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Benefits of pet ownership

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Posted by: Prad

8th Jul 2022 09:35pm

Australia is a nation of pet owners and pet lovers. What are the benefits of pet ownership? Voice your opinion and you'll be in with a chance to win one of two $50 WISH egift cards. The winners will be the two most comprehensive answers as judged by our staff. Competition closes Friday 30th September at 5pm (AEST)

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  • 1st Dec 2022 02:07pm

a home is not a home without a dog. the are your friend companion and keep you active

  • 30th Nov 2022 05:35pm

How can one live without these beautiful creatures who give calm and reassurance, love and happiness? Hi could not live without my cats and have taken personal offence at landlords who forbid our family members.

  • 30th Nov 2022 08:51am

A furry friend…
Someone to love and snuggle with!
A companion who is loyal and not judgemental,
I love my kitties to absolute bits! ❤️

  • 21st Nov 2022 05:00pm

I only have a few small spirited rich personality Tropical Molly Fish. They give as much back as any other pet, they just can't make a sound to me, but if you observe they show it visually, in movement, and their response when you are near glass and place fingers over water (I have a healthy open top fish tank). Did you know fish are in the top 5 most feeling and emotionally intellegent creatures. They have sleep-ins, are moody, get excited. Scientists are now study them (Zebra fish) to understand human sleep, moods, and depression. In the Covid lockdown in Australia like overseas fish keeping popularity exploded. There is something incredibly zen when you feed the fish first thing, and check in during the day - a slowed down pace of life (tgough they can be hyper!) from our often too busy run around in circles modern frenetic world.

  • 4th Nov 2022 04:44pm

Pets are a great addition to a family, the are dependent on you but give so much back as you see them wanting to be a part of the bigger pack. The only negative is the costs for vet visits for our pets. We often take on rescue dogs to give them another experience and allow them to have a longer life as part of our family.

  • 2nd Nov 2022 12:47am

Though I understand that the campaign is closed already but I just want to share my feelings as a pet ownership. I have one Pomeranian puppy called Mochi in my home country. Though I have already relocated to Aussie, it is very difficult to bring my precious babe due to the strict rules and regulations. It has been about months that I cannot hug my babe and I miss him a lot. I am tearing while writing this. Other people told me to adopt a new baby but for me, he is not replaceable and I just look forward to meet him soon. This is the only thing I wish for...................

  • 31st Oct 2022 03:22pm

My pet is my life, without him, I would have nothing to live for, he keeps me, getting up each day , walking him, and love from him to me.

Harshanie 30779333
  • 31st Oct 2022 10:57am

Owing a pet is giving me warmth and happiness. Pets are great friends and loyal

  • 21st Nov 2022 05:02pm
Owing a pet is giving me warmth and happiness. Pets are great friends and loyal

I agree. They, not matter what pet, give us back unconditional love. Also, a more zen, simple way of viewing life.

  • 27th Oct 2022 10:04pm

Companionship and having a pet stops boredom and if the person has a dog, they can get out in the fresh air taking their pet for a walk whilst getting their exercise too.

  • 26th Oct 2022 11:25pm

Owning a pet of any type involves daily responsibility so that they given enough food, water & shelter. Along with providing the basics for every pet it’s important to give them love and affection and they all have a way to respond and return the love in their own unique way.
Pet ownership has many rewards.

  • 26th Oct 2022 05:10pm

Since we adopt our jack russel, my life changed. Before I feel anxious all the time and stress. My jackrussel changed my mood. I have a responsibility for him , I take him to the vet to his yearly check up and also make sure we’re giving him a good life . Love him so much

  • 26th Oct 2022 05:06pm

Playing with my dog and walking my dog everyday helps with both my mental and physical health, especially after a long day at work.

  • 26th Oct 2022 03:40pm

You save an animal from being destroyed
You teach your children responsibility
You keep fit walking it. ( dog)
Most of all you form a bond which is good for the soul.

  • 26th Oct 2022 03:39pm

Dogs keep me going, make me walk, make me happy. never complain. They keep me moving which helps my arthritis. give the best cuddles

old boy
  • 25th Oct 2022 05:46pm

I was never a pet lover until the last few years now I have two bitches named ROSE and MAL and I could not live with out them they are my best friends mal is a lot older then rose has me wrapped around her foot you say to we go for a drive they will hold you to it

  • 25th Oct 2022 05:38pm

My cats are my emotional support animals...I can't function without them

  • 25th Oct 2022 04:18pm

My dog is a cross Blue Cattle, Malamute, and has the most beautiful nature. I love him dearly and he is my emotional support companion as I suffer from PTSD. If I am having a disturbed sleep he will put his paw on my arm and wake me, sitting there watching over me till I drift off to sleep again. He is simply amazing and has not been taught to do this, he just knows what to do.

  • 25th Oct 2022 01:14pm

My cat makes me smile. She is just so happy to be around us and seems to find us wherever we are in the house. We look up and there she is quietly sleeping in corner of the room or the garden. While some experts make health claims for cats as to why they purr I just believe they purr because they want to show us how much they love us. There are downsides to having a cat like vet bills and concern over illnesses but mine has such an endearing personality and provides such wonderful companionship that I don't mind these expenses. Every morning I get a burst of hay fever from my cat but it doesn't stop me having that morning cuddle. At night she pats us on the leg to tell us she is ready for bed. That reminds us we should stop watching TV and go to bed too which is a good thing. She is classes as geriatic by the vet and with that has come deafness. This causes her to cry very loudly when she can't hear anyone around her. When this happens at 5am it could be irritating but we don't seem to mind. She gives us such happiness that we would do anything for her. The benefits of having such a pet far outweigh any little inconveniences.

