Zero Waste


Posted by: Vanessa 32284508

22nd Aug 2022 09:25pm

What are some ways you reduce waste in your house hold?

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  • 13th Jun 2024 10:01am

Before mowing the lawns, I collect our vegetable waste and spread it around our fruit trees. After mowing, I cover the vegetable waste with the freshly cut grass. This process nourishes the soil, which in turn supports the health and growth of the trees. It’s a simple, effective way to recycle organic waste and maintain a thriving garden.

  • 26th May 2024 05:21pm

Get some chooks, you will get some fresh eggs, they will eat most kitchen scraps & anything they won't eat can go into a compost bin.

  • 22nd May 2024 08:28pm

don't purchase more food than can be consumed or kept until needed. recycle food scraps into a compost bin. fix any leaky taps and don't over-water the yard or plants.

  • 1st May 2024 04:03pm

I have compost bin & add all my vegetables & fruit peelings

  • 23rd Apr 2024 05:21pm

I live in walking distance to a grocery store so I try to go more frequently and only buy what I know I will use. Whenever I bulk buy for a fortnight at a time I end up wasting/throwing things out.

  • 13th Mar 2024 07:54pm

We use cloth nappies while the kids are at home, and buy glass food containers where possible

  • 30th Jan 2024 11:31am

Worm farm for vege peelings etc, Council green bin waste now takes food scraps which we use. Also have a compost bin if green bin full.

  • 22nd Jan 2024 03:02am

Grow vegetables and put cutting of vegetables in green waste bags to go into compost.

  • 16th Jan 2024 02:53pm

We recycle what we can we we can. That means vegetable and food waste to the green bin. Scunchie plastic and hard plastic to the recycle bin as well as waste papers. Soft plastics can not be recycled now in South Australia but we used to take them to the RED recycle centres. Usable clothing to charity shops and batteries and electonics to the centres recycling them.

  • 15th Jan 2024 10:38pm

I would love to get a compost bin and start handling my waste properly.

  • 22nd Jan 2024 03:05am
I would love to get a compost bin and start handling my waste properly.

I bought a maze 7ltr caddy with green waste bags included through the catch app. Makes cooking and recycling so much easier, cleaner, and great for the environment.

  • 9th Jan 2024 12:03pm

Also, most of our cardboards and paper products go on the garden as mulch.

  • 9th Jan 2024 12:03pm

Luckily we have a worm farm and compost bin, nothing goes to waste.

  • 9th Jan 2024 12:03pm

Luckily we have a worm farm and compost bin, nothing goes to waste.

  • 25th Dec 2023 12:24pm

Pre plan your meals to avoid food wastage (also saves a hell of a lot of $$)!!
Always recycle what you can. Sign up for Containers for Change to help save a little bit of money too.
If you have room, compost food wastage.

  • 9th Dec 2023 07:15pm

don't purchase any more than can be used/eaten and recycle that can be recycled. for those with a yard or garden, compost what can be composted. a lot of items that goes into waste can be reused or repurposed at home. sell, or donate unwanted but useable items to charity.

  • 5th Dec 2023 08:52pm

Reuse the cooled steamed vegetable water (broccoli, corn etc.) on our plants

  • 4th Dec 2023 08:24pm

I bring my reusable bags when I go shopping.

  • 2nd Dec 2023 07:41pm

Using reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Trying to make meals out of all of my groceries to decrease food waste.

  • 28th Nov 2023 06:19pm

The best way to don’t waste food on resty

  • 15th Nov 2023 10:40pm

the best way to help reduce waste is to 'not' buy products as much as possible in plastic or non- recyclable packaging. I made my own produce bags from mesh curtain material from the thrift shop which saves me using any type of plastic bag for fruit & veg as I buy loose produce. I also take my own plastic containers to the butcher for my meat, that way I dont have plastic bags to get rid of and my meat is usually ready to put in the freezer as is. I rarely buy supermarket meat but when I do I look for recyclable trays. That is just 2 of the ways I reduce my footprint on earth and It feels good! If everyone followed that principle, imagine how many plastic bags we could save from going into landfill together :)

  • 12th Nov 2023 02:36pm

Textile recycling, via Upparel

  • 28th Sep 2023 09:16pm

After living with friends we discovered that compared to friends and others we generate significantly less waste. I put this down to our spending/shopping habits, we rarely buy material/superficial items and almost of the food we buy is either has no or minimal packaging. With most packaged food being cans, glass or box’s which recycle, reuse or compost. We also buy items in bulk as much as we can, I know this isn’t possible for everyone though.

  • 14th Sep 2023 08:46pm

Use reusable bags.
Read all food wrappings carefully before disposing of them into recycling or normal bin.
Try not use the plastic fruit bags in the supermarket.
Also don't put clothing into the recycling bin unless I cannot repair it. And if I have to put a clothing item into the bin I use it first as a cleaning cloth or duster first.

