Holidays this Year


Posted by: Bronny41

10th Dec 2021 12:18pm

Where people are travelling to for holidays. What is the impact of COVID with travel plans?

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  • 15th May 2022 10:25am

Currently travelling central and south america. Covid restrictions have made some countries a little difficult to enter, but aren't a deterrent

  • 13th May 2022 12:38pm

Heading off soon on a unique experience driving along peaceful service road/tracks that run beside transcontinental East-West railway line. This adventure will provide self sufficient remoteness and an ability to set up camp anywhere along the railway line alongside outback wildlife.
If there's one thing I've learned during this pandemic, it's about how quickly things can change.
The mood has gone from a celebratory new phase where lockdowns were declared over, to first, a backflip on masks and QR codes, followed by a creeping back of restrictions.

Mel Carter
  • 29th Apr 2022 04:56am

Only small trips for now, it confusing to know where you can actually travel to and what are the requirements, and with the way the world is going, rather stay in Qld just for now…

  • 26th Apr 2022 06:40pm

Before covid we used to travel overseas annually but still a bit hesitant to do that. The Hunter Valley is always good if you enjoy good food and tasting different kinds of wines and spirits.

  • 25th Apr 2022 10:39am

I am so so exited, I am heading to The uk for two weeks.

  • 25th Apr 2022 10:39am

I am so so exited, I am heading to The uk for two weeks.

  • 24th Apr 2022 11:26am

Not doing any overseas travelling as such but are heading to QLD for a few days and then back to the Hunter Valley with my daughter,son in law and 4 months old grand daughter.They are attending a wedding at the Hunter and husband and I are babysitting.A good excuse to go away and spend time with the grand daughter

  • 23rd Apr 2022 08:06pm

I think I answered this a few months back, and I think I said I would consider travelling within my state. I have now had covid for 4 weeks - which I got in a 20 minute fully masked (mine is an N95 fit-checked mask) hair trim in a ventilated salon with less than 10 people, none of whom advised they were positive, showed no symptoms and were all mandatory masked to some degree (stylist wore a loose cloth mask that kept slipping off his nose), and I went nowhere else in the weeks before or the weeks after (except to get my PCR test). I am still suffering daily. I absolutely cannot risk getting this nightmare virus again, so the furthest I will be travelling is my backyard. Ever. I cannot even go to the shops, to visit friends/family (or have them visit) or even contemplate public transport ever again. The immunocompromised and vulnerable are being ignored and left behind in the name of the almighty dollar and "freedom".

  • 13th Apr 2022 12:01pm

We will be limiting our travel to domestic for now, there is so much here that we have still to explore and some friends & family that we are looking forward to spending quality time with.

The idea of traveling to Asia or the USA is not something we will consider for quite some time.

We used to enjoy cruising prior to Covid, but that will be off the list for several more years for us.

I would consider returning to NZ if there are no more outbreaks or new strains emerging.

  • 13th Apr 2022 09:51am

Only small domestic holidays for a while now. Would much rather seeing around Australia and know if borders suddenly close again at least I’m in the country and not stuck overseas having to fork out even more money to just try and home

  • 9th Apr 2022 10:46pm

I won't be going overseas any time soon. I'm happy to explore Aussie destinations until things get closer to 'normal'.

  • 9th Apr 2022 10:48am

It has made me rethink about my plans to travel overseas in the years to come.
Looking at and hearing others talk, I think many people have decided to travel more in Australia as there is a shortage of caravans to buy. Camping areas are booked out.
This is all good for local tourism and we do have a lot to look at in Australia.

  • 8th Apr 2022 07:18pm

I am travelling to Tasmania to visit my daughter and granddaughter as I have had to cancel so many trips there in the last 2 years because of COVID so every chase I get I go there now.

  • 8th Apr 2022 05:19pm

No plans to travel overseas this year. Have enjoyed seeing more of NSW

  • 8th Apr 2022 04:30am

Staying put as I have no spare cash for travelling. Too many big bills to pay! I just live in two places, half a week in each.

  • 7th Apr 2022 07:59pm

Trying to get flights to NYC and find all the relevant information needed for travel is beyond difficult I feel like I am chasing my tale and it's not even for a holiday. I NEED to travel at this time.. its crazy trying to Wray yor head around the covid stuff..