  • 25th Oct 2022 12:09pm

Companionship, love and getting you out and about, are the main things I get from my dogs. They know if you are down and snuggle up to comfort me. They both know how to get what they want, sleeping on the furniture, telling you when it's time for food or a treat. The Vizsla x GSP is a particularly mischievous boy. He chooses whom he wants to play with - I put it down to his European heritage - Hungarian/German. He wants to be under the covers at night, and sleeps IN my daughter's bed. A total leader, he instigates all the play with my old girl, who is arthritic but still very playful. He talks and whines at her, winding her up and then it's all on. On walks when he meets other dogs the arrogance comes out - you can sniff and lick me and I will decide if I will play or ignore you. My girl is busy throwing gumnuts at anyone we stop to talk to, so they will throw them for her. She was incorrectly diagnosed with lung cancer a year and a half ago, so we really treasure all the time we have with her. I couldn't live without my dogs!

  • 25th Oct 2022 10:35am

You have someone who gives you unconditional love no matter what the situation.

  • 25th Oct 2022 10:28am

Pets show unconditional love and are loyal .. they are always there with a tail wag or a purr to greet you. For kids they are a good way of teaching responsibility to be there to feed them, and take care of them. They are also fun to have around and can be great friends for all the family. Pets are always there for you, and create great memories .. what fun it was to have them take them for walks or quirky things they do.

  • 25th Oct 2022 09:55am

There are so many things that pets bring to a family, unconditional love and loyalty, responsibilities, but what we have seen most of all with our kids is they can tell them anything, and whenever they feel bad, they can give them a hug and there is complete warm acceptance any time of day or night.

  • 25th Oct 2022 12:13am

I was feeling very lonely during lockdown as my last dog was put to sleep, he was 15 years and 8 months old. A year passed and I was missing him. I saw an ad for a dwarf rabbit 2 years old needing a new home, I replied and now have a young furry companion. I do not feel lonely any more, She is a smart bunny, bossy, not timid at all and has trained me very well. She understands what she can and can't chew, lets me know when she wants to go into her cage and when she wants to get out. She is various shades of chocolate.

Bubbles McTavish
  • 23rd Oct 2022 01:28pm

I have three pets all rescues. A dog and two cats all mixed breeds. One of the cats has no nose and would have been put down but she is gentle and loving and eats like a horse. The dog is the baby even though he’s a bull Arab and cries if I lock him out of a room. The other cat is a beautiful orange boy who will steal everyone’s food is you don’t keep an eye on it

  • 13th Oct 2022 11:44am

Pets bring family closer! Pets bring love and interaction to those who may not be reviewing this elsewhere. Pets give us responsibility and a home life focus.

  • 13th Oct 2022 10:09am

Pet ownership is like having an additional family member. The pets provide joy and unconditional love (yes, even my cats!!). I would not every imagine living my life without pets.

Sil sil
  • 11th Oct 2022 11:11pm

Owning a pet is beautiful. Teachers you responsibility, commitment and love. It's great for couples before having children to own a pet, especially a dog, gives you an insight as pets need training, consistency and patience. The bond and love you feel is beautiful, you grow attached as they are part of the family. My own children learnt that owning pets, plus the grieving side when they pass. Pets teach you tolerance and patience, I feel you can only have a pet If you have the time and are willing to sacrifice and commit.

  • 10th Oct 2022 04:48pm

The benefit of having a pet, First, it breaks down loneliness and brings joy to the pet owners.

  • 8th Oct 2022 08:33am

Having a pet brings you a lot of joy. I have 2 beagles and would not change them for the world. They show you unconditional love, have an attitude that you can't help but laugh at them instead of getting mad and they are someone that you can talk to and they won't judge you.

  • 4th Oct 2022 03:55pm

We own a lovely big friendly dog, who brings numerous benefits to our family. Enjoyable exercise from our daily walks, he is great at calming my anxious ridden ASD child, joy at his silly antics and a great nap time buddy.
We have also met more people from our neighbourhood than ever before, all via our big floorball.

  • 4th Oct 2022 02:05pm

My cat gives my absolute joy and happiness I have a ragdoll she is just turned 13 has been perfectly health and has been a joy

  • 4th Oct 2022 10:23am

My cat gives my absolute joy and happiness I have a ragdoll she is just turned 13 has been perfectly health and has been a joy

  • 1st Oct 2022 07:46pm

Where do I begin! Pets are brilliant companions, they love you unconditionally and have an intuitive sense, knowing when you need a hug. They are great to keep you on top of exercise and in the case of a dog, open up the social circle. It's amazing how many people I have been able to connect with in my local community - who don't have a pet - simply by taking our dog for a walk. Can't imagine my life without them xx

  • 1st Oct 2022 07:41am

There are benefits to having animals, company probably being the main one. However you also get vet bills, registration, what do you do with them when travelling, they are stuck at home all day when youlre at work or wherever..
I'm in a flat, so that also adds to the impracticality of it.