  • 12th Sep 2023 10:40am

In our household, we've made reducing waste a priority. We use reusable items like shopping bags, water bottles, and cloth napkins. Meal planning helps cut down on food waste, and we compost scraps. Recycling is a must, and we repair or repurpose items before tossing them. Plus, we're mindful shoppers, opting for quality over quantity to minimize waste. Small changes, big impact

  • 21st Jul 2023 10:35pm

Look at every item you need to throw away as some surprise you as more items are now recyclable.
Carry at least 1 foldup shopping bag with you at all times.

  • 21st Jul 2023 06:57pm

bokashi bin aswell
compostable rubbish and poop bags
buy from wasteless pantry using my own jars
compostable kitchen sponge and scourer from coconut fibre
use vinegar, bicarb and orange peel cleaner
make own stock
buy from local on line delivery seasonal fruit and veg
eat plant based diet, no meat/ poultry although sometimes sustainably sourced seafood
read packaging of everything to try and buy locally, ethically and sustainably
try and buy foods with minimal packaging
home cook many foods
support local food industry even though products may be more expensive

  • 21st Jul 2023 03:00am

All paper products and old veggies and fruit go into a composting area in the back yard

Sil sil
  • 20th Jul 2023 02:22pm

Howdy, we add to a compost bin, don't waste food, we used to use plastic shopping bags as our bin lines, but now have to buy rubbish bags. We try and give away to others who can use any hand me downs. Just being aware of not using A/C or lights all the time and don't buy latest model electronics just to be updated, all ads to landfill....

  • 19th Jun 2023 06:44pm

Reduce energy consumption and use energy efficient appliances

  • 29th May 2023 11:50am

we put all food waste, scraps in a small waste bin which then transfers to a large compost bin outside.

  • 16th May 2023 08:32pm

mulch when mowing or place cuttings into compost.
worm farm for vegie scraps.
reuse whatever is reusable.

  • 1st May 2023 06:18pm

Spread coffee grounds around plants

  • 27th Apr 2023 02:47pm

We have a big composting system going at the village I live at, no one buys fertilizer or potting mix any more.

  • 13th Mar 2023 05:55pm

Feed food scraps to my dog. She literally eats anything, but her favourites are broccoli and sweet potato

  • 6th Mar 2023 01:45am


  • 1st Mar 2023 12:36pm

We have a worm farm, for all our vegetable scraps, a compost heap, for all our gardening scraps, and we use cardboard, etc, to use as weedmatting on garden beds. The worm farm also delivers very good, rich, organic soil to grow vegetables in. And also for the worm juice fertilizer. We grow a lot of our own fruit and vegetables.

  • 28th Feb 2023 09:44pm

I recycle everything I can and pick up rubbish I see lying around the street and place it

  • 28th Feb 2023 01:24pm

I believe strongly in recycling everything I can and really miss not being able to dispose of soft plastics,
i compost every thing I can including paper and cardboard in my compost and leaves etc then the compost is used on my garden beds,
I take a basket to buy loose fruit and veg if I can to avoid excess packaging,
I regularly make soup or a casserole to use up odd veggies rather than throw them out,
I sort clothes and excess household items to take to the op shop,
Being brought up in the depression era we learnt to cook from scratch and to be frugal and so there was never much waste or excess to clutter the house,

  • 28th Feb 2023 11:19am

Compost lawn clippings and waste into garden mulch

  • 28th Feb 2023 09:31am

all food waste goes into our compost bins with other green waste and becomes a breeding ground for earth
worms so no need for a worm farm.

  • 27th Feb 2023 08:12pm

We Food waste and lawn clippings etc into a a worm farm and compost bin. We also collect cans and bottles and recycle those with 10cents refund take them for refund other into recycle bin

  • 27th Feb 2023 05:14pm

Compost lawn clippings. kitchen waste to worm farm

  • 27th Feb 2023 01:34pm

I was recycling plastic through coles and woolworths until they had to stop picking it up, I recycle bottles, cans, break up all our cardboard and have a compost bin

  • 27th Feb 2023 12:09pm

I recycle everything I can and pick up rubbish I see lying around the street and place it in a bin

  • 20th Feb 2023 09:44pm

only buy what is needed and where possible , buy refills for liquid/powdered items instead of the complete container.

  • 20th Feb 2023 12:45pm

Take care when shopping, so that purchase only what is needed!

  • 15th Feb 2023 07:17pm

Buy recycle food packaging.

  • 15th Feb 2023 04:23pm

This household makes no effort to reduce waste. Life's too short for trivialities.

  • 15th Feb 2023 10:42am

I've always had a compost bin which I use for all my vegetables scraps & some weeds, I also have a drum full of water that I put weeds in & I add chicken manure or cow manure & this gives me a great liquid fertiliser. I also have no food waste as any leftovers can be used later. all paper, cardboard & glass items are cleaned & placed in the recycle bin for collection by the council. I've also installed Solar panels on my roof & a battery for backup if the grid goes down. if we are all careful then we can make a difference

Paul 31642641
  • 15th Feb 2023 01:58am

we compost all food scraps (that are suitable) in a worm farm and purchase vegetables loose not in bags/packaging.

