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Posted by: site77

26th Jan 2022 12:34pm

What is the brand of your favorite beauty product?

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  • 14th Mar 2023 09:30am

I normally use Revlon and MAC

  • 2nd Mar 2023 06:08pm

I use a few Thin Lizzy products but support local small brands when it comes to skincare because I prefer natural based products that wont irritate my skin.

  • 15th Jun 2022 12:28pm

Perfect potion has beautiful face oils so does Clarins .
The body shop vitamin e range and their body butters

Vanessa 32284508
  • 5th Jun 2022 10:32pm

Dr Naomi - excellent products excellent results

  • 1st Jun 2022 09:15am

I really like Innisfree, 3CE, Peripera, Lancome, MAC...These are all great quality and affordable!

  • 7th May 2022 11:00am

A few months ago I started using Rawbeauty products (not to be confused with Raw Beauty which is a different company) namely their Kakadu Plum moisturiser which I found to be brilliant. I have since added their facial serum which is easily absorbed and non greasy - also brilliant. About to add their eye cream which has recently won an award and hanging out for them to bring out a toner which I understand is soon. They also make body lotion and body wash which I haven't yet tried but when I run out of my existing stocks, will buy. Rawbeauty is a small family run company which specialises in all natural organic products which are reasonably priced - Australian of course. Do yourself a favour and give them a try. They are only available online and I found them on Facebook initially.

  • 7th Apr 2022 11:38am

I've been buying Aldi's Lacura range, I think they are as good as any, L'Oreal, etc, but much cheaper.

  • 5th Apr 2022 04:00pm

Nutrimetics Australia

  • 4th Apr 2022 04:13pm


  • 9th Feb 2022 03:08pm

I have a few products I use and adore, but my absolute favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. It makes my oily skin super soft and helps it stay clear, along with being a great base for my makeup! It also has a little bit of SPF in it - I add more because the Australian skin is too intense for SPF15, but I like knowing there's that little bit extra protection on the very few days when I forget or something happens that might wash off my top layer of sunscreen.

  • 26th Jan 2022 03:16pm

I like something simple. I buy Nivea moisturiser with SPF 15 for my daily needs.

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