Holiday Destinations


Posted by: Gregg

3rd Jun 2022 01:25pm

What is your favorite holiday destination ?
and when will you be going back ??

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  • 12th Jul 2024 04:02pm

My favourite destination is Turkey, Antalia in specific, Great beaches fabulous food and weather is perfect but shopping is amazing, I am going back again in few days .

  • 31st May 2024 05:06pm

Would love to go back to Hawaii and I think my husband would like to go back and buy more shirts there. I doubt we will be able to afford to go there now as cost of living here has gone through the roof. We are retired and my husband worked for himself so didn't have super. It wasn't around when I was working either so we only have a small amount in savings. Mostly have in case have to have some horrible operation, you never know what is around the corner.

  • 23rd Apr 2024 10:11pm

I loved Santorini (Greece), Venice (Italy), Toulon (France), & Isle of Skye (Scotland). I'd love to go back to any of these places if I had the money!

  • 22nd Apr 2024 09:28am

All I can say is FIJI get there nicest people in the world

  • 13th Mar 2024 10:10pm

I loved Hawaii. It was my first overseas trip. I can’t wait to take our children to Hawaii. It will be a little while before we travel internationally as we just don’t have the money. Travel is something that really interests me and I am studying a certificate 3 in travel in the hopes to become a travel agent.

  • 22nd Feb 2024 12:12pm

So many places to visit! My favourite holiday destination in Australia is Tangalooma Island.
My favourite international place, Cape Town, South Africa, then Singapore!

  • 21st Feb 2024 08:50am

Fondest memories are Paris for Christmas, was just magical. Don't know when I'll Christmas overseas again but hoping to go back to Europe and particularly Paris next year.

  • 17th Feb 2024 12:13pm

Such a hard choice with so many beautiful destinations in the world! We loved Vietnam, koh samui in Thailand, Mexico and Jamaica and we want to go back to them all! This year and next we will add Maldives and the Mediterranean to our list and can’t wait!

  • 15th Jan 2024 07:57pm

I love new south wales i think its beautiful.

  • 5th Dec 2023 08:53pm

Naxos, Greece. I will be going back when my kids are a bit older!

  • 1st Dec 2023 09:03pm

If I can, yes!

  • 29th Nov 2023 02:23pm

Dear, I have been absolutely amazed and impressed by beautiful beach sides around Gold Coast, Byron bay, Sugar beach and Sunshine coast. For this Christmas long holiday, I will definitely go there again. Fabulous and amazing! Simply

  • 20th Nov 2023 05:14pm

I have never been but the place I’ve wanted to go for years has been a tour around Europe as it has so much culture and beautiful landmarks etc; I am extremely glad to be saying that I am going at the end of January finally!!!

  • 24th Oct 2023 10:12am

I am enjoying my leisure roadtrips enjoying the roads less travelled following the silo art locales of Victoria , South Australia and rural NSW

  • 23rd Aug 2023 12:56pm

Thailand and would like to go there early next year.

  • 12th Aug 2023 07:13pm

got to be a beach and golf resort in thailand,they are lovely people and the seafood is second to none,little beach huts with live lobsters in a tank are out of this world,will go back as soon as I can

Sil sil
  • 20th Jul 2023 02:26pm

I'd love to go back to Italy! Just hire a car and take my time going from town to town...enjoying "local" life, food, festivities, music, churches, wine and the scenery...

  • 5th Jul 2023 12:34pm

London, heading back in October

  • 4th May 2023 12:52pm

South India. During July- August time usually it rains there and it is beautiful.

  • 18th Nov 2022 09:30pm

I am currently at one of my preferred Victorian locations - Ballarat - this being about night 500 for myself or family / friends since 2009 out at Sebastapol. I live not far from Phillip Island so that is effectively a stroll to visit but my other two locations are Lakes Entrance and Mount Hotham, not that I get to either very often.

Interstate I aim for Tasmania using either Hobart or Launceston as a day or overnight trip base.

Internationally I prefer New Zealand. Close by in flight duration but lots of variety to do and see on the two islands. Will go again when airfares settle down to within budgettry restraints like they were pre-covid.

  • 30th Oct 2022 12:52pm

We along with everyone else craved to travel again after Covid travelling restrictions were lifted. We were told about a great deal by a friend last year. We thought what the heck it sounds great and is a fantastic deal- we’ll take the chance and book it - along with my friend and hubby. It was back in October 2021 when we booked and things were still uncertain with Covid - as new outbreaks and strains were testing us all! We thought “what the heck, let’s take a chance”! We booked a 7 night all inclusive trip to Fiji for July 2022.
Well it did go ahead and we had the best time ever. It was great spending time with my long time friend- who has lived 6 hours away from me for a long time now. So that was lovely. Fijians are the most happy, welcoming and caring people, I would definitely recommend a trip there and I would definitely return. It’s such a beautiful place and so back to basics- it’s enlightening. We plan to travel around Australia and have travelled most states- but still so much more to see. We will be doing a lot more of Australia in the coming years but I still want to see as much of other places as I can also. We have a trip to Vietnam booked for next July! Can’t wait! Go for it- is my motto.