  • 14th Feb 2023 05:38pm

buy mainly op-shop clothing, repair a lot of things, don't buy plastic disposible items, recycle all i can

  • 14th Feb 2023 03:35pm

I try to reduce buying products with packaging at the supermarkets. Seems wasteful when you can buy loose fruits and vegetables.

  • 14th Feb 2023 10:14am

Green waste for composting.
recycling cardboard, tins, plastic.
containers for change
use the Wasteless pantry and use my own containers when purchasing for basics where I can
use plastic or glass storage containers with lids rather than cling wrap
Use compostable rubbish bin liners
Eat leftovers
Put items on "for free" local community page on social media
Buy second hand items where possible.

  • 13th Feb 2023 11:01pm

By helping to recycle some waste in the household

  • 13th Feb 2023 09:52pm

By composting as much as possible.

  • 13th Feb 2023 09:38pm

By recycling as much as possible.

  • 13th Feb 2023 09:37pm

By reducing waste as much as possible..

  • 13th Feb 2023 09:36pm

By recycling as much as possible.

  • 13th Feb 2023 09:35pm

By reusing and reducing as much as possible..

  • 13th Feb 2023 09:33pm

By purchasing items that have little packaging..

  • 13th Feb 2023 08:27pm

Recycle as much as we can. Compost veggie scraps. Turn off lights ( can someone explain that to my wife!)

  • 13th Feb 2023 08:29pm
Recycle as much as we can. Compost veggie scraps. Turn off lights ( can someone explain that to my wife!)

And buy second hand cars and clothes. I've got boots that are from the mid '90s.

  • 10th Feb 2023 01:28pm

There are many ways to reduce waste in the home, such as practising FIFO (First In, First Out), switching to paperless billing, swapping out your toothbrush, buying secondhand clothing, making a questionables bin, opting out of paper mailings, using insulation made from recycled materials, cleaning and properly storing tools and toys, saying no to disposable water bottles and ditching disposables in the kitchen.

Scott 31231694
  • 10th Feb 2023 01:44am

i try to compost, i used to save plastic because of redcycle, ive been collecting and haording plastic incase it comes back on, considering multiple warehouses have been found full of plastic, i think it wont happen anytime soon, ill get in so much trouble with my wife for holding onto plastic .
i save newspapers for compost aswell food and make heaps of piles of compost, i save tea bags etc
i reuse bags. i wash them, i collect cans for the 10cent thing, i bin dive but dont tell my wife either lol. i do heaps.

  • 9th Feb 2023 08:30pm

Compost ,recycled cans, was using the plastic taken to the grocery shop now has came to a I halt

  • 9th Feb 2023 07:56pm

Recycle as much as possible - old clothing goes to Op Shops, plus I buy items from the Op Shops: cans/bottles are taken to Change for Cans: use compost to enrich the soil: try not to waste water and be very careful with electricity usage - which helps when you are broke and watching your pennies.

  • 9th Feb 2023 07:28pm

We have very little waste. We grew up without a supermarket, We grew what we ate and we swapped milk, cheese, butter, meat for grapes, and other ME foods.
We had a corner store for tea, sugar, flour. There was nothing in a packet to buy, so we had little waste, we feed the scraps to the animals, we didnt buy sweets.
As we dont buy anything but the occasional fruit or veg we have very little waste, cardboard, paper ends up as compost, scraps are composted. and we dont eat a lot - most days one meal, so we really dont have waste. and what we have can be composted as well . Grass, branches are also used in garden. Less work, less waste

  • 9th Feb 2023 05:53pm

I’ recycle as much as I can. Don’t waste food.

  • 9th Feb 2023 03:18pm

I try not to buy clothes I don't need. I have a 40-year-old T shirt for instance.

  • 9th Feb 2023 02:55pm

Have a worm farm and compost

  • 9th Feb 2023 11:59am


  • 8th Feb 2023 06:05pm

repurpose all my begging letters and their reply envelopes and sponsorship pages as computer printouts or sjopping lists.

  • 11th Feb 2023 04:37pm
I also print on the blank side of papers that are sent to me.

Also, when I get things mailed to me I keep as much packaging as I can to use when I send items, or I use the postal bags as...

Funny, i just repurposed a couple of padded bags the other day to send a parcel. Repurposed a begging Deaf childrens sticker over the original bar code. Postal clerk blacked out the remaining bit.

  • 9th Feb 2023 11:42am
repurpose all my begging letters and their reply envelopes and sponsorship pages as computer printouts or sjopping lists.

I also print on the blank side of papers that are sent to me.

Also, when I get things mailed to me I keep as much packaging as I can to use when I send items, or I use the postal bags as rubbish bags. It cuts back on my need to buy rubbish bags.

  • 8th Feb 2023 05:50pm

Nagging my wife to "turn the damn light off" Recycling bottles and cans. I even scrounge them from work. Recycling paper and cardboard.

  • 8th Feb 2023 03:32pm

I have joined the local council's 1000-person Curby trial of recycling soft plastics.