  • 30th Sep 2022 05:43pm

pets make you do things that you wouldnt always do.Dogs walking and sometimes grooming parlour and dog parks,cats and kittens playing with them with toys or absently patting and stroking them great stress relief

  • 30th Sep 2022 02:48pm

my dog keeps me busy everyday in the morning and in the evening, and the are your best friend

  • 28th Sep 2022 01:56pm

Animals are so rewarding to have around and to make a part of your family (or to be your children)!
They are great for our emotional wellbeing and general health.
They provide unconditional love, support, and companionship.
My three Rescue cats are my best friends and have rescued me back a thousand times over!
Pets are worth more than money can buy, more than we can spend on them... and more than can truly be put into words!

  • 27th Sep 2022 10:27pm

My dog saved me from a long wrong path. And massive depression. Pets are the best. My two birds also. Oxo

  • 27th Sep 2022 05:24pm

Unconditional love

  • 27th Sep 2022 03:29am

I'm in my 60's & I have had pets all my life & currently have 2 dogs & 2 cats, one of which is the grand old age of 22 & still going strong. I think a family is not complete without a pet as they bring so much joy & goodness to a home & teach children responsibility, kindness & compassion. The unconditional love that pets give is unequalled & I couldn't imagine life without my furbabies. I always feel safe & protected with my 2 dogs by my side & my house has never been broken into because my boys are here. The happiness pets bring far outweighs the intense pain felt when one passes away. My furkids give my life meaning.

  • 26th Sep 2022 06:11pm

The good thing about owning dogs is that I have inspiration to go walking with them. It helps us both in regards to fitness and mental wellbeing, there's so much to be sad/stressed about lately so it's good to get some endorphins back in my life :)

  • 20th Sep 2022 06:06pm

I never really thought about how our pupstar could totally turn my little family into a force to be reckoned with lol... Our little maltese X pom puppy has brought us together - we walk more together, we talk more together and we spend more time together sharing laughs, stories, photos etc of the shenanigans. The benefits far outweigh the broken sleep, and crying like a newborn in the early days. Our fur baby is a sheer delight x

  • 20th Sep 2022 04:18am

Having a pet helps people to love.It helps bring inner peace and lower your blood pressure. They help bring a foundation for your home and make you value nature more. They are a solid rock when you are down as they provide unconditional love

  • 19th Sep 2022 09:57am

I was a dog lover since my childhood and had all kinds and breeds of dogs for pets since my childhood. But had very bad experiences with my pets because due to job requirements, I had to leave my country and left my dogs with some family members but was later shocked to learn that the family could not take care of them an they had to be put down! Thereafter, I swore not to ever keep another dog? But my children didn't let me keep my promise and started bringing dogs into the house and I ended up again with three dogs. A very intelligent mixed breed of Terrier Poodle, a pure breed German Shepherd and a stray Samoyed. The first one got old and blind and one night fell into the pool whose gate was left open accidentally, The German Shepherd female developed some kind of un treatable Cancer and had to be put down and the little Samoyed also died naturally. again I swore not to keep another dog but then one of my children again bought a mixed Coolie/ Kelpie Cross to keep for himself but had to dump it on me as his landlord didn't allow pets? Now that dog has become the pet of the family as he is extremely friendly and loves children. Because of him, I get more frequent visits from my children and grand children!

  • 18th Sep 2022 03:26pm

I was raised a dog person. My mother was anti-cat so we never had one as a pet, only dogs (which are super cool animals). I'm now in my 50's. Last year a young cat adopted us. Simply showed up one day and shortly thereafter moved in. Then she had kittens. We kept one so we now have mother (Tifa) and daughter (Rogue). I've learned what wonderful animals cats can be. Ours have the most awesome personalities. Such a great ongoing learning experience. As for benefits, I'm thinking of the wonderful impact pets can have on the elderly, the lonely, differently abled, emotional support, and more.

  • 18th Sep 2022 12:02pm

The best thing about pets is they get you up early and make you exercise too!

Jody 31416125
  • 17th Sep 2022 11:16pm

I've had my girl doggo for 12vyears now, shes been with me through thick and thin and got me through a few very dark and trying times. I've now added chooks, geese and ducks to our lot so we can enjoy beautiful fresh eggs and their manure for our food garden

  • 17th Sep 2022 10:05pm

The benefits would be companionship.

  • 17th Sep 2022 05:01pm

I simply can't imagine my life without at least one fur-person in it. Not only do they provide companionship, but they are great for your physical and mental health (they help lower your blood pressure, they listen to your troubles in a non-judgemental way and offer unconditional love). They provide so many opportunities for children to learn life lessons (such as commitment, the importance of putting something else before yourself, patience, tolerance and kindness) and also make it easy to make friends when you're out and about (who doesn't approach another pet owner and start chatting with them?!). I've been told they're also a great way for blokes to attract women (or is that just an urban myth?!).

  • 17th Sep 2022 04:32pm

I cannot imagine living life without owning a pet. The benefits of pet ownership include experiencing unconditional love and loyalty, a bond like no other, responsibility and reduced anxiety/stress, increased awareness, excercise and connection to other animal lovers. Animals never judge you on your appearance and/or possessions, they are intuitive and as humans we can learn many positive lessons by just observing and respecting their mannersims and actions.

