Poll Results! Streaming Services

Posted by: Anonymous

1st Oct 2021 12:45pm

In the latest newsletter, we polled you on your streaming services...

We asked "How many of the following streaming services are you currently subscribed to?" and 216 Caféstudy members answered. 

Here are the top ten, plus 10% of you who are not subscribed to any streaming services:

Look out for another poll soon! If you have any ideas, please comment below.

Comments 14

  • 16th Jan 2024 11:30am

Paramount plus
Amazon Prime video

  • 15th Oct 2023 07:19pm

netflix, followed by stan

  • 10th Jan 2023 01:33pm

I am looking to start streaming soon. I see Netflix is a winner and 7 Plus. I have Netflix on my new smart tv and have used 7 Plus on my old tablet before. So will probably start using them on my new tv. I also have Amazon Prime on the tv, so may look into that as well.

  • 26th May 2022 04:44pm

Goodness, how old is the TV in the photo. We had one similar to that until it was basically not worth repairing again. It was hard to get parts for. We only watch free-to-air TV when there is something interesting that we really want to watch. Relatives of ours have Foxtel that they only watch live Motorsport on. Some others have Netflix and she's definitely addicted to it.

  • 8th Feb 2022 12:37pm


  • 30th Jan 2022 08:02pm


  • 23rd Nov 2021 05:42pm

Netflix and Spotify

  • 22nd Nov 2021 09:27am

I'm on my 2nd annual subscription with Amazon Prime video. Not that I use it much. I rarely watch TV nowadays and mostly because of the kids. After my 1st subscription, the plan was to take a hiatus from Prime and take advantage of the free trials with their competitors. But I forgot to put it on hold so Amazon charged me another year. It's not a big issue though, I do see the benefits of having Prime; free expedited shipping on Amazon shopping and access to Amazon music, 2 storage drives options for either photos or documents, Twitch gaming, etc... And that costs me less than $70 a year.
This month I also subscribed to Disney Plus. $11.99 a month and over $100 for annual membership, I was lucky to find an offer of $1.99 for a month.

Shirley Fowell
  • 17th Nov 2021 03:12pm

Netflix and Stan

  • 21st Oct 2021 03:58am

Another poll idea could centre around pets. The pets people bought to comfort them in lockdown and now that some people began to abandon and return to shelters for various reasons.

  • 27th Oct 2021 11:03pm
Another poll idea could centre around pets. The pets people bought to comfort them in lockdown and now that some people began to abandon and return to shelters for various reasons.

Omg i was thinking that before I read comments🥰

  • 21st Oct 2021 03:13am

Did you ascertain if the people pay for the streaming services personally? As our daughter pays for Stan but we can also use it as she live in our household.

I think a poll on politics would be interesting since Prime Minister Morrison feels the tide has turned and his government has begun to receive positive polling because the vaccine rollout against COVID-19 has now improved and there is talk of him considering calling an election and riding the wave of goodwill, and thinking the non cohesion of the Liberal party, the coalition, misdemeanors of Liberal politicians and inaction of climate change as well as trying to avoid going to Glasgow personally to not face the wrath of world leaders would be overlooked.

  • 11th Oct 2021 01:24pm


no name
  • 5th Oct 2021 02:19pm

So interesting. We're an older, retired couple with many outside shared and individual interests. When CV-19 struck early last year we self isolated due to my husband's health. We were surprised at how much we enjoyed being at home, alone or both walking the dog. I also maintained my walking program but there was still lots of time every day with no commitments. Our library dropped off books but our greatest entertainment became streamed shows.
We watched documentaries, series from many countries, replays of much loved shows and lots of comedians. And we still do, as free to air programming is pretty dire. From rarely streaming we often only watched the news on free to air, everything else was streamed. We were informed, entertained, amused and generally very pleased with the programs we watched, most provided by the first six on your list. Our other source of entertainment was/is YouTube.