  • 6th Apr 2022 06:38pm

Europe and watching how Covid palya out. Flexibility is key to my bookings

  • 6th Apr 2022 04:45pm

Due to COVID have had a few cruises cancelled and now with cruising coming back in the near future I am a bit dubious about going on a cruise although my husband is a keen as mustard to get back cruising.Next month my husband and I are going to look after our 4 months old grand daughter so going to the hunter valley while my daughter and son in law attend a wedding

  • 5th Apr 2022 05:19pm

Covid has had a very significant impact on our travel plans. We normally visit immediate family overseas or interstate but have not been able to do this since 2019. While we miss our family very much and also miss out on overseas holidays that bring such lovely adventures in places we had not previously visited, there has been a silver lining to the halt to our previous habits. We love cruise holidays and have used this to focus on our own backyard. We have had 2 fabulous cruises on the Murray River. We know the river well but not from the river itself. It has been wonderful seeing the river banks and what has been happening there and the history of the areas we pass through. These have been wonderful trips, locally provided and oh so stimulating. On one of the trips we stayed on land in a different town each night. This was a great idea - it gave us a chance to explore each of these river towns and chat to the locals.

  • 5th Apr 2022 04:23pm

People are more likely to travel within their own country or area as COVID-19 has effected people's ability to travel internationally.

  • 29th Mar 2022 04:15pm

With the price of fuel can people afford to go on holidays

  • 29th Mar 2022 03:24pm

Travelling more in Oz but hoping soon to get to Bali and to Turkey/Egypt/Jordan on trips that were postponed from 2020. Hoping that the difficulties and rules of travelling during these COVID times start to relax a little particularly as we are triple vaccinated.

  • 28th Mar 2022 05:19pm

I’m staying in Australia, but going to Queensland.

  • 28th Mar 2022 02:54pm

Going to new york for work and then stay for Holiday. Was planned and booked in 2020 but delayed. Covid just makes it more tricky

  • 28th Mar 2022 01:05pm

Travelling overseas may be tricky at the moment with so many varying factors, namely, COVID mutating into different viruses, Putin acting like another Hitler invading other countries, unsteady world economy, oil/fuel prices increasing, plus internal unrest in many nations across the world. In my eyes touring Australia and enjoying our beautiful country is the best and safest holiday destination.

  • 28th Mar 2022 12:27pm

Japan in November - has been COVID safe for many months. Can't wait to get out and about again!!!

  • 22nd Mar 2022 10:23pm

I usually travel each year but I wont be doing so anytime soon as I am worried about more virus outbreaks and being stranded overseas or interstate. Prices of fuel are sky rocketing due to Russian conflict and this could easily escalate into a world war. All those people travelling now are going to have less money to fall back on if we have any sort of conflict and end up in another recession. Interest rates are going up, cost of living is going up also. Anyone with any idea about history will be keeping their assets as liquid as possible and holding onto every dollar they can,( or gold).

  • 22nd Mar 2022 12:53pm

Travelling has been severly affected. I don't even travel to my office anymore, I am working from home. I don't travel overseas tk visit friends and family anymore. Every countries have different sets of conditions due to pandemic. All the travels that is happening to me is visits to friends in same area.

  • 21st Mar 2022 04:34pm

I won't be travelling overseas - too much hassle.

  • 20th Mar 2022 04:28pm

Japan to see my family and New York to see the Hugh Jackman musical

  • 20th Mar 2022 04:15pm

My bookings were cancelled twice. Not doing any bookings now until the situation is more predictable

  • 19th Mar 2022 02:21pm

Not thinking about it yet.

  • 19th Mar 2022 10:21am

Cruises cancelled twice since late last year (2021), finally got one booked for New Zealand later this year @ deposit is paid so hope this one won't be cancelled

  • 19th Mar 2022 09:55am

We are currently looking at overseas travel again. We have a luxury escapes voucher which was given to us as a refund two years ago when the pandemic started. Originally we were going to koh samui, looking now at re booking for early next year.