  • 8th Feb 2023 03:13pm

I only purchase what I know will be used both groceries and other household products. Have a recyclable kitchen caddy and used to used the RED system for plastics. The key being to buying only what is needed in all categories.

  • 8th Feb 2023 10:47am

I've always composted that I can & I wash out any tins or jars for recycling. Newspaper & cardboard I also recycle plus I never waste any leftover food which as a Scout leader for many years I always tried to show my troup how important it was to recycle.

  • 8th Feb 2023 10:46am

Try to plan and not buy more than we need

Narrelle 29954873
  • 8th Feb 2023 09:26am

I do as much as possible to eliminate waste in my household by feeding ad much of my leftover cooked food to my dog; which he lovesI also try to incorporate my leftovers into another meal.I also put my vegie scraps on my worm farm.I also reuse empty glass jars etc to hold all bits and pieces

Narrelle 29954873
  • 8th Feb 2023 09:26am

I do as much as possible to eliminate waste in my household by feeding ad much of my leftover cooked food to my dog; which he lovesI also try to incorporate my leftovers into another meal.I also put my vegie scraps on my worm farm.I also reuse empty glass jars etc to hold all bits and pieces

  • 7th Feb 2023 11:44pm

Meal planning, only buy what you need for pre planned meals avoids food wastage

Avocado Green
  • 7th Feb 2023 10:32pm

Worm farm, compost for garden, plant propagation jars from glasses and tins, homemade cards and kids craft from other recyclables...

  • 7th Feb 2023 09:13pm

A lot of what we do is already listed here but since having my daughter we use modern cloth nappies and they are a massive game changer! I keep a tally whenever I do the washing and we've reused them over 1,500 times so far. I've also recently learned to preserve tomatoes and fruits via bottling/canning this year which will help reduce food miles and we won't have to buy so much tinned food in the future.

  • 7th Feb 2023 05:17pm

We always recycle leftovers, for a lunch or a snack. We also only buy what we need in small quantities to avoid spoiling.

  • 7th Feb 2023 01:22pm

I boil the meat bones and make bone broth or I give the uncooked bones to my dog.
I uses the vegetable crapes and make vegetable stock or put them in my compost bin.
I reused bottles ans jars.

  • 7th Feb 2023 12:14pm

I recycle as much as I can and make use of left-overs for another meal or use some to feed the chickens

  • 6th Feb 2023 09:28pm

Here are some ways to reduce waste in a household:

Reduce single-use plastics: Use reusable bags, water bottles, and containers.

Compost food waste: Turn food scraps into compost for gardening instead of throwing them away.

Practice mindful purchasing: Only buy what you need and avoid over-packaged products.

Reuse and repurpose: Find new uses for items instead of throwing them away, such as using old clothes as rags.

Recycle: Properly recycle paper, plastic, glass, and metal items.

Energy-efficient practices: Use energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances, and reduce unnecessary energy use.

Repair instead of replace: Fix broken items instead of buying new ones.

Support sustainable products: Choose products made from sustainable materials and produced in environmentally-friendly ways.

  • 6th Feb 2023 08:41pm

We have a compost bin, worm farm and vegetable garden.
Plan meals so we do not have any waste.
We have a water tank to use in the household.
We recycle clothing that we grow out of or is worn out. Clothing that is worn out is made into rags for businesses like garages.
Have low energy efficient lighting and appliances.
Have low flow showers and toilets.
Re-use things that we buy like containers etc.
Recycle cardboard, bottles etc

  • 6th Feb 2023 05:12pm

Reduce, reuse, and recycle: Reduce waste by buying only what you need, reuse items instead of buying new ones, and recycle materials when possible.

Composting: Start a compost pile in your backyard to turn food and yard waste into fertilizer for your garden.

Energy efficiency: Use energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and insulation to reduce energy waste.

Water conservation: Fix leaks, install low-flow showerheads and toilets, and limit outdoor watering.

Food waste reduction: Plan your meals and only buy what you need, store food properly to extend its shelf life, and use leftovers creatively.

Packaging reduction: Choose products with minimal packaging and recycle or reuse packaging materials.

Carpooling or using public transportation: Reduce waste and save resources by using alternative forms of transportation.

Avoid single-use items: Use reusable items such as water bottles, cloth shopping bags, and razors.

Support companies with environmentally-friendly practices: Research and support companies that have sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices.

  • 3rd Feb 2023 10:33am

I actively try to buy products that have recyclable packaging

  • 3rd Feb 2023 09:57am

I am heavily involved in our local Community Gifting group. We gift our useful items instead of sending them to landfill. There are many things that have moved around our local Community from one home to another. I also rarely buy new clothing preferring second hand. I recycle as much as I can and always try to use the correct disposal method. We have also reduced our purchase of soft drink cans by using a Soda stream ( a gift from my community gifting group)! My hubby uses 'cash for cans' too.

