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What hairstyles are in for women at the moment?

Beauty, Fashion & Style

Posted by: Avocado Green

6th Apr 2022 12:01am

I've had the same hairstyle for 10 years and need a change up.

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  • 14th Jul 2022 12:46pm

I'd chat to your hairdresser to see what might suit you.
At the moment lot's of 70's hairstyles are back in - curtain bangs, big, frothy waves, or really curly hair, are all super popular.
It's important to consider how much time you have to style your hair, as well.
A lot of the styles in the 70's were designed for women who would get their hair set or styled regularly, so it may be better to look for something that doesn't require that level of maintenance, no matter how trendy it is!

  • 1st Jun 2022 09:14am

curtain bangs, side bangs, bobs, long wavy hair. those are the trendy ones at the moment, but I would try whatever your family, friends or hairdresser suggests suits your face and frames it nicely!

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