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Posted by: site77

6th Apr 2022 04:35am

what is the best beer brand for you ?

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  • 5th Jul 2024 02:34pm


  • 27th Jun 2024 01:24am

Qingdao alway the best

  • 22nd Apr 2024 09:33am

James squires makes a nice brew but anything that’s the right price is good

  • 2nd Dec 2023 07:42pm

Brouen deer vrouwen

  • 23rd Nov 2022 03:13pm


  • 8th Nov 2022 05:44pm

My favourite is the imported 'Hollandia' in the can format, it’s a great beer at a great price, as good as any of the much higher priced imports.
It is easy drinking and quite refreshing, quite a full flavoured beer with body and a malty taste with good strength and enjoyable to drink.

  • 30th Jun 2022 04:01pm

Really depends on the style of beer that you enjoy. My preference is for lager, and is well-served by European, North American and Japanese labels. Australian brewers also offer a range of lagers.

  • 9th May 2022 08:40pm

I think it's hard to say what beer brand is the best as there are millions of different beer brands in the world. This said, new beers, especially craft beers are popping up all the time. I'd say it's better to stick to a style of beer rather than a brand as you may like one beer from a brand but not the other. For example, "Best Beer Co" may make an lager and an IPA. You may like the lager but not the IPA. Therefore, I think rather than trying to find a brand, you should find the style of beer. This is also beneficial as not every pub, club, alcohol shop etc sells all the brands. Hence, with having a style you like rather than a brand... you will be able to almost always find a beer you like no matter what the place you're at stocks.

Also, it is important to note that every beer is situated for different circumstances. For example if you're going to a party and have to work later you might like a lighter beer, if you're going to a club you might like a heavier beer, if you're having a sessions you might like a session ale etc, if you're winding down or having a meal you might like a stout and so on. This also makes it hard to say what the best beer brand is.

Overall, IMO, it's best to not look for the best brand but the best style of beer that you personally enjoy drinking in any situation/circumstance and if you can't choose one, just buy the beer that fits your situation/circumstance at the time and you won't go wrong.

if beer that suits the situation/circumstance on hand and you will never go wrong.


  • 30th Jun 2022 08:45pm
Nice commentary, agree with your sentiments completely

Glad you enjoyed reading my post and agreed with my sentiments. Much appreciated :D

  • 30th Jun 2022 04:03pm
I think it's hard to say what beer brand is the best as there are millions of different beer brands in the world. This said, new beers, especially craft beers are popping up all the time. I'd say...

Nice commentary, agree with your sentiments completely

  • 13th Apr 2022 12:04pm

I do not think that you can call any brand better for you than another, unless you start on the non alcoholic beers.
It is entirely up to the individual and their tastes & perception of what they want from a beer.
No matter what brands you like or consider better, moderation is the key to enjoyment in my opinion.

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