  • 18th Mar 2022 12:07pm

Travelling interstate more often now. Feeling more confident to travel for work and leisure, despite the higher Covid case numbers. At some point we had to start "living with the virus" so one step at a time. It has been good to catch up with family and friends in person again.

  • 18th Mar 2022 10:47am

it has impacted me tremendously despite having the courage to fly again

  • 17th Mar 2022 06:57pm

Chinese have ruined it for everyone

  • 17th Mar 2022 06:55pm

Chinese have completely stuffed it up with their virus

  • 17th Mar 2022 06:54pm

bloody Chinese have completely ruined it cannot go where I really to

  • 17th Mar 2022 02:49pm

I will travel more to see my granddaughters who live interstate

  • 17th Mar 2022 01:25pm

Simply domestic travel. COVID has impacted in multidimensional ways. e.g: Social, economic, health and culturally.

  • 16th Mar 2022 11:01pm

Travelling more inside Australia with our van. Had to cancel overseas trip to USA.

  • 16th Mar 2022 09:25pm

For my partner and I, we had Merimbula cancelled several times in 2020 bush fires then, Canada cancelled in 2021. Then our Indian Pacific to Broome cancelled in 2021, then New Zealand cruise cancelled in Feb 2022. We have the Kimberleys and Ghan booked for July 2022? We have a road trip planned in Oct 2022? up to Coffs Harbour. Cancelled a trip to Tassie:-( Nov 2022 because you have to travel to Geelong to catch the ferry now with your car as the ferry has been relocated and we live in the South East area. Rebooked New Zealand for Jan 2023?. So between look downs in Melbourne we get away as much as possible to Merimbula and other places, two weeks away two week home. Hope to travel to Europe again in 2024?. Going to be making up for lost time in 2022 not stopping us from at least travelling in Aus.

  • 16th Mar 2022 06:13pm

Hopefully now that borders open we will travel overseas again this year. With Omicron being the dominant variant and having had COVID already I am not worried.

  • 16th Mar 2022 03:03pm

My kids want to see snow, so after two years of age not traveling locally (Qld) we'll be going somewhere cold. No idea exactly where yet, don't trust this "normalcy" yet

  • 9th Mar 2022 12:20pm

within our state is good as we did that last year and enjoyed it

  • 8th Mar 2022 03:46pm

been put on hold for a long trip overseas but have travelled up North in my State of Tasmania for a weekend recently

  • 7th Mar 2022 11:39am

MY wife is attending a wedding in the USA later this year. I would have liked to attend as well, but if one of us contracted COVID-19 while there it would have caused problems with any dog minding we may have organized and of course impacted our employers. So the easiest solution was to only have her attend and I would remain home.

  • 6th Mar 2022 11:05pm

As someone who is immunocompromised, I cannot leave my house, let alone travel. I am in permanent self-isolation. My hubby has to mass sanitise everything (and when cases go above 5000/day, he will have to shower after being out of the house) when he comes home and has to be ultra careful not to bring covid home.

Travel is now a thing of the past for us. :(

  • 6th Mar 2022 06:42pm

2020, 2021, 2022 booked trips to Queenstown / Wanaka NZ all failed to get off the ground. Booked tickets to 2022 150th Open Golf now cancelled as well, partly due to international covid but Putins revenge on Ukraine is a final straw. So now it is local travel including Indian Pacific train and short stay flights to interstate locations. Done sevaral already in 2022 and already renewed my Virgin Platinum Velocity despite the recent auto extension.

  • 4th Mar 2022 03:01pm

We plan on buying a camper or caravan and travelling only within Australia, to as minimally populated areas as possible... Big travellers before covid, but avoiders of people as much as possible now...

  • 4th Mar 2022 02:55pm

Australia has finally opened the borders after 700 days! This impacted on many families from seeing their lobed ones and tourist who lvoe travelling basically many people were feeling soficated from these tough borders feeling like their in a cage for ever

  • 4th Mar 2022 12:19am

Avalibility of desitination, cost and activities.

  • 3rd Mar 2022 08:19pm

It was an interesting survey.

  • 3rd Mar 2022 11:37am

Went to Thailand for a funeral, was very difficult to get there and back, alot of pre covid tests, surveys alot of paperwork which caused miss flights due to pending paper work.