  • 3rd Feb 2023 09:06am

By recycling recyclables, collecting rain water for the plants, eating left overs or making something out of the left overs

  • 2nd Feb 2023 09:45am

Reuse, recycle and refuse to buy.
Although I'm not strict with those rules I try and do my part.
I rarely buy new clothes when the ones I have are still functional.
Fashion be damned.
Compost food scraps, buy grocery products with less packaging, loose fruit not bagged, bulk cleaning products and reuse the old container, take your own containers to buy loose goods so you don't need plastic bags.

  • 31st Jan 2023 02:05pm

Less packaging low carbon footprint

Andrew 31639627
  • 31st Jan 2023 12:38pm

Our rubbish bin is the smallest bin of the 3 and it has the least amount of rubbish. We try and buy everything that has the least packaging, and only get paper or reusable bags from where we get deliveries. In person we take reusable bags with us and don't use plastic bags even for fruit and veg. Plus we don't have a car so we use public transport or shanks pony.

  • 29th Jan 2023 07:00pm

we do what we have done for the pas 100 years, we resuse, compost, have our own water. AND we dont buy anything from a supermarket, we have our own or buy from local farmer. 99-99 % of what is on the shelves if rubbish, and full of plastic and toxins, Most also have toxic gmo oils etc.

  • 26th Jan 2023 11:03am

We reuse, reduce and recycle where possible. We throw all food matter in the compost and meat food and scraps goes to the pets (cat & dog). We RedCycle all plastic wrapping/packets to the supermarkets program (which is mounting up as it’s currently on hold). We won’t buy fruit and veg that is wrapped in plastic or in a packet or tray- only when definitely no other choice and I need it. I also recycle clothes to charity groups and we reuse containers when we can. So, it’s just about putting less and less into landfill to me.

. V
  • 26th Jan 2023 10:13am

Don't buy stuff I don't need and buy quality products that I know will last and don't end up as landfill after a few months or years because they are broken and too expensive to repair. I try to avoid buying cheap imported crap that ends up in our landfill.

If Australians want to get serious about zero waste then stop buying cheap imported crap that breaks easily that ends up in our landfill. We Australians have a thing for buying cheap crap from places $2 dollar shops, Kmart etc.

  • 20th Jan 2023 09:29am

we never have to use a green waste bin, we have a compost bin, worm farm and chooks. Our red garbage bin is rarely full (usually only 1 large garbage back of waste per week and it is rarely full). We were red cycling until it stopped, our recycle bin is usually overflowing even though we reuse most of our cardboard for various ideas such as craft or worm farm or garden beds etc. plastic trays, buckets and containers can be washed and put to another use. We return plastic bottles, cardboard drink containers and bottles to the return and earn centre.

  • 18th Jan 2023 07:57pm

Reuse and recycle

  • 18th Jan 2023 06:05pm

We take our glass to a recycling drop off point, we save all of our bottles and cans and go for a day trip to the NSW border to drop them at a return to earn once our trailer is full. We also compost all food scraps and take our soft plastics to the Woolworths bins when the service is available.

  • 18th Jan 2023 09:53am

The most important things I do: Ignore advertising, stay away from shops as much as possible, don't browse online stores unless I need an essential item, maintain all my belongings so they last as long as possible, reuse, repurpose, recycle, rethink everything, have swap days with friends and family (unneeded items swapped free for something I do need), when purchasing make sure to choose the item that will last the longest and/or be the easiest to recycle...

  • 17th Jan 2023 09:12pm

Recycle bin, green waste bin and donate a lot of the mouled plastic containers to one of our local preschools.

  • 17th Jan 2023 09:11pm

Recycle bin and green waste

  • 17th Jan 2023 07:01pm

I purchase fruit and veggies by individual weight not wrapped. Less plastic. Recycle all cans and bottles to return and earn. Save food scraps for composting and garden.

  • 17th Jan 2023 04:34pm

Composting in a worm farm.

  • 17th Jan 2023 12:07pm

Don't purchase anything, then there is nothing to throw out.

  • 16th Jan 2023 06:39pm

We try and sort out the trash between the recyclables and non-recyclables as best we can; and buy only what we need when we need, at that time. Anything else, is an extra; and can be either be delayed or not purchased at all. Plus, putting the trash where it is supposed to go rather than throwing it at ad hoc locations like for example by the side of the streets. Or missing the conveniently placed garbage bins on the nearby street corners.

  • 14th Jan 2023 08:23pm

I think about the packaging before I buy the product, so I regularly buy fruit and veg without the bag. Never had a problem. I wash a lot of containers and have a supply of handy recycled containers on hand. If i get too many I give them to schools etc but I find its handy to chinese food containers on hand and I don't have to worry if the kids forget to bring it home. I always recycle the wash water into the garden and have a special float pump for this next to my laundry. People claim this will change the chemistry of the vegie garden- never had a problem. I also have 5 chickens that eat most of our food waste, and a little, rolling compost bin for the scraps and coffee grind- lots of worms in there so must be doing something right.

  • 13th Jan 2023 05:52am

I only buy what I need, and I have 2 small compost bins,which feed the vegetable and herb patches.

  • 12th Jan 2023 01:29pm

We rarely have waste, mainly plastics, glass and metals, that we mostly, recycle where we can. Our food waste goes into a vegetable composter and worm farm. No waste at all really, as the vegetable waste turns into great food for growing our fruit and vegetables.

