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Posted by: Bodi32240674

17th Mar 2022 04:53pm

Does anyone know how to make money?

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  • 13th May 2022 01:14pm

Find ways of making money outside employment if you have the time to spare. I boost my income by being part of survey panels - you can redeem for vouchers/cash and recycling cans and bottles that others I know don't want/can't be bothered recycling themselves.

  • 17th Mar 2022 09:01pm

This question is open ended and making money for one person, is not the same as making money for the someone else. I say this in the way that if I made millions off of Crpyto, my neighbour may have tried Crypto and lost millions. So what works for one, won't always work for someone else.

The key to being successful and making lots of money is to:

1. Find what makes you happy
2. Figure out what you're good at
3. Make sure you do something you're passionate about
4. Stick with it - Money doesn't grow on trees nor will it come overnight (Unless you win the lotto or get lucky)

If you follow those steps you'll make money. It won't come overnight, you will have to work hard for a little bit in jobs you may or may not enjoy until you earn enough to do what you are passionate about and find the one that makes you truly happy.

Lastly, remember, money doesn't make people happy. So do what makes you happy and make as much as you need to be happy.

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