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Are you a 'pick me girl'?

Society & Culture

Posted by: Jeena32130897

21st Jan 2022 08:23pm

Insecurities of women are identified to make a girl to be someone- a cool girl or anti feminist or not wearing make up kind-even though she is not. Instead of embracing own individuality girls chase after boys in attempts to impress them lose thoer own identity. Do you relate to this? Do you have a friend who is like this? Or are you like this? Or do you used t9 be like this?

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  • 26th Jan 2022 03:32pm

Can't relate. I was never cool and I've never chased boys/men for attention. I decided to get uni out of the way and consciously didn't date at school or uni. I prefer mutual interests, respect and values to connect me to a person. My husband of 27 years and myself met playing mixed netball for the same team, we shared an interest in science and were looking for a serious, long-term relationship and supportive home environment where we could be ourselves and discuss topics in a mature manner. We don't argue as we share many of the same views and often add a different perspective or bring different knowledge to share to a topic.

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