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Posted by: Shaymariff

7th Oct 2021 10:27am

As an avid reader, I like to explore my literature options. I've always been a thriller person and have a good selection of thriller books and authors that's awaiting to be read. But I am looking for a different genre and authors to look up and expand my bookshelf. This is also for avid book readers to share their love for books so don't be shy to share them.

Recommend below your favourite books and authors, and spread the love and joy of reading :)

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  • 3rd Nov 2021 06:12pm

Hey guys. This is my first foray into this section of the cafe study site. I am studying at anthropology/sociology sociology and social work, at UWA. This began down in Albany in the southwest of Western Australia and second semester I moved this up to the Crawley campus in Perth. I have just completed a single linguistics unit, so here comes nearly four months of study holidays. Yay, yet four months is a long time. So besides work and some beach time there is plenty of free reading time. I have just finished my first novel, a historical fiction crime thriller (not my normal first genre prefence, yet this novel came highly recommended and did not disappoint.) It is written by a colaberative authorship, Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston, (so Lincoln Preston; haha I get it!) The novel is titled, The cabinet of curiosities). It was beautifully written, well paced, many sub plots , with a myriad of never known words; both descriptive and technical/medical. This is always great for bolstering and increasing my vocabulary. The characters are endearing and the ending is compelling and thorough. I highly recommend this novel. Enjoy your respective holiday period and be at peace.🙃

  • 1st Nov 2021 05:46pm

Currently I am reading “Kafka On The Shore”
by Haruki Murakami . It is so so so interesting novel. Highly recommended.

  • 21st Oct 2021 03:46am

Favourite author Neil Gaiman. Other works I enjoy are by Vladimir Nabokov, George R.R.Martin, Neil Gaiman, H.P Lovecraft, Jo Nesbo and Brent Weekes.

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