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Pregnancy & Parenting

Posted by: NeneyTee

21st Dec 2021 11:37am

Let's talk all things homeschooling! What works for your family? Are you homeschooling all your children or does mainstream work well for your other children? Will you eventually homeschool them too?

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  • 26th Apr 2022 06:48pm

I would love to have the option of homeschooling my kids. Unfourtunately due to the rising cost of living and two very hyperactive kid's we will just be sending them to school. I would love to be able to homeschool them when they're a bit older if our situation changes but at the moment it's not an option.

  • 9th Feb 2022 02:46pm

I think a parents job is to provide kids with a space to be eternally loved and cared for, supported through trials and learn about ethics and morals.
A schools job is to teach children skills they'll need, including maths and language, but also social skills that they simply can't learn at home.

A child who bites their siblings or parents might have those people get upset with them or stop playing at the time, but their family is unlikely to stop loving them over it, and a parent can't choose to just not spend time with their kid, or they'd be guilty of neglect.
A child who bites playmates at school will find themselves without anyone to play with at recess or eat with at lunch, and will gradually learn, even if they don't like the lesson, that biting people will mean that they won't have friends.

Now, hopefully, that child will say "i'm sad because nobody wants to play with me" and their parents will say "well, if you keep biting other kids, that's what will happen!" rather than just a kid being confused about what's happening, but none the less, those are skills that they simply can't learn in a loving home environment because of the nature of good family bonds vs. friednship bonds.

  • 24th Dec 2021 04:19pm

Our child was mainstream schooled. I had thought about pulling her out in year 7 when she was 12 because of a horrible teacher she had. The reason I didn't was because the next year was high school onwards. I'm glad I didn't disrupt her education and she had the benefit of a good education, having been able to complete a BA, Grad cert Business Admin, Masters Comms and MBA at uni post high school and has full time employment.

  • 21st Dec 2021 11:38am

To kick this topic off, ill share my story!
We are about to begin homeschooling our 9 year old for various reasons, but our other 3 will remain in mainstream for the time being. Who knows what the future holds. We are excited to begin our homeschooling journey 😀

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