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Posted by: Prad

13th Jun 2022 02:14am

Hey folks, which career website do you think is the most reliable in Australia and why? How does it help people to find suitable jobs according to their needs?

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  • 11th Oct 2022 08:13pm

Job Seeker
And for advice and concerns for graduating or graduated students finding their desire career, job jump is a good place to go.

  • 27th Jul 2022 10:10pm

There are many websites which are helpful online job boards that companies can advertise on. The most common one for many companies and the most well known is Seek. This is the one I have found that is the most monitored. Most monitored meaning the adverts are more checked for legitimacy than other job seeking boards. This said, Seek may be the most reliable in my opinion, but it's also the most well known. This is bad in the sense that it makes getting a job on Seek a lot harder. It is harder on seek because more people go to it as a first point of call when job searching and therefore saturate the jobs. This in return makes it harder for you to stand out.

Other sites that are less used are Gumtree or Indeed, for example. These are better to use in the sense that they are not as saturated with applicants/users. However, the types of jobs advertised may not be as official. This is because they are not checked for legitimacy as much. Therefore it's a game of cat and mouse essentially to find the best advert, with the least applicants that looks the most legit.

Overall, I'd say word of mouth is your best bet. If you know someone who works at a place where a job is going, get them to put a good word in. That's the best way to secure a job. Then the next best bet is to cold call and drop off physical resumes. This shows the employer that you are more keen and not just blanket uploading your resume to every job under a certain category on a website. If that doesn't work then your best bet is to find the most legit advert online that you can that meets what you are looking for and has the least applicants.

One other thing you could do is use a Job Seeking Agent. These agents normally get a commission for finding a job that meets your criteria and getting you hired. These agents can be good because they seem more personal and seem like they do the work of finding the suitable, legit job for you. However, a lot of places frown upon agents ringing on someones behalf. Likewise, if you do use an agent, the agent will just put you forward for every job they have going in hopes you get hired so they get paid. Even if you are not suitable for the job. Therefore, in some circumstances, using an agent can be more beneficial then using a website and applying yourself. However, you just have to make sure you find the right agent who listens to you and works for you not for themselves.

  • 13th Jun 2022 02:35am

Please provide link as well.

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