  • 17th Sep 2022 02:25pm

Those gooey eyes looking happy to see you at the end of you day and wagging their tail happily

  • 17th Sep 2022 12:25pm

Animals can really help in times of trauma in our lives. When my Mum got ill her dog helped to comfort her by wanting to just sit by her side all day wherever she was, ie in bed, on the couch on the toilet being sick. Then when my Mum passed away, my Dad was comforted by having Mums dog comfort him and it helped to give him a purpose to go on with life by looking after the dog as that was Mums wishes to 'look after my dog' she told Dad. My partner and I have been coping with my partners cancer and its treatment and other health troubles that go along with having cancer, so for me I am comforted by my cats. Having them sit on my lap, crawl under the sheets at night and just sitting with me like right now I have a cat sleeping half a meter away from me. Pets wont tell your secrets and they don't judge you either. Those without pets are really missing out on building that really unique connection and something very special.

  • 17th Sep 2022 12:03pm

I love my pets, caring for my dogs, cats and aquarium fish helps relieve my anxiety, lowers stress, improves and boosts my overall mood and health.
I enjoy their companionship, interacting with my pets elevates my levels of serotonin/dopamine, which calm and relax me a great deal, not to mention it stimulates my exercise regime.
So all in all I believe that people with pets experience greater health benefits than those without.

  • 17th Sep 2022 11:26am

The benefits to me are the love you get back even from a cat which I have and I love the way he cuddles up to me in bed and keeps my legs warm, even though sometimes it;s hard to move, lol.

  • 17th Sep 2022 07:48am

When we got our jack russel 5 years ago , our life changed a lot because of him . He gives joy and happiness to us. Although owning a pet is really expensive and big responsibility,but for me it !doesn’t matter as long he’s our companion . We love him so dearly.

  • 17th Sep 2022 06:44am

If you want unconditional love, companionship and the ability to just be calm in the moment, pets are the way to go. They don't judge, they love; they don't harp; they soothe your mind just by your patting them. They don't ask, they give. Give me a pet any day and I'll be happier for it. They ask for little but give so much.

  • 16th Sep 2022 08:58pm

There are alot of benefits of pet ownership. Not are they good companions but they are there for you when you are sad and they seem to understand that you just want something to hug. I have found that pets are good time keepers, since I have been working from home if I get involved in work and forget the time the bird and the cat tell me when it is time to go and pick my grandchildren up from school. The cat will come and tap me on the leg and meow at me and the bird will squeak at me in a high pitch squawk.

  • 16th Sep 2022 08:27pm

I don't have any pets but have had many birds as pets when I was young. Pets are wonderful companions and do not judge you. They are loyal and I think I would love to have birds as pets again.

  • 16th Sep 2022 06:13pm

Companionship is biggest benefit, loyalty is second , in today’s world where you can not trust anyone pets are safest option to trust them.

  • 16th Sep 2022 05:32pm

Pets are there for you when sometimes People are not. they can be a great source of comfort as they are so forgiving. Many Pets have come and gone in my life. I have had Kangaroo and Possum Babies, Goats, many types of birds including Magpies which are great Pets, though can take a dislike to someone which can be a bit of a problem as they never forget!, My first dog,that was mine, I brought home from the council who were going to put him to sleep if not claimed, he cost me $1. My Dad said when I rocked up home with him under my arm he realized by the set of my mouth that there was no point in arguing...the Dog was there to stay...Bannister was with me for 13 years. Then there was Peggy the guinea pig who loved watermelon and would sit with juice running down her chin and listen patiently to me when I was Having a bad time with my partner, they are great listeners, and you get out of Pets what you put in. My Kids have proved that if you put the time in you can get a Cat to play fetch and come to you just like a dog, so they are not always aloof creatures. Bunny Rabbits are a fabulous house pet as they are easier to train that Cats as far as litter goes, as long as you dont have a surround sound system with wiring they can get wont be surround for long! Ours had its own bedroom in the house so we managed to keep her for 5 years, she was Hubbys change of Life Girlfriend so much better than the alternative, though she got more privileges that myself so not a lot different as far as feeling left out! We have 4 Cats now and so do our Girls who live together, so when they are all home it is a crazy place with 8 cats and 8 Humans...but I love it. I think we will always have a Pet of some sort but it means not going away much for more than an overnighter unless one of the Girls can house sit. I think a Dog may be the shot when we get older as they are so much more portable and there are many 'dog friendly' accommodation places now <3

  • 16th Sep 2022 04:49pm

My hubby was in ICU for a week, then hospital another month. I visited every day and could only sit there and put on a brave face. I would go home every night where my darling little fur baby was waiting at the door. I spent a lot of hours telling her how I was feeling and she spent the same time curled up on my lap giving me the comfort I so needed. She knew I was struggling and gave offered nothing but her loving presence to help me through. My hubby is OK now but I lost my little doggie a few months later. Having any kind of pet is a responsibility, but so much a blessing. I treasure all the years we had with our little Ninny who has very difficult paw prints to fill.

  • 16th Sep 2022 04:11pm

Sadly our golden retriever aged 15 1/2 died in June this year. I feel like a part of me is missing and our whole family misses her gentle nature and her energetic tail wags and requests for pats and belly rubs. I used to walk her daily right up until a day before her passing although the walks were getting slower and shorter as the years went on. Having someone waiting at the door when you get home and excited to see you is such a wonderful thing and someone to talk to when you are feeling low is a daily tonic. I hope to get another dog, never to replace her but to bring the joy back to our family, think maybe a rescue dog but just not for the moment and we hope to do a bit of travelling overseas in the near future so will wait till after then.

