Living clean and toxic free


Posted by: Jeollie

16th May 2022 12:43am

I’m a person that has made the changes and is committed to living a ‘cleaner & less toxic’ life. So I have irradiated all toxic and poisonous/chemical cleaners, scents, daily living needs and personal care products from our home. This isn’t as easy as you may think, as we are so used to living with these products in our home and life. You don’t even realise the chemicals are in most products you use every day. Who else is trying to live a cleaner, toxic free life?

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Con D. Oriano
  • 14th Jul 2022 08:38pm

Everything is toxic.

What matters is the concentration.

Dihydrogen monoxide is the most common acid that can burn your skin, cause swelling etc. 100% of people who have come into contact with this chemical has died. Factories mix it in with their waste and it finds its way into the river systems. This is in every country and is barely regulated.

  • 16th May 2022 12:52am

To become a toxic free household I now make most of our common cleaning products and some personal care products from natural ingredients that we’ve been using for centuries. I carefully read labels when I’m shopping and I have studied enough to know what the symbols and long words indicate on ingredient lists. What chemicals are toxic and what the compound names of many natural minerals/ingredients are, so o know if I will be able to use it in my toxic free home. There is a better way than the toxic and one use items, we’ve so easily taken on as okay. When in reality a lot of the allergens that cause asthma and other disorders that affect our immune system etc - are due to the toxins lurking in our homes. What are you doing in the race for a cleaner and safer world for future generations?

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