text, and on some apps get text-to-speech to read it out.

But nothing compares to a good physical book. #Sorrynotsorry

  • 20th Nov 2022 11:25am

A prefer a Paperback, Ebooks are great when travelling and lately I have been listening to audio books, I can listen while I am doing housework, hanging out the washing etc.

  • 19th Nov 2022 04:57pm


  • 14th Nov 2022 10:35am

I quite enjoy my ereader I received as a gift as I can switch between books on the go without pre-planning. I like that I can enlarge the font size which helps improve my reading speed, also I like the integrated dictionary and it's one handed operation makes it easier to read standing on public transportation etc.
I've heard that it has virtually no environmental footprint from production and delivery of additional books. I can also tweet or highlight favourite passages or post them on social media
Best of all I can shop anywhere and gets books delivered in seconds with added bonus of downloading a sample chapter from any book for free. Also my ereader gives me opportunity to download any public domain book for free.

  • 14th Nov 2022 10:37am
I quite enjoy my ereader I received as a gift as I can switch between books on the go without pre-planning. I like that I can enlarge the font size which helps improve my reading speed, also I...

Having said that, I do love the smell of paperback books though, which brings back nostalgic memories conjuring up days when paper books were the only option.

  • 11th Nov 2022 10:21am

I prefer paperback, being able to change the pages yourself and the feeling of a book in your hands.

  • 12th Nov 2022 02:37pm
I prefer paperback, being able to change the pages yourself and the feeling of a book in your hands.

Yes I agree being able to turn an actual page and seeing how much you have to read to finish the book which spurs you on.

  • 7th Nov 2022 05:29pm

I like both. For many years I resisted buying a kindle because I love to touch and feel the book I’m reading (and oddly love the smell of books). I also like being able to see the books I’ve read on shelves around my house and when I’m reading a book, see the progress I’ve made as I’m reading it with the turn of every page. These are things I can’t get from an e-reader. Things kind of changed though - I was going overseas for a month and was reading a trilogy. Each book was 3 inches thick and I had a very full suitcase, which pushed me to purchase an e-reader and digital copies of the books for my holiday. I loved that I could take thousands of books with me. I also fell in love with the idea of reading with the lights turned off and not being woken up by the lights late at night after falling asleep while reading. I also loved that it was less of a thud on the bed (or my face) when I fell asleep and wasn’t woken up by a falling book. The other thing I like at the moment is that I can save space in my new tiny apartment, where I don’t have room to store all of my books. So, for the time being I’m sticking with e-books. That said, I’ll buy the occasional book (cookery books especially - I’d never buy an electronic copy of a cook book for some reason).

  • 7th Nov 2022 02:01pm

E book whenever I'm travelling, because I can't fit the number of books I'd like in a suitcase or carry-on! It also means I can purchase books on the go, and lots of websites will list ebooks that are available for free. They're usually trashy novels, but that doesn't bother me because when I'm on a plane they're pretty ideal for spacing out a bit!

On the other hand, there's nothing quite like the smell of books, and I love the feeling of turning a page when I'm curled up on the couch with a cup of tea. I also love the look of bookshelves filled with books, and you can't read an ebook on the beach because of the glare!

Because of all these reasons, I enjoy both, depending on the situation :)

  • 7th Nov 2022 10:31am

Ebook the best

  • 7th Nov 2022 09:33am


  • 7th Nov 2022 04:27am

Paperback . I love to physically touch a book and turn pages.

  • 5th Nov 2022 07:23pm

i prefer paperback definitely - i have an E-book by find i have to recharge it regularly which can be a pain.

  • 5th Nov 2022 12:22pm

Definitely paperbacks, as I can hold them in my hands. I even like the smell of a new book.

  • 2nd Nov 2022 12:47pm

Paperback always

  • 1st Nov 2022 01:53pm

Paperbacks, as they offer a sense of accomplishment when you finish the book. I am taken on more of a journey with a paperback as I progress through the pages that I can feel in my hand and turn myself, over an Ebook. I don't relish the challenge with reading on a Ebook and it leaves me feeling dissatisfied and disconnected and not as immersed in the story.

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