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Posted by: dreamer27

3rd Oct 2022 11:36pm

What does everyone like to do in their spare time.
I like drawing, writing poetry, reading a good book. Watching TV shows or playing a game whetstone be on games console or my laptop or phone

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  • 9th Feb 2023 07:41pm

Depends what is spare time. I spend most days outside, in garden, or walking the bush with friends/neighbours/family, visiting, we have a number of clubs in town to help or partake. After sundown, I do surveys for the day, Also do some crochet, knitting, reading, office work for others, and I spend 3 mins every hour on rebounder so I am not sitting too long a time.
Love the rebounder. That would be the new thingy for me, still read, do crosswords, jigsaws, but usually with others, so we are socialising

  • 17th Jan 2023 07:59pm

Nowadays I am spend more time with family members and enjoy preparing wonderful family home made meals for the ones I love. I go out of my way to prepare meals that create a sense of connection with the people I care about..
I'm spending more time on exercise,hobbies and creative pursuits , and better looking after my emotional and physical well-being
In these covid riddled times I'm exercising caution and take less risks and actively looking after my physical health, building my immunity

  • 17th Jan 2023 07:24pm

I like to drive to the ocean and have a swim in summer, travel to different towns, watch a good movie, go to Cinema with a friend then lunch, read on laptop, walk, a little gardening, reading relaxing and meditation.

  • 17th Jan 2023 07:17pm

I love creating cute crochet items which I sell at Artisan Markets and friends and followers. It has become my side hustle since retirement 4 years ago and I love finding new and cute items to make every day.

  • 12th Jan 2023 03:37pm

reading , watching movies, volunteering, gardening, researching family history, walking

  • 11th Jan 2023 04:15pm

I have not spare time, always something to do. Study, selling on ebay and gardening, not too mention the normal chores around the house. I do take time to read a little before bed and watch TV a bit, but cutting back on TV to give me more time for better things.

  • 11th Jan 2023 04:07pm

Sounds amazing wish I could draw! A few things I love to do in my spare time are looking after My neice and nephews. I love watching TV series with my boyfriend. I love walking along the beach and patting dogs with my neice. I love listening to music and dancing like noones watching haha. And I also love reading and writing stories.

  • 10th Jan 2023 09:56pm

Flying a light aircraft with the Pearce Flying Club. Playing Scrabble. Writing articles for the De Havilland Moth Club, the RAAFA WA Airmail magazine and the AAFC Branch Newsletter. Volunteering at the RAAFA WA Aviation Heritage Museum as an Aircraft and Museum Guide. Gym sessions under the DVA Heart Health Programme.

  • 10th Jan 2023 07:37pm

Watch YouTube news or movies

  • 10th Jan 2023 06:56pm

I have a side hustle since retiring and I love to make unique little crochet items which I sell at Artisan Markets, to friends, etc.

Narelle 32031778
  • 5th Jan 2023 07:00am

I love to go for a walk with dogs or sit down with a hot chocolate and just look out the window

  • 14th Dec 2022 09:26pm

I love pottering in my garden,reading and doing puzzles and crosswords

  • 12th Dec 2022 04:58pm

I play magic the the gathering, dungeons and dragons, computer games or train muay thai and jiu-jitsu

  • 9th Dec 2022 02:27am

Playing the switch and watching TV. I have very little spare time tho!

  • 8th Dec 2022 10:14pm

I really enjoy gardening outdoors and watching television. Other than that I like an afternoon tea out with family on a weekend.

  • 26th Oct 2022 06:16pm

Reading and writing. I self publish short stories in my spare time, and I'm working on a full length novel right now.

I do like gaming and TV, movies etc, but I tend to forget they exist.

  • 11th Oct 2022 12:40pm

I enjoy going for walks in nature parks or along the beach. I study online and enjoy online shopping.

  • 11th Jan 2023 04:16pm
I enjoy going for walks in nature parks or along the beach. I study online and enjoy online shopping.

I am studying online too,and love walking on beach and in nature.

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