Travel - worth the risk?


Posted by: gnoelj

22nd Nov 2021 12:41pm

Borders are reopening interstate and travel bubbles are opening internationally but at this point in time is booking something interstate or overseas worth the risk?

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  • 1st Dec 2021 04:27am

I took a risk and travelled to Europe and I cannot be happier. We all need some normality in our life. At least I am reunited with my loved ones again and yes it is worth it. Don’t be afraid people, do whatever you have to do.

  • 30th Nov 2021 07:22pm

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water.....

  • 28th Nov 2021 09:49pm

Now with the threat of Omnicron variant of COVID-19, with the first case confirmed from a sample on 9/11/2021 I think the risk remains because coronavirus is still mutating. I personally wouldn't book a trip interstate or overseas as many populations throughout the world remain unvaccinated and we don't know how much it has spread to other continents in 2 weeks.

  • 23rd Nov 2021 07:46pm

At this stage, each country has their own laws. Traveling overseas can be risky at this point in time because any country could go back into lock down at any point in time. If this happened, you could be locked in the country you traveled to or locked out of your own country (Presumably Australia).

This said, as borders are opening back up we can't all just sit around and worry that this could happen to us. We have to start going about our lives and living them as though we are in a time where there was no Covid19 (Still, of course, keeping distance where possible and keeping hygiene on point). Because if we all worried and didn't start making plans again the world would never open back up to the way it was before and we'd be all stuck in our home towns.

Hence, why personally, I'd wait a few months when the world opens back up before traveling overseas. But, I would definitely travel interstate now the borders are opening back up because if everyone in their own country can make interstate traveling back to the way it used to be then it'll make overseas traveling easier.

So yes, once every country has interstate opened back up and there are minimal covid19 complications in doing so, then I think it is safe to start booking something overseas. After all, we can't just sit around worrying about the risks and hope things go back to the way they were before Covid, we have to try and attempt things slowly to make this happen.

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