  • 12th Jan 2023 12:13am

Unfortunately I foresee some undesirable change to the way we purchase items online which will make it difficult to prevent packaging from becoming a massive problem worldwide and Wie have only just begun to see the effects of consumerism pivoting from in store purchases to online delivery.

  • 11th Jan 2023 06:43pm

Purchasing the needs and not purchasing shopping bags because you forgot them at home or in the car. We have a compost bin, yes small but affective.

  • 11th Jan 2023 06:05pm

Buy only what we actually need.

  • 11th Jan 2023 06:05pm

3 Compost bins. Chickens.

  • 11th Jan 2023 05:58pm

We recycle or compost everything we can. We recently cleaned out the garage (a grate place to store and forget things). Everything was put in piles of electrical, CDs, DVDs, metal, wood, plastics, fire extinguishers/gas bottles, paper etc. then loaded in the trailer and taken to the recycle tip not too far away. We also donated a couple of bikes no longer in use for us. These are refurbished by a group of wonderful people and given to the less fortunate. Old tiles etc unfortunately had to go to the tip but I believe they now can crush these for some recycling material. The tip also has a shop for items no longer wanted so we drop off any furniture, tools, lawn mowers and children's toys. It is such a good feeling to know all these things will be recycled an not become land fill. We have our own garden mulcher so we are able to recycle clippings etc on our own garden. Clothing is dropped at the Salvos or St Vinnies, and I have even sent boxes of really good light weight clothing to the Phillipines. As we are planning to downsize, I have sold some items on Marketplace, Gumtree, Ebay and donate 50% of proceeds to a couple of charities (Brain Cancer Research and Kidney Foundation).
Recycling is easy, it just takes a bit of time and knowing what is around you.

  • 11th Jan 2023 05:37pm

I use old packaging (e.g. bread bags) and parcels as rubbish bins

  • 11th Jan 2023 05:35pm

I use old packaging (e.g. bread bags) and parcels as rubbish bins

  • 11th Jan 2023 05:22pm

Compost, recycle whatever we can. walk or use public transport. Only buy what we need, eat fruit and veggies that are in season. try and grow some herbs and veggies. No need to update wardrobe every season, buy clothes only when need replacing.

  • 11th Jan 2023 05:00pm

We only get items we really need, not just items that we want at the time, we try to use second hand items wherever possible. We always reuse items as much as possible such as cardboard boxes that become storage cubes and then eventually become biodegradable weedmat in the garden. We reduce energy waste by using electrical items when we are producing solar power, we reduce food waste by using any food that is about to expire and always using the compost bin for scraps.

  • 11th Jan 2023 04:54pm

I've got no interest in reducing waste and make no effort to do it. It's a waste of time and effort. I do appreciate, however, that there is a certain mindset that feels all virtuous and warm by obsessively reducing waste.

  • 11th Jan 2023 01:33pm

Have a meal plan for the week. When you go shopping only buy the ingredients for what you will cook

  • 11th Jan 2023 08:11am

Feed food scraps to the dog, chickens or cows. Take unwanted items to the Op shop. Return an earn recycling. Sort into garbage recycling. Return egg shells crushed to chickens and compost to soil. Let sun shine into house for heating and use blinds to keep the sun out for cooling. Take shorter showers. Turn electricity off at the walls if not in use. Wash in cold water.

  • 10th Jan 2023 09:52pm

Using recycle , greens and general waste bins.

  • 10th Jan 2023 08:31pm

recycle, compost mostly

  • 10th Jan 2023 07:26pm

recycle and reuse almost anything

  • 10th Jan 2023 07:02pm


  • 10th Jan 2023 07:02pm


  • 10th Jan 2023 05:55pm

Don't take packaging in the first place... we are such a lazy bunch; re-use bags or ... use your hands, your handbag, your bike rack... eat seasonally and only buy what you can reasonably consume before it goes off, get chickens if you can and a worm farm if you can't, grown tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs if you can; buy from butchers if you eat meat (you'll buy less), recycle your greywater onto your garden if you can, buy a stand alone water filter of you can and rainwater tanks, and reuse your water bottles.... use public transport and demand from your politicians that it be better and increased, not worse and reduced... we do all these things, we have solar panels too... it's an uphill battle sometimes but we are slowly slowly winning

  • 10th Jan 2023 03:16pm

Recycling packaging and feed a worm farm with food scraps

  • 10th Jan 2023 12:03pm

I recycle as much as I can. If I have leftovers, I try to turn them into a different meal for the next day.

  • 2nd Jan 2023 01:17pm

try to repurpose a lot of stuff, pretty much all food scraps except citrus peel get chucked on the garden, and what grows grows.

  • 25th Dec 2022 09:34pm

almost everything has at least one use, other than its original purpose, meaning almost everything can either be recycled, or transformed into other things. for me, compost, a worm farm and either recycle unusable items or convert usable pieces to other uses.