  • 16th Sep 2022 04:04pm

boy i wish i still had my dog,miss him so much,how i miss taking him for a walk around our area and everyone wanting to talk and pat him,just dont see samoyeds around much,no wonder he got so much love from everybody

Momma Bear
  • 16th Sep 2022 03:27pm

We have a very adorable Shih Tsu named Kush who is 11 years old and the most affectionate boy, he is part of our family he gives unconditional love and loves tummy rubs and his daily walks.

Momma Bear
  • 16th Sep 2022 03:27pm

We have a very adorable Shih Tsu named Kush who is 11 years old and the most affectionate boy, he is part of our family he gives unconditional love and loves tummy rubs and his daily walks.

  • 16th Sep 2022 02:19pm

My boy kept me sane. He always listened with interest (even if I didn't have a treat in my hand). He gave me kisses and cuddles when I needed comforting, he was the overseer out in the garden, and shared the bed (sometimes pushing me out). He always wagged his tail when I got home. A pet is the only being that loves unconditionally. My life shattered when he died, and I will never be able to replace my soul mate.

  • 16th Sep 2022 02:00pm

Companionship. Unconditional love and friendship. Connections with other people with pets.

  • 16th Sep 2022 01:56pm

There are many benefits of pet ownership, better for physical health, gets you out walking the dog, mental health, calms the nerves, and better for social life, always meet people who want to pat your dog, like me who does not own a dog. Not sure about cats but my friend said she enjoys the company, house felt empty after her old cat died so she got a rescue cat. But pets can cost money so the financial benefits are minus. I can't afford a pet and am renting so I try to enjoy everyone else's dogs I see when I go for walks. Pets are full of unconditional love and teach you to keep your heart open.

  • 16th Sep 2022 01:50pm

I am a huge animal lover and I have 2 dogs, 30 budgies and 6 fish. I get so much out of them it is unreal, the dogs are my babies, the birds I breed to give others the chance to own an animal and the fish are relaxing to watch. THe benefits of pet ownership is they give you as much as you give them and that is to love them

  • 16th Sep 2022 01:10pm

I have been the owner of a Pet since I was 10 years old, I am now 89 and perhaps am now valuing the company of a Pet more than ever. I am a Resident in an Aged Care Facility, and altho I have many neighbors, the days can still become very lonely, these are the times when my little Budgie Bobby helps to comfort me with his bright, happy , personality. I lost my husband a few months ago adding to my lonliness, but Bobby just seems to know when I am sad and he is my forever friend.

  • 16th Sep 2022 12:57pm

Being alone, the beautiful companionship pets give to us. Cuddles and warmth on the couch on cold days and nights. With Fossie. She's my kelpie/German Shepherd. She keeps me healthy with the long walks we go on together. She's so beautiful, people stop and remark about her and ask to pat her. I've even made a couple of dog-walking friends with neighbours. We share stories about our pets together. We go on and on about them. Only pet owners can understand this. lol I think I'm going to be the new owner of a stray cat that has been spending time in my yard for the last two weeks. Welcome little one. Fossie and I will love and look after you should you choose to stay.

  • 16th Sep 2022 12:36pm

Have been grateful to have pets (of many descriptions - cats, chickens, ducks, budgerigars, galahs, etc...) throughout my life as a young boy of three up to my current pet at 66, and after he leaves, will welcome another into my home. I also enjoy the local wildlife - ringtail and brushtail possums which accept food from me, the many rainbow lorikeets and pale-shouldered rosellas that feed in the trees in my backyard. The bluetongue and sunlizards in the garden, all of them are precious to me, and I feel greatly contribute to both my physical and mental health.

  • 16th Sep 2022 10:27am

I turned 70 last year and my doctor told me I needed to get a cat to bring my blood pressure down. I have never been a pet owner and put it out of my mind except for telling a good friend what the doctor had told me. A few months later she called me up and said I know where you can get a cat, from an adoption agency for cats. I took the jump and contacted them. They told me they had the perfect little female cat for me, 18 months old and adorable. The next day they arrived with her, put her carry case on the floor and she immediately came over to me and placed her front paws on my knees. What could I do !!!!! I was smitten. Over the last 12 months that I have had her I have dropped 12 kilos in weight and my blood pressure is perfect. I am so enamoured of her and her of me. What did I do without a cat !!!!!!! By the way, she is boss - she wants, she gets by standing alongside whatever she wants and actually saying Now Now Now til she gets what she wants. She even calls me Mum !!!!!!! Wherever I am in my flat she looks for me and calls Mum Mum Mum til she finds me then goes back to whatever she was doing. Its like have a 3 year old child, lots of work but so fulfulling.

  • 14th Sep 2022 08:19pm

Their love. Their affection. Their joy at your home coming. The security that comes with a good watch dog. The wonderful and often funny memories that are their parting gift when they leave this life. What more can I say? These gifts are priceless and I will treasure them forever.

  • 14th Sep 2022 08:11pm

There are benefits of owning a pet, such as the love and adoration that you receive from animals... especially if you feel isolated or alone, it could definitely help with mental health issues. However on the other end, they are a huge responsibility, can become quite an expense (dogs aren't cheap these days) and they are a liability and just create additional extra work, not to mention destroying items around the house when bored. If I had no kids that pestered me to get them a pet (one of each - dog & cat) I could honestly say I would rather be without :) It feels as though I have adopted a couple of additional children which you cannot reason with.