  • 27th Oct 2022 01:48pm

Vanuatu is really beautiful- saving up now to be able to go back!

  • 21st Oct 2022 08:04am

Europe for sure. Love the history the beauty and food. I love Australia and would never live anywhere else however travel is so amazing and I love it from the time of packing to the excitement of airports and plane travel and new experiences and people. So much fun. I would love to be paid to do it haha

  • 9th Oct 2022 11:07am

Nashville, once described to me by a local as a drinking town with a music problem

  • 22nd Sep 2022 04:22pm

My favourite holiday destination would have to be New York City - there is just no place quite like it! I love the hustle and bustle of the city and that there is always something to do. There are so many incredible restaurants and attractions to visit any time of the year but the city is most special to me during the Christmas season. I am planning on moving to Toronto next year and will be regularly venturing down to NYC every chance I get!

  • 18th Sep 2022 10:54am

These days I prefer to take my holidays in Australia. There is so much I have yet to visit that I see no reason to travel overseas.

  • 14th Sep 2022 03:20pm

There is no 1 favourite place, I love to be anywhere by the beach :)

  • 14th Sep 2022 11:59am

UK and the rest of Europe.
I want to do a 10 day Tudor tour.
I haven't been yet but keen to do an Aftican safari.
As to when, you'll have to ask my horses. Currently paying off my 2nd $1000 vet bill since July.
At this stage when William becomes King maybe

  • 14th Sep 2022 09:10am

I do not have an absolute favourite but for me anywhere near a beach , somwhere I can hear the ocean, swim in the salt water and walk in the sand, there is nothing better to help you relax.

stewart bookworm
  • 13th Sep 2022 12:37am

Darwin during the dry season. Hopefully every 3 years

  • 12th Sep 2022 11:02am

Coffin Bay SA - going back later this year

  • 6th Sep 2022 11:52pm


  • 6th Sep 2022 09:53pm

Love taking cruise around the pacific Islands. At this stage I have not short term plans to go back ... maybe in a couple years (flying anywhere is stressful and not ships leave locally).

  • 6th Sep 2022 05:53pm

Every year I go to Townsville to visit family. Then head to. Magnetic island and tablecloths of pics so when I head home I have. Plenty of images to paint. But my favourite place to visit is Victor Harbour south Australia it has so many great memories of my childhood. It a place i am drawn to. Regularly. Last time I visited. Was before the pandemic and I intend to. Head back next year. With my art materials. To paint. And catch-up with some old school friends. Looking forward to it. Just hope. That by then the issues. With. The airlines are over.

  • 6th Sep 2022 04:23pm


  • 31st Aug 2022 10:15pm

Malaysia! I haven't been there to visit my parents in 4 years. Plus the food is all so irresistible!

  • 31st Aug 2022 10:16pm
Malaysia! I haven't been there to visit my parents in 4 years. Plus the food is all so irresistible!

Ps. I'll finally travel there in October this year. It's been too long!

  • 29th Aug 2022 11:09pm

Queensland for the beaches!

  • 28th Aug 2022 02:53pm

New Zealand

First of next year 2023

  • 28th Aug 2022 02:50pm

Kangaroo Island and I would love to get back there this year.

  • 28th Aug 2022 11:23am

Kangaroo Island and I would love to get back there this year.

  • 28th Aug 2022 08:16am

Koh samui, Thailand! It’s been way too long but we will finally be going back early in 2023.

  • 27th Aug 2022 11:05am

Thailand! Love SE Asia. Will he there in early 2023

  • 27th Aug 2022 08:06am

Not my fave but hoping to go back to Alabama, USA to spend time with my best friend in Mobile next year.

Harshanie 30779333
  • 25th Aug 2022 08:56pm

Sri Lanka and Singapore is my favourite holiday destinations. I like to go there because the natural wonders in Sri Lanka and modern city Singapore
  • 25th Aug 2022 04:46pm

Korea & Singapore. Planning to go again next year.

  • 24th Aug 2022 12:22pm

Mexico, I visited Mexico for a beautiful wedding but didn’t have enough time to tour around as much as I liked. Hoping to go back.

  • 23rd Aug 2022 12:43pm

My favourite place in the world is Canada, followed closely by the US, then Spain. And no, I will never be going back - unless by some miracle a virus-sterilising vaccine is created that actually stops covid and prevents infection. As one of the vulnerable 47% of the population who is immunocompromised or disabled in some way (and now with covid-induced heart damage), I can no longer leave my home, let alone actually travel anywhere.