  • 8th Dec 2022 08:42am

I have read all the comments on this subject and it makes me feel very happy that people are willing to take that bit of extra time to recycle and re-use :) Zero waste is where we should be heading though I know it is hard at the start....it gets easier as it becomes the norm. I have a little 'tanty' when I feel disrespected and abused so quite understand the World at the moment....she is throwing a 'Tanty', trying to make us understand the effect we are having on her :( So I love to see all these comments and love this subject to be spread around...keep up the good work everyone and enhance people with your ideas <3

  • 5th Dec 2022 06:36am


  • 5th Dec 2022 06:36am


  • 5th Dec 2022 06:36am

wow this is just crazy i take shorter showers

  • 4th Dec 2022 05:04pm

Recycle and compost whatever I can. Not buying just for the sake of buying. I don't buy new clothes etc every season, have been using most for years and wear till they are worn out. Do not have a clothes dryer, wash clothes on a cold cycle, buy seasonal produce and use it all.

  • 3rd Dec 2022 06:48pm

Composed, soft plastics, electricity and veggie oatch

  • 2nd Dec 2022 07:40am

Reusable/eco razors, period pants, soap bars (not plastic wrapped or shower gel plastic bottles), reusing things I've already got

  • 1st Dec 2022 04:06pm

For all the people out there that have periods. I know some things don’t work for everyone but there are great alternatives to your standard pads and tampon with themselves have to be disposed of but also come in unnecessary amounts of soft plastics usually. Personally I used period undies, they are awesome and on long days/heavy days I’ll pair them with a menstrual cup. I had to build up a collection of undies in varying ratings of how much they can handle. I now have 10 pairs, whoops but some months I won’t even use all of them depending on how heavy my flow is. I’ve now gone several months generating no waste from period products. Obviously this is what works for me and may not work for someone else. I’ve also heard of reusable pads which I assume work similar to the undies.

  • 10th Jan 2023 05:57pm
Period pants are seriously the best imo. Since making the switch I released how much money and waste I created in the past with disposable period items

back when I had periods, I used to use, soak, rinse and wash rags at night rather than use pads... I was lucky not to be a heavy bleeder but it saved me a lot of the cost of 'feminine hygiene' products...

  • 2nd Dec 2022 07:39am
For all the people out there that have periods. I know some things don’t work for everyone but there are great alternatives to your standard pads and tampon with themselves have to be disposed of...

Period pants are seriously the best imo. Since making the switch I released how much money and waste I created in the past with disposable period items

  • 1st Dec 2022 01:30pm

Don't buy more than you need, and buy in bulk where you can, less packaging. Also have a compost bin or just dig scraps straight into your veggie patch to fee the worms.

  • 1st Dec 2022 12:17pm

I ensure that I check the cupboards and fridge before heading out shopping to avoid buying unnecessary stuff I don't require.
Meal plan and cooking enough for the family,

  • 30th Nov 2022 05:32pm

I never waste food . I use vegetable scraps for soups and stock . Chicken bones as well.
I use natural substances like vinegar and soda for cleaning .
My food is taken to work with Tupperware or wrapped in cloth bags so as to avoid mastic sandwich bags.
I only turn on lights when it’s dark . I don’t have a dryer for clothes or a microwave.

  • 30th Nov 2022 03:02pm

We have no food wastage as we have a dog that eats most of our leftovers or food scraps go in our worm farm.We also use solar energy and grow vegetables in our garden and all our grey water is used in the flower beds.We grow our vegetables organically so no bad things on our plants. We also reuse any plastic containers we can like using yogurt containers as small pots for plants.

  • 30th Nov 2022 09:03am

Adopting a compost system has really helped

  • 29th Nov 2022 02:50pm

put food scraps in the compost bin. try to reduce packaging. use recycled bags. try not to waste food.

  • 24th Nov 2022 12:37pm

Recycling whatever possible through council programme, Tomra, biome collections, battery drop off. Worm farm. Red-cycle when we can again.

  • 24th Nov 2022 11:17am

I don't get concerned about household waste as such. If saving cash has preventing waste as a side-effect then I'll go along with it.

  • 24th Nov 2022 10:35am

worm farm, recycling bins for vege/fruit waste, buy as little packaging as possible

  • 23rd Nov 2022 10:25am

Don't buy what you don't NEEEEEEEED!!

  • 23rd Nov 2022 08:35am

Avoid buying anything wrapped in plastic as in food, take my own bags to supermarket, compost vegetable and garden waste, make weeds into liquid fertilizer. I buy clothing made only of natural fibres, which I prefer to wear anyway.
I recycle or reuse any packaging I can, and repurpose older furniture where possible.

  • 22nd Nov 2022 09:08pm

compost bin,having a rabbit as a pet helps,recycle

  • 22nd Nov 2022 08:52pm

Purchase fruit and veggies plastic free when possible. Shop at local fruit markets. Only cook as much as I can eat to prevent food waste. Freeze any food that I can. Recycle everything I can. Compost all scraps and grow my own veggies.

