Charities & Causes


Charities & Causes

Posted by: Hicky

3rd Jun 2022 08:24pm

Are we getting too reliant on Government Services and are no longer helping ourselves and others? Are we as a society waiting for others to do the heavy lifting and don't commit to long term volunteering? Or are we under so much performance pressure that there is no time and energy left for charitable organisations? Or have we become cynical about the value of organisations such as Rotary, Probus, Lion, and Toastmasters as examples?

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  • 30th Jun 2022 09:01pm

I believe personally given the cost of living in 2022 that volunteering isn't viable. We haven't become lazy, we aren't waiting for others to do the heavy lifting... we simply are working more and more to try to survive in the world and just do not have the time to volunteer. This is because volunteering is normally unpaid and people's time is precious.

This said, I believe if you have spare time and or are retired/don't have to work and are looking for something to pass the time... then volunteering should be your go to provided you can find a charity or organisation in which you believe in to volunteer with.

Though, given the high costs of living in 2022... people are overworked and underpaid as it is and sadly volunteering for free is just not as viable as it once was.

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