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Posted by: Callum32254049

27th Mar 2022 02:31pm

I’m looking to buy a car, and want to know what you think is the best type of cars?

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  • 26th May 2022 05:23pm

Things to think about. Do you want to buy new or second hand. While you think you are saving money buying second hand bear in mind that you may be buying other peoples problems. New or old, What size vehicle do you need, is it safe?, Even if it is a new car check the tyres. If it's a new car you may not need or want the type of tread they are. e.g. we chose a new car and got the tyres changed. It had rally tyres on it. There was another new car there (we didn't like the colour of it. They simply swapped the wheels around. Make sure all the various controls work., including the lights and that they are adjusted to the right angle. Do it when it's dark. Good spot is where lights shine on a building (that's something we got fixed under warranty later). Decide what size and type of vehicle and how you are going to use. Are you going to use it for towing? it is big enough for the size and weight of the caravan / trailer you are going to tow. There is laws relating to that now. Is there any interior or exterior defects that you need to fix yourself or may be covered under warranty. Remember while they may be cheaper there is no warranty of private or auction purchases. If it's brand new make sure the paintwork is 100%. If it's not they have to fix it. I also know somebody who bought a brand new car. One side of the back seat is badly faded. Remember all the new cars are now imported. Many are taken off ships in Melbourne or Sydney. They could sit on the dock or nearby for over a week before they are transported to the distributor you are buying it from.

  • 16th May 2022 05:37am

I bought an old mazda 121 metro that is very cheap on petrol.
It’s over 25 years old and in great condition.

  • 30th Apr 2022 06:03pm

Knowing if you were buying new or second hand is the first step. Next is the purpose of the vehicle and your budget.
Mazda are good cars in sedans, hatches, SUV and utes, so cars for many purposes and sizes.
If you can afford it look into hybrids or electricals. Toyotas always perform well, Kia have improved with a model taking out Drives Car of the Year Award. Honda and Subaru are good but they don't have all the bells and whistles like Mazda. I'd stay away from Nissan and Mitsubishi personally and Volkswagen can't be trusted after their emissions fibs. Volvo have always made a reliable car along with BMW and Audi.
Many cars have wait times of more than 6 months currently.

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