To go or not to go


Posted by: Goulah

26th Oct 2022 11:28pm

I have been pondering whether people are rushing out to travel or are putting it off. Being of a “certain age” and retired, I was quite surprised how many of my contemporaries were commenting during Covid on how their perfect opportunity to travel had been hindered. Now that circumstances are not so dire and people are rushing out to travel, it seems that the crowds and delays at airports would put off many people - myself included. Prices are now so high as to make me think twice about going anywhere.

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  • 21st Mar 2023 10:30pm

It's understandable that the current circumstances of travel may give rise to mixed feelings and considerations. As the pandemic continues to affect travel, it's natural to have concerns about crowds and delays at airports, as well as the high prices of travel.
While some people may be eager to resume travel plans, others may choose to wait until they feel more comfortable with the situation. It's worth noting that the current travel environment can vary depending on the destination, and it's important to consider factors such as safety measures, entry requirements, and local regulations before making any travel decisions.
In terms of prices, it's true that the pandemic has affected the travel industry, leading to price increases in some cases. However, there are still ways to find affordable options, such as planning ahead, being flexible with travel dates and destinations, and comparing prices from different providers.
Ultimately, the decision to travel or not is a personal one, and it's important to prioritize your health and safety, as well as your financial considerations. Whether you choose to travel or not, there are still many ways to enjoy life and pursue your interests, even from home.

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