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Do you have a camera?

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Posted by: site77

14th Nov 2021 10:25am

what is the brand of your camera and what technological resources does it have?

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  • 14th Nov 2022 11:11am

I am enjoying playing with my Nikon Coolpix P600 , it's superb for my needs with it's zoom, macro and wifi capabilities and excellent sharp and clean image quality. It's very easy and comfortable to use with all it's adjusting control buttons, auto mode function etc. I get around 400 4k res shots a usb charge.
Only thing is it did not come with a AC charger, so have to charge the battery in the camera via usb, and got a few extra batteries. Best to use full optical zoom and advise not using any digital zoom.
All in all, such fun to play with.

  • 5th Aug 2022 09:16pm

I have recently brought a Nikon D810 camera with a 25-70mm lens. It's a great camera, lots to learn on it but I have joined a number of Nikon FB groups to learn more about it. I'm only a Amateur photographer but it is a professional camera which I brought from a professional photographer. I had a Nikon D5300 previously and was limited in what I wanted and had a Ricoh camera prior to that. I have a small Nikon zoom camera as well which is great to pop in your pocket for a quick photo.
The Nikon D810 has autofocus and manual settings like a normal DSLR camera.
The camera has these specifications which I copied from Nikon -
36.3MP Full-frame CMOS sensor (no AA filter)
ISO 64-12,800 (expands to ISO 32-51,200)
Electronic first-curtain shutter and redesigned mirror mechanism
New 'RAW Size S' 9MP Raw mode
Expeed 4 engine
Max 5fps shooting in FX mode, 7fps in DX (with battery grip + EN-EL18 / AA batteries)
3.2in 1,229k-dot RGBW LCD screen with customizable color
OLED viewfinder information display
91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor for advanced subject tracking and metering
Improved Scene Recognition System allows face detection in OVF mode
'Split screen zoom' display in live view allows horizons/lines to be leveled precisely
51-point AF system with new 'Group Area AF' mode (inherited from D4S)
New 'Flat' Picture Control mode for massive dynamic range capture (video-focused)
Auto ISO available in manual exposure movie mode
Zebra stripes for exposure checking in video mode
Uncompressed HDMI output with simultaneous recording to memory card
Built-in stereo microphone

  • 10th Dec 2021 03:51am

I am very happy with my Nikon Coolpix P600 camera with its powerful 60x zoom lens and vari-angle LCDisplay, has good set of shooting options, and easy to use controls that satisfy me being an auto function user. It's remarkably compact and light.

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