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Has the pandemic made you rethink your career and/or values in life?

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Posted by: TaylorCS

1st Oct 2021 12:06pm

Has the pandemic made you rethink your career and/or values in life?

Recent data suggests that Australia is facing 'The Great Resignation' with "40% [of respondents] said they were going to look for a new job within the next six months, while 15% were already actively looking to split from their current employer." according to Employment Hero.

Do you fit into this category? If yes, where do you live in Australia, and what is the main reason for this rethink in career, job, and/or values? What are those values?

If not, where do you live in Australia (city/state), and let us know why?

Let us know here and you'll be in with a chance of winning one of two $50 eGift cards for your amazing response!

The winners will be the two most comprehensive answers as judged by our staff. This competition is now closed, keep your eye out for our next competition coming soon!

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Sil sil
  • 20th Jul 2023 02:33pm

I work in health and I definitely would like to resign....being used to care for people, forced to work long shifts and have vaccinations, understaffed, under paid...all exploded during the pandemic. I've never self so under valued. I'm not happy anymore, seeing the abuse in power, all one big corruption. No work life balance and having no voice....I loved my job.

Brittany 32382508
  • 7th Jun 2023 03:03pm

Rethink my career choice yes, made a change no!
It is (and always will be for many) hard and uncomfortable to do what you really want to do in life. The more people I see doing short courses and that head down studying for a month to learn that skill to leave their full time 9-5 makes me yearn to the same. I value my parents belief that having a sevure job is the safe way out but deep down i know im not happy. Hope one day I can look back and think I'm glad I was brave.

- Melbourne, VIC

  • 15th Jun 2022 11:54am

I was let go as a casual worker and made the mistake to put uni on hold for a full time job. I realised very quickly this was a mistake as it didn’t align with my core values and love of a natural environment. I have resigned and gone back to uni deciding that I may be on the poverty line but prefer my freedom and ability to complete my degree as to further my own career than to be a slave to a retail job that grew ever more demanding and burdening for very little money .

  • 3rd Mar 2022 11:39am

It definitely makes you appreciate the little things in life definitely opens your eyes to your surrounding for those near and far.

  • 22nd Feb 2022 03:00pm

It certainly has. I have been sitting on an idea for a small business for about 8 years and last year, I told my job network provider about it, and she wanted to sign me into the NEIS program that day. I was amazed that my idea had got that much support and was eager to get things rolling. Then to vax mandates came into effect and my plan turned to dust. I realised quickly that the idea that i had would only be successful (at the time) if I was fully vaccinated due to the nature of the business. I'm not, and do not ever plan to be. I was crushed and depression spiralled for a few weeks after that.
I'm not sitting on another bigger, better idea, that is more flexible in all areas, including no requirement for health status, and it also aligns with who i am and what i value.

  • 10th Feb 2022 12:15pm

Yes, the pandemic really has an impact on me in different aspects of my life.

  • 24th Nov 2021 09:27pm

Many people were feeling burnout before Covid19. Left my workplace of 20 years Feb 2019 as workload was very heavy and exhausting. Resolved not to damage body further although loved the work as had been career for over 40 years. After a short break, I was going through the process of joining an agency for casual work but with Covid19, discontinued as not advised to work at that stage. Now technically in retirement, I have been looking at a new career. The cost involved in re-training and earnings in working are a big consideration for me. With life experience, interests and abilities, there are many opportunities in Australia.

  • 23rd Nov 2021 02:50pm

Whilst I am not actively seeking new employment, being in lockdown for so long has given me the opportunity to think about how I want to live my life. The result is that I am going to become more involved in causes I am passionate about.

  • 23rd Nov 2021 12:01pm

no as i can't see myself doing that at present with covid-19 maybe after it's all gone

  • 23rd Nov 2021 10:31am


  • 22nd Nov 2021 12:24pm

I no longer make plans for the future because it's too uncertain. I've had 43 years of let Downs and disappointment so I'm not about to add to that myself.

  • 22nd Nov 2021 08:41am

with everything that is happening here in Australia it's very sad how we have become so divided in the vaccination area but I wish people would remember those who wont get vexed because they don't know what is in it yet. BUT for example = you have gone to see your doctor because you are feeling crook and the doctor will give you a prescription or he may even give you a needle to make you better, NOW, do you know what is in that needle he just gave you or what's in the prescription he just provided to you? No, you don't, you trust him and naturally just take it. So why are the anti vaxers making such a fuss, millions of people have taken it and they are all good.Thats my point. Thankyou

  • 21st Nov 2021 01:51pm

Yes I am part of "The Great Resignation and live in Adelaide, SA." Mainly because I work in a very toxic work environment have have already mentally resigned from the position. Have applied for multiple jobs, waiting to hear back. I agree 100% with the Great Resignation. Many employers take staff for granted and abuse their staff in various ways, hence staff disengaging and not taking care of business and then they wonder why their business has imploded from within. Take care of staff, and staff will take care of the business.

