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Neurolinguistics Vs. perception

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Posted by: Xanthem

21st Mar 2022 05:05pm

I would like some feed back on a theory. A person's perception with higher believe systems have a greater chance of being manipulated. e.g. someone that believes in the supernatural are more susceptible to neurolinguistics... Just an example.

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  • 2nd May 2022 01:47am

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'higher' belief systems. We all have belief systems that we develop over decades of life experience or study which form the bases upon which we behave. Because they're developed over time, IMO it takes a great deal effort to change to 'manipulate' someone, UNLESS the thoughts and beliefs they were being exposed to supported their belief systems. But if the thoughts and beliefs that they were exposed to were inconsistent with their own, I would imagine it would take a considerable amount of exposure to the new beliefs before you started to question your own beliefs.

  • 8th Apr 2022 08:28am

It depends on the person himself.

  • 8th Apr 2022 04:39am

Interesting concept here. I know there have been dreadful religious consequences regarding people following a religion or cult, resulting in death even, because people want to believe in things they want to be part of a group as there is strength in that, they feel they are part of something and have a family.

  • 7th Apr 2022 11:35pm

I think it’s more about how stubborn you are in the context of all those who would say your beliefs are wrong. Take my son this week. He wanted a tattoo. He wasn’t going to be talked out of it. Now that he’s had it he is very proud of it even though it looks fairly average to me. He believes this was the right tattoo for him and has no doubts or regrets about it even if others disagreed with his choice. This to me is the basis of most people’s basic principles. Hard to break free from them.

  • 7th Apr 2022 11:32am

Some people need to believe to satisfy something missing in their lives, it's to make up for a loss or issues they may have. That's what makes them hook onto something that may not be right or make sense to others, but to them it's something they can believe in.

  • 6th Apr 2022 05:55pm

No, I don't believe they are, it all depends on how strong their beliefs are. If strong, they aren't susceptible.

  • 5th Apr 2022 05:21pm

The question isn't very clear, however I think we are all susceptible to NLP regardless of what belief systems you subscribe to and regardless of the intensity you hold certain beliefs. Neurolinguistics is about creating new neural pathways in the brain, but it takes work and persistence from what I understand. Making and breaking neural pathways takes time and reinforcement.

  • 1st Apr 2022 02:27pm

I don't know that I would connect perception and therefore greater manipulation to a higher belief system, as that relates to self awareness. Self awareness doesn't have to involve spirituality, religion, superstition or the supernatural, but rather can simply be a person knowing and understanding themselves better.

If someone strongly believes in an ideology, so something external to themselves, more than having self belief they give their power and free will away to the influence of an institution or people who may preach a common good over an individuals needs. The surrender of free will is what alters their perception and leaves them vulnerable to manipulation by others. Anyone who doesn't take ownership of their decisions and choices for themselves or has an outside influence/belief that in some way influences, dictates, limits their own power of autonomy will always has a greater chance of being manipulated. You also need to consider that at a given point in time a person may willingly give up their autonomy to feel that they are part of something, belong, feel safe, have purpose, are taken care of, have less stress, don't want to make decisions for themselves, do believe in the greater good of a cause or for many other reasons.

  • 7th Apr 2022 04:54pm
I don't know that I would connect perception and therefore greater manipulation to a higher belief system, as that relates to self awareness. Self awareness doesn't have to involve spirituality,...

I think your point of view reflects a lot in the way I think! I have known and know some people whom change religions or belief to fit the way they think at the time or the people they meet or the preacher of the month!

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