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Best hand held vacuum sticks

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Posted by: Vanessa 32284508

18th Jul 2022 09:27pm

I’m usually a dyson fan , however , I’m wondering if it is worth the money. Does anyone have any alternatives to the dyson brand that they can recommend?

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  • 20th Jan 2023 10:11am

I have had a couple of Dysons, plug ins and stick vacuums. I am not a fan of Dyson or stick vacuums anymore there are so many better products than Dyson out there. My Dyson lasted a long time so by the time I needed to replace parts such as the filter, it was no longer available, yes a filter that is how long I had the vacuum for!!. I now own two black and decker vacuums - one plug in wet and dry and one handheld.........they are both amazing and even better as I have to fight my kids to do the vacuuming!! lol. The hand held is very compact and useful for everything down to a quick vacuum when needed and perfect for the car, it recharges in a very short time. Neither have a myriad of connector things to frustrate or confuse either!

  • 19th Sep 2022 01:52pm

Hi Vanessa

I have a Dyson hand held vacuum. My experience with it is all I need to know that they are only worth the money if you can vacuum your home in 15 minutes. I can't do my car in 15 minutes, before the battery runs flat.

They might come in handy if you have to do some steps or other awkward spaces, but give me a plug-in any day; they'll keep running until you're finished. :)

As for which is best...I can only speak on the experience I've had and what I've read. I think Dyson still hold the crown for power but LG is really stepping up to them...that's about my 'two cents' on the subject. :)

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