Pregnancy & Parenting

What do you think the best age is to start having kids?

Pregnancy & Parenting

Posted by: Avocado Green

9th Dec 2021 03:25pm

It seems people are having their first child later in life - is this a good thing?

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Carla Priscila32084450
  • 18th Jul 2022 03:53pm

I believe that it can be a good thing for both parents. But biological clock is a bit scary. women eggs decrease an get order and it might be stressful to get pregnant. Researchers says that advanced maternity pose many risk to mother such as diabetes and High blood pressure, also kids is more prone to have genetic issues. However the good things of first child late is that both parents will professionally and financially well do raise a kid. Also mature to educate our future generation.

  • 8th Jun 2022 05:39am

I say when every you and your partner are ready and don't let people pressure you to get pregnant.

Vanessa 32284508
  • 6th Jun 2022 11:24am

Pros and cons for both .
Having children before 35 I believe is ideal if you have grandparents as your support system . Kids can be full on… especially for the elderly !

  • 21st Dec 2021 11:43am

I say whenever you and your partner are ready! Nobody else can make that decision for anyone.

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