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Posted by: Casey32082646

1st Dec 2021 08:24pm

How do you think Australia is doing environmentally wise? Do you think there's, is more we could be doing? Do you think our government could be doing more? What are your opinions on the Australian government's decisions following Glasgow COP26?
Any other discussion about the mountain ash forest in the central highlands and Adani would also like to be heard.
All opinions are welcome.

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  • 9th Feb 2023 08:56pm

I wonder why people don't put year of birth. Because it sounds like no one has been the climate merry go round before. Go check out Al Gore history. and follow the money.
Also no one has mention which part of the Climate Change story they are concerned about, Sea level rises, Oil, Gas, greening, Co2 etc etc.. History is very educational.

  • 29th Mar 2022 03:28pm

Sad to say but think Australia is actually doing quite poorly environmentally wise. Think things are starting to improve a little but there is still a long way to go and the government really needs to step up and act before it is too late. Every little bit helps though and I think most people are now more aware and trying to do the right thing in their households where they can.

  • 22nd Mar 2022 10:44pm

I think quite a lot of Australians are very conscious of the environment and are willing to put in effort to do the right thing but unfortunately there is a section of the Public who do not. Our LNP Government is not really strong on Climate Change or the Environment

  • 22nd Mar 2022 10:06pm

Aus is very poor (at least the government is) with helping the environment. I feel a LOT more needs to be done and it needs to be now not years from now

  • 22nd Mar 2022 12:50pm

It is clean and natural but can do better. Something has to be done to bring down the hot

  • 6th Mar 2022 06:50pm

We dont have to wait for a Government to do the work or issue decrees etc. Individually we can choose to reduce unnecessary motor vehicle trips, cut down on wasting energy resources, more use of public transport etc.
As shown up by Covid, instead of taking charge of their own destinies, people tended to wait for Government directives, mandates etc. It is not that hard to implement ones own hygiene practices and keep appropriate distance from the vacant headed clustering groups.
How much more general information on greenhouse effects and its causes has to come out before numb nuts realise they can already do something. Unless they are waiting to get free money for doing something.

  • 5th Mar 2022 02:09pm

I don't know much about the true facts of our environment, but only yesterday learnt that our Koala population has been lost by 30% over just the last 3 years. Disgusting.

  • 4th Mar 2022 02:55pm

Not good!

Divyangi 31984372
  • 3rd Mar 2022 11:45am

Australian government is doing better than I thought before

  • 14th Feb 2022 09:08pm

DAC direct air capture we need these in Australia

  • 9th Feb 2022 03:11pm

I think we should be doing more. We have some of the best options for solar power, with the sheer amount of sunlight we get, and we're starting to lag behind other countries.
It's a bad look for us and extremely disappointing. We could have done so much more in light of the COP26.

  • 3rd Feb 2022 08:53pm

We will need to come in line with every country with regard to what the scientific community feel is the right path for humanity. We have to have enough independent government and private bodies on board to give us the unbiased information we need to move forward.

  • 23rd Jan 2022 09:08pm

I think that now more than ever everyone needs to take our Environment seriously before we kill the Planet! :(

  • 22nd Jan 2022 02:36pm

It will happen as.... Based on automotive sales stats for the past few years, there are roughly 17 million new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the US each year. more population more pollution, the world will get hotter and there is nothing we can do about it. We see how the weather is changing all over the planet it will not get better.

  • 22nd Jan 2022 02:21pm

Too many trees are being cut down without permission.

  • 2nd Jan 2022 11:19pm


  • 23rd Dec 2021 11:32am

If climate change is man made, which evidence suggests we do play a role, then we need to stop burning fossil fuels in cars. We need subsidies on EV’s to promote the uptake and we need charging stations. I don’t think the government are taking this seriously at all. Because capital growth and money seem to be more important than saving our only habitat. This is why I am very anxious about the future. Combine climate change with COVID and you can see that we may end up killing each other. The word “Compromise” is not one that any government is prepared to use. How can we live peacefully without it?

  • 20th Dec 2021 07:12pm

Yes we can absolutely do more. How we go about it and what we are doing is another question entirely. On an individual level we could be more mindful and considerate on how the lives we lead is continuing to affect the environment we live in.

  • 9th Dec 2021 11:16pm

Australia is doing poorly in environmental issues. We are having more, higher intensity bushfires because of a drier climate, we are polluting the environment, creating waste and causing extinction of flora and fauna species at an alarming rate.
The issue is the government hasn't been effective in setting targets that will lower emissions nor are they addressing the changing Australian climate. Australian requires more leadership on this issue, which the Liberal incumbent government has slowly started to come around to but still isn't doing enough. It was the last election cycle 3 years ago when they didn't believe in climate change and just before that time that Scott Morrison took a lump of coal into Parliament, saying don't be afraid of it and having no intention to do away with dirty industry and energy. We need to phase out coal for energy quicker and move to renewables, which will create jobs in new, cleaner industries.

I don't know enough about mountain ash and Adani to comment, however anything dirty can not be given approval to go ahead, including Woodside's poor excuse for innovation and green credentials when it still involves gas here in WA.

  • 1st Dec 2021 08:27pm

Central Highlands of Victoria*

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