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Posted by: Genie11

26th Oct 2022 12:08pm

News channels and feeds need a reality check!! The word 'News' used to suggest something positive to be told! Not any more!
In the current world - crawling out of the global pandemic, droughts, fires and floods, natural disasters in far-off lands, food shortages, the pitiful onslaught in Ukraine and all that it entails and the constant micro-managing of everyone's 'slip of the tongue', political correctness - the endless drudgery of criticism and negativity that journalists and news providers deem to be what the public wants and needs to hear, is depressing. Journos are hell bent on dragging up misery, political nastiness and 'we got you' moments, to satisfy what they believe to be a public appetite. There is little or no consideration given to all the wonderfully positive and uplifting news that is out there. Take for example, medical and scientific developments, the rediscovery of what was thought to be extinct creatures, land preservation, human achievement, agricultural production and educational success in poorer nations. This is happening globally and yet there is little or no appetite for it from our 'oh-so-intelligent' journos and media presenters! For goodness sake . . . . give us a break and balance up the ledger a little for us. The world is compassion 'fatigued' and desperately in need of some GOOD NEWS!
What do you think? Is salacious gossip and someone else's misery your thing? Or would you like something a little more uplifting? What examples of GOOD NEWS, UPLIFTING news would you like to share with us?

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  • 12th Sep 2023 11:12am

I must agree with PandaKill and jtmorri’s comments. I do not think I can add anything of value to their thoughts. But turning to your questions…is salacious gossip or someone else’s misery your thing …uhhhh, I think news reporters are very careful to verify their content before they televise it, to elevate it above ‘gossip’ (to protect themselves from civil prosecution). So, I hope that what we’re hearing are confirmed facts, obviously presented in the way the journo wants to present it. I don’t think someone else’s misery is anyone’s ‘thing.’ The war in Ukraine is someone else’s misery and we need to know about it for obvious reasons. We also need to know when people are suffering, when cures for diseases are progressing, where earthquakes are happening… it is life. Only by hearing about it in the news can we try to do something to help or avail ourselves of a cure. And yes, you are correct, it can become overwhelming at times. That’s probably why they always try to finish the news report with a positive human-interest story ie a kitten pulled out of a wall, dogs out of drain...etc.

  • 8th May 2023 08:44pm

I only watch internationally reputed new channels

  • 6th Feb 2023 05:14pm

I understand that the media's focus on negative news can be disheartening and overwhelming. It is important for news outlets to provide a balanced perspective and to also cover positive and uplifting stories. Sharing positive news and experiences can help to foster a sense of hope and community, and can bring attention to important causes and initiatives.

  • 27th Jan 2023 02:55pm

The standard of journalism has slipped. They are after attention grabbing, click-bait, up-to-date, cool and spontaneous stories. If a journalist can't engage or get the clicks, then they will be out on their ear and seen as not good at their job. It is a different world with everything faster and people always busy online, scrolling, sitting rather than out doing manual tasks. The world is more connected, and it is easier to access information, even that which is trashy quicker especially with social media accounts of celebrities and brands. One wrong step and someone will be reporting about them. All this stuff would have been private and unknown previously. The attention span of humans is decreasing due to this online environment as are communication skills. I don't follow celebrities or tabloid news. I stay away from gutter journalism and the gotcha moment of A Current Affair for instance. The news which is calmer and journalistic style I enjoy is the ABC Nightly News. I still get the facts on there to ponder without the rubbish. I also prefer local news of what is going on in my community, so I do like to hear about programs and projects which are making a difference in some way.

  • 4th Dec 2022 07:52pm

Well said!
It used to be a very different media we had many years ago. A couple of weeks or so after a significant event happened, we used to read about what actually happened and then freely make up our minds which point of view we took. These days, we get told which way to think about a certain event and then we are left to make up our minds if that event did, in fact, occur at all - or if it even matters!
Mostly good news streams are available through subscription. Some that I've heard recently is that the Saudi's along with two thirds of the world's population have switched from the USD to Yuan... meaning the USD is just months away from collapse and everything evil that goes with it... good news unless you're heavily invested in it.

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