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Streaming Monopoly

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Posted by: Darren

7th Oct 2022 09:50pm

Why do we have to have so much competition in streaming now all charging large monthly fees, let’s go back to the Netflix monopoly model where all content was on one platform and cost one fee per month, thoughts?

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  • 28th Nov 2022 11:46pm

It is not economical at all to have only one streaming service. This is like anything because if there is only one of anything (Streaming service, tv brand, electricity company, internet provider etc)... They will have a monopoly. This is bad because for example, say Netflix was the only Streaming service around still... they could charge really cheap to bring you onboard and then one day they can set their own price for shows to be on their service and for us to watch them. If it's the only option out, Nextflic could charge people $100 a month, hell even $1000 a month and people would pay it as it's their only choice due to no competition.

However, it is good there is competition because now there are numerous platforms which keep the prices relative cheap (Around the same price per month for each service). Yes, not all shows are on one platform but this is because its about which Streaming service wants to pay for that show etc.

Overall, without diversity/choice/numerous services, we'd be worse off. Yes we'd be paying one fee if we had only Netflix and we'd be able to watch whatever but who knows what they would set that fee as. Therefore, it is cheaper in the long run to pay for example, $10 a month for three services to get the majority of the shows you want than being forced to only have Netflix with everything which could set their price to $1000 a month.

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