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Posted by: Amu

18th Mar 2022 03:15pm

I love gardenning. It's my best hobby. During COVID-19 pandemic, we were completely under Lock down, so I stayed at home longer time. As a result, it inspired me to do more gardenning. It's the natural beauty and make me feel creative. Time goes very fast, so it's the best part of spending time.

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  • 26th Apr 2022 06:45pm

I love gardening and also enjoyed being able to do more during lockdown. I have started my indoor plant collection since going back to work but I do miss having all that free time to spend gardening.

  • 1st Apr 2022 02:40pm

I enjoy gardening and planted out a new garden bed during COVID. It used to be a vegie patch but was too much for us to upkeep, so we removed the weeds and bought some plants. I'm wanting to buy some red hot pokers and put them in and I have fertilised now and started planting my bluebell and juniper bulbs.

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