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Posted by: chickenman

22nd Nov 2021 09:10pm

financial institutions; ie: banks , credit unions and insurance companies all have an obligation to serve their customers, but it seems a lot of their profits go to share-holders and "upper echelon" executives. should these institutions be banned from the share-market so the profits can go back to the customers/clients??

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  • 28th Nov 2021 08:07pm

I think that is the structure of a mutual fund and not for profit, not a corporation. I do however think institutions over charge with a lot of variation between different company policies. I personally vote against the executive team renumeration for company meetings on a bi-annual basis as I feel they do nothing and receive large payments. It would be appropriate for companies and their policies to have to meet a fairness test. That will only happen if shareholders make a lot of noise for a change. Otherwise, you could look for mutual and not for profit organisations in the different financial areas for better value or a company with a reasonable premium for service offered. You always have to shop around and never renew a policy, as they always keep increasing premiums.

echo 01
  • 28th Nov 2021 04:03pm

Great idea if you want the government to hsve more say in your retorement. The shareholders and upper enchelons are in a lot of cases the superanuation funds us common workets are investd in. The same goes for Tech companies and miners a lot ofpeople rail against.

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