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The Great Resignation

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Posted by: yumna32125774

12th Apr 2022 01:49pm

How has the wave of Great Resignation affected you. Have you left/considered leaving your job? If yes, then what industry was it and why? I'm just hoping to get some insight!

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  • 18th May 2022 10:52am

I've considered leaving my NFP job to chase money. I love where I work and I love the people, so I haven't actually done it, but the pandemic made me consider my other options, as well as how I can get myself my financial security.
But my workplace was so generous during lockdowns, and offered us all extra days off, as well as flexibility for working from home extra that it feels like leaving now would be disloyal!

  • 15th May 2022 10:23am

Instead of resigning, I asked for a sabbatical to get the best if both worlds. My employer is an industry leader and am keen to return to when back. So out travelling the world but returning to the transport engineering field

Elizabeth 31231703
  • 14th May 2022 08:01pm

Maybe since the border has opened. Perhaps start a YouTube channel and travel the world.

  • 14th May 2022 12:12pm

I have considered leaving my job to enjoy life while I can.

  • 14th May 2022 08:19am

Consider leaving the mining & construction industry, the fields available to me are vast. When you research the businesses and do a deep dive you start building a fair view to understanding why the position is still vacant. Grass is not always greener on the other side and many times it may be a patch of artificial grass picked up at the hardware.

  • 13th May 2022 07:49pm

I am a university student and I've worked casually in retail since I was 17. I had the same job for 5 1/2 years, had a pretty good relationship with managers and others there, but I left February this year. I left because i felt like i wasnt very appreciated despite over 5 years of working there where i would often go above and beyond, and it was beginning to feel pointless putting that much effort into something i didnt really care about. I was without a job for about a month and was pretty stressed about finding a new one. But now I've been in my new job for about 2 months. It's still retail but it's a much less busy retailer and just overall more easy. I've met some great people in this new job and the owners are super nice and supportive, so overall I made the right choice, especially for my mental health.

  • 13th May 2022 06:33pm

Yes, I work full time in property management. Due to current real estate market in Brisbane, work conditions have worsened, abused a lot from people struggling to find a rental property. Working extra hours with little reward and no pay increase. Not offered any work from home flexible arrangements with current company. Will be looking for a new role next financial year with increase pay and flexible work arrangement.

  • 13th May 2022 03:20pm

Yes - I am a teacher and the workload/conditions have been horrendous - I am currently interviewing for jobs with similar pay but much lower workload/mental stress

  • 12th May 2022 09:58am

I am self employed so no impact to me

  • 7th May 2022 04:15pm

I was happily working as a casual worker in a wear house during the pandemic until the employer decided that we should sign a contract (20 hours per month), this way he pay us much less per hour. I resigned of course

  • 2nd May 2022 01:01am

Nope...I retired from work in nope.

But if I were still employed, the pandemic would not have caused me to re-evaluate my employment choices.

  • 1st May 2022 02:29pm

I left my job in hospitality because I was sick of the unpredictable work life and because I wanted a change and so I am currently pursuing my dreams of becoming a social worker and working part time in retail.

  • 30th Apr 2022 11:26pm

I left my job as a Nurse once it was mandated to be vaccinated. I was afraid of having an adverse reaction plus I do not agree with not having a choice over my own health.
I had an exemption for not getting vaccinated, however it did not meet the strict criteria which absolutely astounded me.

  • 13th May 2022 10:51pm
I left my job as a Nurse once it was mandated to be vaccinated. I was afraid of having an adverse reaction plus I do not agree with not having a choice over my own health.
I had an exemption...

Are you still unvaccinated now? If so, how are you supporting yourself?

  • 30th Apr 2022 05:56pm

I work for myself from home so I am happy in my employment and working arrangements.
My daughter wants to leave her job and is only staying as he has loads of leave and requires the flexibility of using her leave as she pleases for band touring, which is her side hustle.
My husband was head hunted by a recruiter this past month and has accepted a new job with a better overall package. He wasn't looking but it happened because they found him and it was offered.

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