  • 14th Sep 2022 07:40pm

My boy Jack has been a loyal, loving, fun loving member of our family for almost 9 years now and I really don't know what I would do without him. He has been my rock especially in the past 4 months since my husband passed away. He knows exactly when I need a "kiss" and a loving head on my lap and never fails to give it to me. His love is unconditional.

  • 14th Sep 2022 02:23pm

They love you unconditionally, are forever loyal and protective of their family. Pets provide great companionship and can certainly give you a laugh at times. Love my dogs to bits.

  • 14th Sep 2022 12:58pm

Pet ownership is a commitment to being friends and loyal for life.

  • 14th Sep 2022 12:26pm

Having pets is rewarding in so many ways.
I suffer with depression and having pets helps me get up and get on with life.
I have to work do I can care for then, so no falling in a heap and giving up, which I've been tempted to do with the huge cost of living increases.
They provide great comfort.
Nothing better than burying your face into your pets fur and knowing that they don't care who you are, what you do or how you look. They love you unconditional... or as my cat likes to think, tolerates me if I feed her when and where she wants!
Exercise!! Dogs love a good run in the park and we love to explore different places. I also have horses and there is nothing better than a 4 hour trail ride to clear the mind. Taking my horses to the beach is a summer highlight, although restrictions placed on beach time for horses and a lack of suitable beaches made available to horses is a continued concern.
Taking the dogs and my mini pony for a trek through the Pine Forrest is a great experience.
Knowing something else depends on me is also beneficial to me. It gives me a sense of purpose.
My current $1000 vet bill I could do without, especially as I only just paid of my previous one!! But I wouldn't be without my fur family.
I'm one of those people that only speaks to others to ask if I can pat their dog.
My dogs go to Bunnings with me. Despite there stupid 'in a trolley or where a muzzle rule' I manage to make my 50kg mastiff sit on a big trolley for most of my visit!!
Keeping her on is a challenge.
The trust given to me by my 650kg horse is remarkable and definitely gives me confidence.
She'll go into the ocean if I ask, trek through rivers, although a puddle on our usual riding track is more of a challenge we usually come to an understanding (we go around if she gets her way!!)
I wouldn't be without my pets.
Even when they are naughty, snoring on my ear and keeping me awake, making it near impossible to get a rental and costing me half my pay each week, I wouldn't be without them.
I sometimes think I wouldn't be here without them

  • 14th Sep 2022 11:54am

No words can explain the joy, love and benefits of owning a pet. They are loyal, loving and very understanding of your needs, emotions and an enthusiastic companion. We have Max and Monty, our rescue children.

  • 14th Sep 2022 11:49am

Let’s be honest – it is no secret that pets can contribute to your happiness and overall wellbeing and your precious mental health. They are your everyday stress relief pill. They reduce stress, anxiety and depression, they ease loneliness and encourage exercise on a daily basis. Beautiful playful little gem animals like dogs and cats fill your life with laugh and joy. This has been so important especially in the last 2 years of mental health pain. We absolutely adore our gorgeous cat Sammy who we adopted in 2020 and who was born on my daughters birthday. This little bundle of joy was meant to come with us. He fills our days with absolute happiness and the softness of his coat and beautiful eyes melt our hearts. He has helped us tremendously going through tough times in the last 2 years. Every single household should have a pet! It is THEM who look after us and not the other way around. We can’t thank them enough for being in our lives 😊

  • 14th Sep 2022 11:46am

I have chronic disabling pain and other health issues. I have 2 almost 7 year old cats Loki and Hades. I live on my own in Victoria and my only family are my Sister and Brother that both now live in Queensland. I found I wasn't coping mentally on my own. I don't always sleep because of break through pain. So my kitties keep me company, which has helped my mental health no end. Its hard to sit there and cry and not know why you are crying when one or both of them roll onto their backs wanting tummy rubs. Yes my boys love tummy rubs. If Loki doesn't think he has had enough tummy rubs he will hold my hand on his tummy until he is happy.
Looking after these 2 helps me block out a bit of break through pain at times. Hades talks non stop while I get their tea ready and some days Loki thinks he is a hairdresser. He smooches my head and hair then wraps his feet in my hair and kneads it. I don't know where I would be with out my "boys"

  • 14th Sep 2022 11:41am

Pets provide comanionship and unconditional love. They keep you active and connected with nature (mostly in the case of dogs). I have found pets to pick up on unusual energy in the house or even in the case when meeting new people and react accordingly.

  • 14th Sep 2022 11:35am

I believe and know from experience pets help with loneliness and anxiety and keep you company not only that their is proven health benefits involved in owning a dog for example. And they give you unconditional love and company free from any judgement or pressure there is nothing quite like the love of a pet and that is a wonderful friend to have I say

  • 14th Sep 2022 06:53am

For me I have health issues which include constant migraine pain which causes fatigue and other issues. I looked 2 cats for a lady who became a friend when she couldn't have them where she was staying and they showed me how much I had missed having pets but also how much they helped. The cuddles and love was calming. They definitely helped lower the stress levels and while they didn't get rid of the pain they gave me something to distract me. When I was having a hard time having a cat to stroke really helped me. Their owner would come visiting most days to which was helpful as well. When she was leaving, I adopted 2 rescue cats both were shy and needed a home where the owner would give them time. Libby warmed up first and is a lap cat and Henry took a bit longer but he is a cuddler. Not so much wanting to sit on my lap but when he does its so nice. They provide a distraction when the pain is high. They don't judge me for what I can and can't do and they help lower the stress. The past 4 years having pets I can defiantly see the difference as can my GP to what I was before.
There are times I wish they would sleep in, sleep in a different place, give me some space, not be fussy with their food and let me garden in peace, but I would be lost without them. When mum passed away all I wanted was a cat to cuddle. They don't judge you.
Pets enrich your life and there is never a dull moment.