  • 2nd Mar 2022 08:14pm

Going to Scotland for a friends wedding. To enter Scotland only requires to be vaccinated.

  • 2nd Mar 2022 11:19am

I don't plan on travelling this year we finally moved back with family I'm Jan and that's all we really wanted

  • 1st Mar 2022 12:05pm

My family's booked in to see our extended family in Canada. It'll be the first time in over two years so hopefully it's actually possible!

  • 21st Feb 2022 06:02pm

Keen to venture overseas to visit family. Perhaps a trip further to hawaii?

  • 12th Feb 2022 07:00am

Anywhere within my state. Since Covid I travel within my state and discover the cities around me and discover what do we have in our state.

  • 12th Feb 2022 06:31am

I would love to visit any where within NSW

  • 11th Feb 2022 06:32pm

I decided to travel within the state. I live in SA with great beaches. I recently bought a 4WD and added roof racks and awning. My partner got a boat on a trailer. It's an adventure wherever we go now.

  • 10th Feb 2022 05:42pm

I just sold our caravan so maybe somewhere up the north west WA.

  • 9th Feb 2022 02:02pm

No set plans to travel any time soon, other than staycations.

  • 8th Feb 2022 12:36pm


  • 8th Feb 2022 10:33am

I. Live into the west. And. Until such time as I consider it safe enough to travel. I will be staying put. I lost my sister just recently and would have liked to see her before she passed. But it was. Or to be. My mum wants to travel. To see her brother. And friends in the south. But won't do it on her own and. No other family will hop all over the country. With her but me so all Being well next yr will be. The yr we will. Do it I will fly to her stay a week. Then we will fly to. Sth Oz and catch up with family. And myself old school mates. For about. 8 days. Then. We fly west. Mum spends time with the. Grand kids and great grandkids. For about. A week then I fly home with her. Get her settled back in to home stay another week. Catch up with old friends. And then head to country Qld. And catch up with Other sister. Then head home. To hubby. Am madly stashing away the bux to cover the air fares. It's going to be costly b but I think. This will be my mum's last. Long haul travel. To see everyone I want her to enjoy it. I will then endeavour to see her every yr. I will also probably treat one grand child a yr a trip with me I know they all want to visit there g great nan they love face time with her.

  • 8th Feb 2022 02:11am

plans ruined last year as Queensland did not allow Victorians to enter.Want to go back to Cairns this year.Hoping for easing of restrictions to stay in place indefinitely and will go there this year again

  • 5th Feb 2022 09:03pm

Trying to stay within home state so as not to risk quarantine

  • 5th Feb 2022 11:27am

Staycation is the new vacation - adventures with family and friends at home like outdoor movie nights and swimming parties are a new covid must. Enjoy fun times whilst avoiding the crowds🤗🌻🌊

  • 4th Feb 2022 02:04pm

Not getting stuck and can't get home

  • 2nd Feb 2022 08:38pm

Flights are more expensive plus have to get insurance in case I get covid over the trip or travel plans may change due to restrictions. Also, have to consider having a longer trip to include possibility of isolating or quarantining should 8t be required.

  • 2nd Feb 2022 08:35pm

I will not be travelling any where till I feel it's safe enough. To do so. I cannot afford to get covid. As I have some health issues. That could make it. Quite difficult to. Fight it. I would love to see family over east. So we face time I missed seeing my sister before she died. So I need to see my mum. Eventually. Hoping next year. All been well.

  • 2nd Feb 2022 04:33pm

Staying home - won’t be travelling until things are a bit more stable.

  • 2nd Feb 2022 06:56am

Rethinking air travel

  • 1st Feb 2022 04:01pm

We've postponed a 9 week overseas trip. Was staying in Qld only, so missed the Bathurst race. We'll travel in Australia only until this is sorted, probably in 2023

  • 31st Jan 2022 06:50pm

People who can afford to charter a light plane to reach their holiday destination are choosing this option because of the risks associated with getting on a normal flight. The price is 6 to 10k, depending on where you are going. I think this is only for those who have very high disposable income. From what I heard on the radio today, you are more likely to contract the infection waiting in the terminals or lounges, as the cabin itself has good circulation of air and purification which means COVID-19 particles are removed from the air during the flight. Another good tip offered is not to remove your mask to eat or drink while the person next to you is doing it. That way each of you are protected while the other consumes their meal. I personally would not enjoy a holiday while constantly worrying about whether or not I was going to get sick. Luckily other people are more adventurous then me! Places like Bali and Thailand are quite risky at the moment as there is widespread infection. I hope in the next few years we will see less and less serious illness.

