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Posted by: gadgetgeek

10th Apr 2022 11:16am

Do you think you are more productive working from home than in the office environment?

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  • 8th Jan 2024 11:50am

When I was working and had occasion to work from home, I don't think I was more productive. You try to set aside eight hours and you think this is great, the time I save travelling to work is now work time, I'll finish earlier, but what really happens. You become just as distracted, you steal a little time here to do your washing; then you take a little time to do your shopping, take the dog for a walk...whatever! In the end you work late into the night to make up for the time lost. Also, when you work from home, you miss out on the 'cross pollination' of ideas/experiences from work colleagues. New staff miss out on your knowledge and experience and you miss out on 'stuff' around the office...policies, procedures, office politics etc.
No, I really think improved productivity from working from home is an illusion.

  • 22nd Dec 2023 12:10am

100% more productive working from home.
Not being distracted my colleagues in person, coffee breaks, little chit chats during the day save so much time

  • 6th Nov 2023 10:03am

Yes, I get so much more done on my work from home days because I don’t stop and chat or get distracted. I like to be with my team though so one day per week at home is enough for me.

  • 19th Jun 2023 06:46pm

No, I guess WFH idea is a waste of productivity for me.

  • 20th Oct 2022 10:35pm

No way. I love working at an office with the people I work with. I get distracted at home with house stuff I am more focused at the office. Also good to walk away leave it behind and go home.

  • 14th Jun 2022 11:15am

I'm a secondary teacher, so this is a very interesting question. During the lockdowns over the last two years, I was certainly 'more productive' working from home. That is, I was able to get more done during work hours - this consisted of planning online lessons, creating resources (a big task with the switch to online learning), regular live sessions with students (though these were shorter than a regular class at school), marking student work, emails, normal admin, etc. I also didn't have to go out on yard duties, meetings tended to be shorter, and colleagues weren't just 'dropping into' my office to have a chat. So on face value, yes, I was more productive working from home.

However, the 'unquantifiable' aspect of my job was lost, or at least a lot harder, during remote learning. Chatting to students at breaks, building rapport, noticing changes in behaviour that might indicate social-emotional problems, picking up on students who were struggling with particular tasks, keeping students accountable for their work and behaviour - all critical aspects of the job that were very challenging to maintain without face-to-face contact. On the one hand, losing these helped me be more productive; I could work through lunchtime instead of taking the time to sit with a group of students, or meet with a student to discuss their essay. However, these are an integral part of education - educating the whole student, not just the 'academic'. Furthermore, sometimes these things took longer than they would on campus (such as following up missed work or supporting a student who was struggling with a task).

Overall, I was *more productive* working from home in terms of quantifiable tasks. But at what cost? The ramifications of two years of lockdowns on students is going to take years to play out. In terms of developing well-rounded young adults, I would have been far more productive at school.

  • 18th May 2022 11:12am

Office is muuuuch better for me getting work done.
I work in admin and marketing, so being able to actually speak to people is a massive benefit for me. I do find when I'm at home if I have a big project I get more done, but my day to day tasks are much easier in the office.

  • 1st May 2022 09:05am

Not for me. Office environment help me focus more on the work I am assigned to do.

Avocado Green
  • 1st May 2022 12:52am

I feel like there are more short breaks and distractions for me. So often slightly less time actually at the desk BUT these little breaks actually help to increase my efficiency. So it pays off. It's nice to be able to have that break when you need to ; stretch your legs, have done tea, look after your eye health, etc. Also saves time in travel and allows more sleep in time, which also boosts productivity. I find I'm much more tired after returning to in person work.

  • 30th Apr 2022 05:38pm

I work from home 100% so for me it is normal. I am productive because I set aside the time and don't allow interruptions to my work routine.

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