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Cars & Transportation

Posted by: site77

1st Mar 2022 12:32am

Are you thinking about buying a car?
What brand of car would you like to buy?

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  • 17th Mar 2022 09:59pm

I need a new car but in today's market I wouldn't be buying a car. I say this because since Covid and limited exporting/importing and the fact we make nothing in Australia anymore... the price of Cars has gone through the roof.

Stock is limited, 2nd hand cars are becoming the price of new cars and new cars for the average owner are just not affordable. This is not to mention the wait on a lot of new cars is months.

Therefore, I'd recommend unless you can buy a reliable second hand car from someone in your town at a reasonable price... I wouldn't be buying a new car until the prices from Covid go back down and import/export starts back up properly again. Either that or we start making cars in Australia... but that will most likely never happen.

Also, when prices do decide to drop and become affordable again... to answer your question, I'll be buying the car that has the best fuel usage. This is because the way petrol prices are going being able to afford to drive your car is become less and less likely.

  • 11th Mar 2022 02:54pm

I’m always thinking about buying a new car. Personally I think a Tesla would be pretty boss to take a test drive but I think that about a hotted up V8 that zooms past me on the freeway oh oh or one of those new Jeep Wranglers that have the Ute tray on the back. But honestly the less cars out in the environment the better for everyone.

  • 8th Mar 2022 10:06am

I would not buy an electric (or hybrid) car. The cost of a replacement battery is ridiculous, The resale (or trade-in) value would be zero - would you buy one second hand knowing that the battery might fail at any time ? Depending on where you live (unit blocks etc.,.) the recharging can be problematical.

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