  • 22nd Nov 2022 07:55pm

I put everything I can into the recycling bin, only have the light on in the room I'm in, have a shower every second day if I'm staying home, get more books on kindle than in physical format.

  • 22nd Nov 2022 07:34pm

Compost. Re-use those glass bottles and jettison the plastic bottles. Plan a week’s meals to avoid buying more than you need, and stick to the plan. Re-create with left-overs. Recycle. Use those old t-shirts as dusters and cleaning rags. Donate. Re-think how to store items so that you don’t automatically turn to plastic storage bags and boxes. Ditch the Cling Wrap and use ceramics to cover food in the frig or when using the microwave. Reuse those thin plastic bags from supermarket with you next time you go to buy bananas, spuds etc. Shove them back in your large shopping bags so that they are there for you next time!

  • 21st Nov 2022 04:53pm

Recycle every item that is recyclable.
Also, make smaller grocery and fresh food shops (easy with sky high inflation!). Finally, buy products and items with recyclable packaging wherever possible, and re-use plastic and cloth bags over and over for supermarket shopping.

  • 18th Nov 2022 09:08pm

Apart from proper recycling, I use my own bags to save getting unnecessary waste in the first place. Prevention is better than Cure in most instances.

  • 18th Nov 2022 01:32pm

All the fruits and vegetables go in compost and newspapers,cardboard, and less rubbish in small bins.

  • 16th Nov 2022 04:01pm

We try and grow lot's of our own herbs and have started growing our own veggies.
I don't bag up any veggies I buy at the supermarket, they go straight into a reusable bag.
Mostly I try and reduce textile waste by reusing and repairing clothes, buying second hand, and passing old clothes on to other people or by turning them into something else!
I also meal prep for the week ahead, so that I don't have to throw any food away, or buy unnecessary items in packaging.

  • 15th Nov 2022 08:05pm

Though we are a sharehouse we buy certain items - beans, rice, toilet paper, cat litter, oils, condiments- in bulk so theres less individual packages. I also buy cat food in larger cans, rather than single serve plastic/cans, so they are fewer and recyclable. We grow our own herbs and vegetables, so we don't have to buy packaged ones as much. And we compost all our green waste, for our garden.

  • 13th Nov 2022 02:11pm

Reuse usable items at its best

  • 12th Nov 2022 10:13am

I try to reuse plastic bags where possible. I use them to line my bins, or contain items.

  • 11th Nov 2022 01:09pm

Not buying loads of packaged goods and especially not items wrapped in plastic as it is a real problem for the environment due to not breaking down, entering the food chain and causing injury or death to animals. Try to make things from scratch for meals and try growing your own produce. I always check my crisper to use up vegetables, so I don't throw any produce away. I bury all my plant waste from cooking in the garden and give plants a feed of my banana water to put back the nutrients. Don't buy something just for the sake of it. Invest in classic items for your wardrobe rather than fast fashion. Have larger household items last you 15 - 20 years by looking after them and replacing worn parts.

  • 14th Sep 2022 03:42pm

I do heaps in my household to reduce waste:- Buy mostly secondhand clothes & donate my own , recycle every bit of paper, plastic, foil/tin I come across.All jars and bottles either go to the depot or in the recycle bin. I send boxes of pill packaging to 'Banish' Brad recycling. I have a chook & duck for food scraps, I use most of the juices in dill pickles etc for pouring over roasts to add to flavour. We burn our receipts and old documents in the fire, coffee grinds go back to the garden along with other scraps the animals cant eat. Basically I recycle everything I possible can :)

  • 1st Oct 2022 01:43pm
I do heaps in my household to reduce waste:- Buy mostly secondhand clothes & donate my own , recycle every bit of paper, plastic, foil/tin I come across.All jars and bottles either go to the depot...

I don’t have a duck or a chook but I follow your ways with the exception of paper that can’t be recycled into the recycle bin. We shred our documents and put these into the compost bin.

  • 12th Sep 2022 04:41am

I usually freeze and use leftovers, I also use the glass jars to pack products like cheese, olives and zaatar. Also, I repair items instead of throwing them out.

  • 31st Aug 2022 10:39am

As I live in a busy city rubbish tends to be EVERYWHERE. For this reason, amongst many other environmental reasons, we have a few things we do in our house to minimise rubbish and waste. We have small shopping carts we take to the supermarket and fill up without the need for plastic bags, we have reusable fruit and veggie bags which we use instead of the plastic ones at the supermarket and we buy all the refillable cleaning and shower supplies that come in small biodegradable bags that you empty into a reusable bottle. On top of all this we minimise our actual food waste by putting leftovers into reusable containers and putting them n the fridge for more meals and we also give any veggie/fruit scraps to our per bunny☺️. It all seems to work really well for us I just wish things in the supermarkets weren’t always wrapped in so much unnecessary plastic with no alternative!

  • 28th Aug 2022 02:24pm

Only buy what you need or will use. Recycling and reusing products before going out to buy something new. I save items from landfill like razors, shampoo bottles and blister packs (hand to recycle items) and send to TerraCycle a company that will recycle them

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