  • 24th Jan 2022 02:30pm

I am beginning to because more comfortable planning a holiday, however in the last two years i have refused to even make plan simply due to the fear of them being cancelled without refund.

  • 24th Jan 2022 02:30pm

I am beginning to because more comfortable planning a holiday, however in the last two years i have refused to even make plan simply due to the fear of them being cancelled without refund.

  • 24th Jan 2022 01:43pm


  • 22nd Jan 2022 03:25pm

Went to Geraldton, Shark Bay, Monkey Mia... Stayed within WA as there are so many places to go to.

  • 22nd Jan 2022 12:05pm

Have no inetrest in travelling with Covid-19 around. Might either catch it or get stuck - no thanks.

  • 21st Jan 2022 01:40pm

nowhere thank to the Chinese

  • 20th Jan 2022 07:55pm

covid has made it too hard to go much further than the front door. the places I need to go have over-zealous restrictions.

  • 20th Jan 2022 04:43pm

And now covid has hit there so staying home for a little while

  • 20th Jan 2022 04:42pm

Don't need to just yet spent 6mth in Alice Springs awesome work meet new people my new rest and revive place

  • 20th Jan 2022 12:47am

COVID has postponed a few overseas trips I’ve had planned and it’s starting to look like I might just have to cancel them all together as things aren’t open or operating where I had planned to go. The future feels even more unknown right now.

  • 17th Jan 2022 06:06pm

Nowhere staying at home.

  • 11th Jan 2022 02:48pm

Heading off in February on a unique experience driving along peaceful service road/tracks that run beside transcontinental East-West railway line. This adventure will provide self sufficient remoteness and an ability to set up camp anywhere along the railway line alongside outback wildlife.
If there's one thing I've learned during this pandemic, it's about how quickly things can change.
The mood has gone from a celebratory new phase where lockdowns were declared over, to first, a backflip on masks and QR codes, followed by a creeping back of restrictions.

  • 4th Jan 2022 11:30am

We are staying local and traveling to Gippsland with family. Not only is this easier with covid restrictions, but Gippsland has had a shocking few years with bushfires and then lockdowns, so we're excited to support the local businesses.

  • 3rd Jan 2022 12:20pm

I’m not travelling anywhere at this stage hopefully later in the yr

Elizabeth 31231703
  • 28th Dec 2021 07:04pm

No holidays

  • 23rd Dec 2021 12:39am

With QLD just opening its borders back up and mask mandates coming into effect... I won't be traveling too far from QLD these holidays. This is because at this stage, every state in Australia has different rules and regulations on how they are dealing with Covid. This is far too confusing and difficult to keep up with. Therefore, I am staying in my state and just seeing friends and family that either come to me or that live in QLD.

Until the rules and regulations are more unified and each state has similar rules, I probably won't be travelling outside of QLD until this happens. As for overseas, I won't be considering that until each country can come to an almost similar agreeance on how to treat people coming into and out of their country.

  • 20th Dec 2021 12:05pm

I also think that with these new strains of Omicron virus, people still need to be very careful for travel and crowding especially at Christmas and New Year

  • 18th Dec 2021 09:22am

Though, the worst may have died down more or less. The emergence of several new variants all over the globe will no doubt spark another bout of instability and uncertainty for most people.

It does not look like that it will rebound any time soon. That is my take on this situation anyways.

  • 17th Dec 2021 12:19am

I'm not travelling anywhere, not even domestically. Western Australia hasn't opened up yet, so going over East is currently an option. I'd prefer Omicron to be under control more in places like Sydney and Melbourne before even considering travel. I see cases rising there up to Christmas and into the New Year.

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