  • 23rd Aug 2022 10:54am

Vietnam! Before covid I had been three years in a row and would be happy to continue going there annually. Unfortunately I don’t have any travel plans in the near future but hopefully I can book something in for the near future :)

  • 21st Aug 2022 06:56am

I want to go visit Europe as it’s one of my favourite places as so much to see and t do o.
I hope to go next year.

  • 20th Aug 2022 09:55pm


  • 20th Aug 2022 08:49am

India and Bali. I just love the diversity of India as although it is huge it easy to travel around as the trains are very good although I do reccomend first class travel. The flights are good too but the trains are very sociable.

Bali is different but equally nice. The scenery is splendid and the people are very welcoming. Bali does have lots of religious festivals and there is plenty to do.

  • 19th Aug 2022 07:32pm

Personally I love Cairns as my favourite holiday spot. Most times the climate is one to enjoy. Once you go in to Queensland you feel as if you are already on holidays. Darwin is also a favourite destination mainly because of the friendly people and the life style if great. i must mention Tasmania as one of my picks. The highway between Hobart and Launceston is an eye opener with small villages etc. I have been on 2 cruisers but my over all choice is to stay in Australia. I love the place for its overall beauty.

  • 19th Aug 2022 02:39pm

I have always been fond of Scotland. Such a land of contrasts.

  • 18th Aug 2022 06:15pm

My favourite holiday destination is England. The reason for this is that my extended family live there and I want to get there because a few of my older relatives have cancer and I would love to see them before they die. I went in 1992 with my 3 young children, 7, 4 and 18 months. I didn't realise how expensive it was back then and had to stay with relatives on my dad's side and I was lucky that I got to see some of the south of England. Unfortunately I did not get to see my mum's relatives except for Nanny and Grampy. So that is why I want to go back but I am not sure when this will be. I will probably have to win xlotto.

  • 17th Aug 2022 05:49pm

Love the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast, was there in May but unfortunately was very wet. Off to Bali in November & Turkey/Egypt/Jordan next year all holidays that were postponed from 2020.

  • 17th Aug 2022 04:59pm

My husband and I love caravanning in South Australia. So many lovely spots to enjoy that are not too far away from Adelaide. Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula have many great coastal holiday spots for swimming and fishing. Then there is the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Riverland and Langhorne's Creek for wineries. So we hope to ramble around SA on and off during Spring, Summer and Autumn starting in September 2022.

Narelle 32031778
  • 16th Aug 2022 04:58pm

Ireland hopefully soon

  • 16th Aug 2022 03:40pm

Mexico because it has amazing food, lovely people, and every state and town have many unique attractions. I hope to go back soon.

  • 10th Aug 2022 04:16pm

Japan - The people are lovely, the food is delicious and the fashion is unique. My parents took me here back in 2018 and I would love to go back once they have opened up to tourists freely again!

  • 10th Aug 2022 08:19am

Tasmania – Launceston cataract Gorge is absolutely stunning, it has the longest single span chairlift ride in the world, peacocks and wildlife such as Poteroos & Wallabies and is just an incredibly breathtaking and serene place.

  • 10th Aug 2022 12:39am

K'gari - Fraser Island is my new favourite holiday destination. stayed 5 days earlier this year and absolutely loved it. Stayed at Kingfisher Bay resort in a comfortable, modern villa with family. The full-day 4 wheel drive bus tour and half day cruise were a stand-out. Loads of free activities too with daily guided tours and talks by the rangers. Finish the day with a cocktail at Sunset bar or dine in the main restaurant. Hope to repeat in near future.

  • 9th Aug 2022 09:08pm

Amsterdam is my favourite ever holiday destination. There is always something new to see or experience.
I revisited this city last month, it was amazing!

  • 9th Aug 2022 10:34am

Brisbane Gold coast with family and friends. Stay for 3 days and back.

  • 9th Aug 2022 09:36am

Fiji hopefully once Covid eases a bit such a beautiful relaxing place for the whole family would love to take my whole family there it’s been 20 years since I’ve been

  • 7th Aug 2022 08:52pm

Vietnam is my favourite!
There are three parts to visit all with their own character. I have only made my way to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (north and south) so I will be returning to visit Hoi An (the middle) when I can afford it next year.
Ho Chi Minh is separated again into districts, many are quite distinct from each other so if you go, you should make sure to stay in a number of different ones.
Once you are over there it is great value of money, rich in culture and I love eating their classics - Pho and Banh Mi.

  • 22nd Jul 2022 08:10pm

Going to Germany. Loved the history and taking a short cruise down Rhine was just so gorgeous. Love to go back in a summer get a RV and discover the little villages and people.

  • 3rd Jun 2022 01:28pm

My favorite destination is actually cruising,
best cruise i have ever done is Hawaii back to sydney on the Ovation of the seas,
Hope to do it in 2023, fingers crossed, life is to short not to cruise !!

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