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Posted by: yumna32125774

14th Sep 2022 04:28pm

How does everyone feel about the rise of fast fashion? With rising cost of living, how does one buy anything other than fast fashion?

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  • 1st Jul 2024 07:15pm

I’m getting into seeking more pre loved items. I’d like to see an end to fast fashion

  • 4th Sep 2023 09:18pm

Try to actively avoid buying as its bad for the environment and the people whoa re paid a pittance to make it

  • 15th Aug 2023 11:47am

I'm one for buying quality clothes and handbags. They last longer and look better. I dont mind wearing the same thing over a lot of years. Buying the poor quality of fast fashion is false economy

  • 27th Apr 2023 06:56pm

You find the best quality brand you can, and catch it when it's on a big sale. It's like handbags. You can get one from Strandbags that looks like leather, costs you $60, it looks tacky and wears out quickly, then you repeat that process ten times. OR you spend $600 on a classic style, from a good quality brand, and it lasts you for 10++ years- AND they hold their value. The same applies with my clothing. I buy something, wear it forever, and sell it after 5 years or so for a 1/3 of it's original retail price. Quality.

  • 14th Apr 2023 04:29pm

don't care if something fast fashion or not for me, I buy on style and comfort I wont buy something i hate look of just cos it sustainable or whatever I like how it makes trendy stuff accessible for everyone though

  • 2nd Mar 2023 05:46pm

I am one of those guilty of buying fast fashion but the reality is clothing and accessories made locally or sourced locally are just too expensive and I can't justify spending over $200 for just one item.I have learnt to shop my wardrobe now via You Tube which has made me fall in love with the clothes I already own.

  • 4th Feb 2023 04:38pm

Ideally I would prefer to buy secondhand, or fewer clothes that are good quality, over many that are three washes and they are ruined.
For me being plus size, at any given time if I am lucky, there will be one or two things that physically will fit me in an op shop. If I looked through every item of clothing (which is what I need to do to find anything), i'd be there for three hours. Then the things I find, are never anything i really likfe, AND they are priced at a very unattainable price point.

My current option is sewing my own clothes. I stopped buying clothies at a frequent rate, and I alter my things I have had for a while, or start from scratch.

In saying that, if you want to make a top for instance, you need a pattern ($5 at the cheapest), fabric 2 metres ($10-20 per metre for average quality) etc etc, so before you have invested all your time and expertise, it's already more expensive than buying fast fashion.

  • 7th Nov 2022 02:06pm

The rise of fast fashion really worries me.
I feel like the rising cost of living is a little bit of a cop-out, and only relevant for people at the absolute lowest end of the socio-economic spectrum.
If people stopped expecting to constantly have new clothing that keeps up with a trend, it wouldn't be nearly so much of an issue. Unfortunately, we live in a society at the moment that feeds on constant newness, and so clothes aren't made to last.

I'm on significantly less than the average Australian income, but I still manage to save up and buy a few really nice, well made, sustainable clothing items a year. Because they're so well made, they tend to last longer. Over time, I've built up a fairly sizable wardrobe of some really gorgeous pieces, it just takes patience and careful planning.
I also repair clothing that starts to get holes, and turn old pieces, that really can't be worn, into something else, in an attempt to stop the fashion wheel from spinning quite so fast!

  • 25th Oct 2022 12:45am

Fast fashion is not so bad in my opinion, it allows people to wear trendy cloths with fare costs. But lets be reasonable when buying cloths and be mindfull about the bad effect textilling has on the environment

  • 5th Oct 2022 01:45pm

Fast food, fast cars, fast talkers...but fast fashion? ;)
I don't follow fashion, fast or slow, (no, that doesn't mean I'm getting around in flairs...LOL) I buy what's comfortable and looks good on me at a fair price, and importantly it needs to look like it'll survive a few washes. If it does those things, I'm happy. That's about it, for me and fashion.


  • 29th Sep 2022 08:15pm

Fast fashion has been around for years. Magazines used to be the culprits of pushing it, then television and now social media. Every change of season flimsy non lasting clothes are sold and people buy them so they feel fashionable and not left behind. The bigger problem today is globalisation and being able to get items from anywhere in the world which are made at low cost in poorer countries. If you buy and invest in classic clothing pieces you will have them for years, so maybe buy something a little pricier and be paid back with years of wear and not being part of the fast fashion issue.

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