  • 13th Sep 2022 08:17pm

Although many people today realise it, sadly so many don’t: we owe such a lot to the animals. They feel, get hurt, suffer anxiety and fear, just as we do. They give love totally unconditionally unless they’ve been worn down or crushed by human cruelty or abuse. They can grieve, often severely, for departed owners - we’ve all seen media reports of dogs, for instance, that won’t leave the graveside of a loved human being, even for lengthy periods of time. Cats especially are terrified of being abandoned - it breaks my heart to hear of people dumping them and making them feral, leaving even very beautiful cats to have to learn how to survive – this is extreme cruelty. We should ask: how would we feel if this was done to us, after living in some secure, warm and safe home especially? Does it really cost much at all to ensure they’re taken to a cat or dog home, vet clinic or other animal shelter? They respect us and we have a responsibility to care for and respect them also.
Our pets give love abundantly and unconditionally and ask only in return what we ALL basically ask for: a warm and dry bed, say two meals a day, safety, and appropriate medical care when needed. When they know they can trust someone, they reveal their various personalities and give even more unconditional love than they usually, on a day to day basis, show to humans. Even though limited by not being able to speak, they can communicate their feelings, sometimes profoundly. They provide hours of fun and entertainment also, when they know they are loved and can trust their humans and feel loved and appreciated.
As well, even though pets are limited in communicating with us due to their inability to speak our language, they can often exhibit a quite extraordinary ability to understand what their human/s need. Some cats I've owned, would lie on my chest in order to 'absorb' pain being experienced, or simply press and stay close to give comfort. As any cat lover can tell you, they are truly wonderful companions. The animals can sense and feel our deepest needs, as many can confirm. When I lost my life partner of many years a neighbour’s beautiful cat adopted me and I can honestly say she gave more joy and happiness to me than that long human relationship ever did! She also took the loneliness out of coming home, the depression caused by the loss, and made me realise life was worth living again. How can we not appreciate the gifts they give to us while asking for so little in return? Love and care for them, people - they are a gift to us to treasure.

  • 13th Sep 2022 02:38pm

I just love having a dog as a pet,,I have retired off the land and have always had either collies or kelpies around me,they were just like a family or just mates to me.
my last dog was old Molly,the most faithful dog I have ever had,

i retired her from work a few years ago as we both got old,and she finally died in my arms,it was like the loss of a family member. I am trying to decide if I need a pet now as what I have had will be a hard act to follow

  • 12th Sep 2022 08:09pm

The benefits of pet ownership are vast. We have a budgie because we live in a caravan. He is such a character, and his name is
Angel. He loves to sit on our glasses and with me, he picks out my eyebrows, so one side of my left eyebrow is missing. He has the full run of the caravan. As soon as we are both up, we turn on the radio, take the towel off his cage, open up his doors and he is out of his cage. I then cook my husband his crumpet with vegemite on it. Once he starts to eat it, Angel flies onto his hand and starts to eat the crumpet. As soon as he had finished eating, he would then start picking the crumpet to bits and it goes all over the table and my husband has to clean it up. While I am cooking my fried toast and eggs, Angel sits on my head waiting, because he loves fried eggs. I have to cut a tiny bit of egg into minute pieces for him. Lately he hasn't been eating off the plate, so I have to put it on the edge of my fork near my fingers and he eats it there. He flies around the caravan and sits on our heads and at dinner time, I have to cook mashed potato, with peas and corn so Angel can have his dinner. I put it on the edge of my plate, so he eats it there. We are starting to worry about Angel, because he is sleeping a lot and he is getting to that age that they die, around 6 years old. We are not looking forward to when he dies because he has been part of our family for so long.

  • 12th Sep 2022 06:48pm

Pet ownership for me means improved physical & mental health. With psychiatric diagnosis of chronic & severe depression & living alone & isolated, my animals are my reason to wake up & face the day. My physical health benefits by physical exercise while walking them. Plus it reduces blood pressure just in the act of stroking a pet.
They make me laugh at their antics which raises the endorphins.
I would not be alive today if it wasn't for my 4-legged family.

Narelle 32031778
  • 11th Sep 2022 08:56am

A dogs love is one of the most beautiful treasures I hold dear to my heart. I have lost so many but unfortunately they don't live as long as us. I used to be scared of them but grew close as time went on. I was from an abusive home and found love though a dogs eyes. No matter what they love you

  • 8th Sep 2022 09:39am

Another benefit draws me back again to Scotty, the Shum Moodle. I had a big operation and needed to rest for a few days in bed. Scotty was on my side all the time watching me with concerned eyes to make sure I was OK. One time I got up, but the pain and the weakness of my body led me down to the floor. Scotty started barking like mad and run all over the house to find Tom, my housemate to alert him of my predicament. A few minutes later Scotty with Tom in tow was to my side and help me to the bed. How amazing is that? And not to mention Scotty understands what we say in two languages, Tom being of Romanian descendancy. They are so clever so we should give the dogs more credit than we give them.

