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How do you cope with the rising cost of living?

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Posted by: Elizabeth 31231703

4th Jun 2022 06:36pm

Effective strategies to cut down cost on groceries shopping, electricity, food, rent and etc?

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  • 3rd Jul 2022 01:51pm

Try and find specials online at other stores

  • 28th Jun 2022 10:25am

I must admit that being a single pensioner at this time is a little scary particularly because I rent and I am fully expecting a rent rise next year when my lease becomes due for renewal. I don't have any way of changing that but in the meantime I am becoming much more aware of where I shop, Aldi being good for saving money and next in line Woolies. I try to buy home brand wherever possible and only buy what I need each week so I don't end up with a pantry of items which sit for a long time. I'm trying to be good with electricity and I always turn off lights and don't leave my appliances on standby. However, being winter I still use my a/c but run it at 18 degrees which is fine for me. Petrol is a killer so I'm using my car only when necessary. Doing surveys regularly earns me a bit of extra for groceries and that has been an absolute lifesaver.

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