  • 7th Sep 2022 02:15pm

Ah dog, you love them like your own child. The best gift in my life was given to me by one of my friends. She rang me one morning, knowing I desired a dog and told me that a dog is available. My answer was: GET HIM, but, my friend said: But you do not know what kind of dog, what breed, what colour, but I said without thinking: GET HIM FOR ME. And it proved to be the most desirable, cutest, and sociable dog. I walk with him in the park every day and everyone knows him, calls him from far away, loves him. How could not enjoy, be proud and be happy with my little schmoodle (sitzu and puddle) named Scotty which could be Scottish sometime? He grew up with my neighbour's dog who is like a brother and he is very protective of him when big dogs come near him, Scotty stands up to the big one till it's gone, and does not take a NO answer. Scotty fills up our life, guards us with no fear of anything, and commands us around the house. What a bliss to have him, is the apple of the eye.

  • 7th Sep 2022 12:10pm

A pet is the most sure-fire way to feel joy and love in this world. I currently have two dogs. Both were adopted from shelters, both mixed breeds, small, and with weird quirks.

My older, Freckles, is 12. When we first got her she'd been living a rough life on the street, and was afraid of everything. Cars, people, umbrellas, doors, rain, the vacuum cleaner... all of these would set Freckles to quivering and cowering. Through love and time and care, she's grown into a confident and happy dog who plays mum to our other dog, Jack. Seeing her overcome her fears and find the joy in cuddles and daily walks and chew toys has made my heart grow three sizes at least.

To me, that's the best benefit of a pet-the love they bring, the love we feel, and the way the whole world shines a little brighter when you see the pure happiness in their eyes.

  • 7th Sep 2022 12:20am

I have a 12 year old cat, 2 dogs aged 7 years old - a Great Dane and red cattle. My cat loves to sleep in my bed every night and snuggle with me. She has always been an indoor cat, so outside is very scary and daunting for her. My dogs are my security, especially my Great Dane. She is like a mini pony weighing 46kgs.

  • 7th Sep 2022 12:19am

I have a 12 year old cat, 2 dogs aged 7 years old - a Great Dane and red cattle. My cat loves to sleep in my bed every night and snuggle with me. She has always been an indoor cat, so outside is very scary and daunting for her. My dogs are my security, especially my Great Dane. She is like a mini pony weighing 46kgs.

  • 6th Sep 2022 11:53pm

My pet fish are great

  • 6th Sep 2022 11:47pm

I have an eight year old Labradoodle named Tali after the whisky, Talisker. His pedigree name is Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.
Tali is a Delta Therapy Dog and he brings joy to me and all who meet him at nursing homes, universities, schools, businesses and other organisations he visits.

  • 6th Sep 2022 08:36pm

Great watch dogs and keep you safe from snakes when working in the garden. They also love being with you on your daily walk for exercise. They also know when you are not yourself and will stay closer on these days as great companion dogs for mental health patients. Some dogs even can smell cancer as well in a person and will not stop licking you or cuddling you in the affected area. They are also great rescue dogs when people go missing as they can pick up a persons scent through clothing or will lead people to a hurt person as well. So our pets are very important to those who own them.

  • 6th Sep 2022 06:50pm

Pets are great for both your physical and mental health. Even though i don't have a domesticated pet as such ( magpie that is breeding in gum tree down back yard that has just started to jump up on my lap and some lorrikeets that eventually will jump on to my arm ) they give me that bit of a nudge to get up as i can hear them out in the bottle brush waiting for me. When i first retired they really calmed me down so much so , some of the early days i forgot to take the blood pressure tablets. I was so wound up knowing going to work was going to be a shambles i knew i needed to take tablets but then to be able to just sit down stairs talk to and stoke one pair of lorikeets , forgot all about them.

  • 6th Sep 2022 05:34pm


  • 6th Sep 2022 05:17pm

I have an eight year old Labradoodle named Tali after the whisky, Talisker. His pedigree name is Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.
Tali is a Delta Therapy Dog and he brings joy to me and all who meet him at nursing homes, universities, schools, businesses and other organisations he visits.

Tina 32226074
  • 6th Sep 2022 03:30pm

I have had a few pets over the years but 3 of them stand out because of the special bond I have had with them. The huge benefits of being a pet parent is the company they provide, the fact that they are always happy to see you and the love they can give when you need it. My dog who recently passed away was always by my side and would follow me from room to room and would always know when I needed extra cuddles, the cat I have now will also do the same. Above all pets are fantastic for your mental health.

  • 31st Aug 2022 10:46am

The beauty of owning a pet comes when they reveal there little personalities and you think of them as a member of the family. We have a bunny and she hops around our apartment, sits with us on the couch when we watch tv and even does tricks for treats. She has become an extension of our family and even though people say rabbits don’t make good pets she has been the become the best pet we could ask for. Her little personality that waits for us to get up in the morning and then runs three laps of the apartment in excitement is the best and to narrow down all the benefits of having her is impossible. She can tell when we’re sad or stressed and tries to comfort us by laying on our laps. The main benefit of owning a pet is simply that you also get a best friend.

  • 15th Jul 2022 12:46am

I’ve always had a dog in my life and couldn’t imagine not having some kind of pet to keep me company. It doesn’t matter how bad a day you have, you come home to your pet and they’re always so excited to see you and be around you it just warms your heart

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