  • 21st Nov 2021 01:41pm

I live in Qld on the sunshine coast and for the last 30 years, since I returned to Australia after a marriage breakdown, I found myself questioning my priorities and I should also point out that I am now 68. And since having to retire from work due to work related injuries, I have again been pursuing those priorities. My faith is not based on orthodox religions, but has been acquired from inner revelations either from books just dropping at my feet while I have walked past a particular genre of books. Or it is someone I have met who has voiced something I had been thinking for a longtime, even without voicing my thoughts. My beliefs have grown and matured in that, if you ask me today if I am ready to die and then the answer is yes. I would like to die naturally and not in pain, but the future is not mine to know. But I don't place much store in material possessions, they are good for me now but I can't take them with me. My body is to me a suite of cloths, or you can liken it to a spacesuit that is required for this environment. When I reenter the portal it can come off. I don't care what happens to any possessions that are left behind as they will not be any good to me. And I also take the view that when I die, I don't have to bury myself, nor do I have close family that can do that, so it will be up to the government to dispose of the body. I probably will have great joy in watching its disposal. If I have any debts then they will have to dig me up to recoup that money, so good luck to them. So when Covid hit I just continued my life of doing the degree that I have started this year and that will be happening for the next 8 years. My values have always been that my friends and family are my 'Jewels', and they are precious. So if you are worried, don't be, just live each day as if it was your last. For me I am ready to cross over and return to 'Fathers' loving bosom.

  • 21st Nov 2021 10:30am

I definately do not fit into any of these catagories,I have a small business that employs about 5 people,no staff have been laid off,no business closure and although there has been a slight decline in revenue we have all pulled together and so far have ridden the covd wave quite well,we are all waiting to see what the next wave will bring.

Elizabeth 31231703
  • 19th Nov 2021 10:15pm

Online job

  • 18th Nov 2021 08:50pm

It has made me aware that previously I bought extra items a long time before I needed them

  • 18th Nov 2021 08:34pm

Before the pandemic I was applying jobs in healthcare industry. Competition was so tough, but after the onset of pandemic I had so many options. I was even getting calls from agency asking if I wanted to work in hotspots. I was able to secure full time job, but it was a different experience when I was on the field.

  • 18th Nov 2021 01:57pm

Yes, It has proven that there is no way I would ever trust our Labor premier (Dan Andrews) or a Labor government ever again.
I live in Bendigo, and we have been treated to promises by Labor members in the past that were never fore coming, so how would you ever think Labor would change for the better. Too many businesses have closed during this pandemic in Victoria, and people have lost jobs as a result of decisions made by Daniel Andrews, and his cronies. It must stop now.

  • 18th Nov 2021 06:58am

Yeap very much so. I'd been not very happy at my Job and home life for quite a while. I'd been applying for jobs all through the last look down. When lockdown finished I went back to my old job and have had 3 days off since going back. I had a job interview last Friday and started my new job yesterday. Less hours but will end up part time.

  • 17th Nov 2021 06:31pm

Before the pandemic, I looked after my grandchildren at least four days a week and often had them staying on the weekend.
My children would give me some money to cover expenses and a little extra for myself. I used to sleep over at my daughters' house two nights a week so I was not spending too much on food and household groceries for my home.
During covid, I realized that I hardly saw anyone but my family on a daily basis. When lockdown ended my children no longer needed me to care for the children because they had made other arrangements and of course the children were two years older.
I had some quite large (for me) home maintenance expenses and I wanted to earn some money over and above my pension so that I could afford to meet unexpected expenses.
I have not worked since 2011 and I was quite nervous. I asked about shifts at the local service station and they were very encouraging but said I would need to drop in a resume. I have not done a resume since 1988 so that was a steep learning curve.
Once I had the resume I tried other employers. Soon I will begin work as a school crossing supervisor. Hooray! Lots of children and Mums to get to know.
I would never have done this before Covid

  • 17th Nov 2021 04:16pm

Because of the pandemic I was retrenched from my job, it was in tourism so I was bound to go sometime. The past few years haven't been great to me either. Either I've had to quit because of mental health reasons, or the company shutting down, I've realised theres no job security in Business, despite what the older generations had told me. So this year I have gone back to university to study Film. I feel that it was exceedingly beneficial for me to originally study business marketing and graduate a few year ago as this business mindset could theoretically help me sell films and ideas.

  • 16th Nov 2021 10:22pm


  • 16th Nov 2021 05:55pm

I’ve decided to search for new career options that could enable me to work from home.
I am disappointed in how safety measures are not complete my abided by the general public and prefer to work in my own home and still contribute to the greater good.

  • 14th Nov 2021 04:37pm

The main affect on myself was the restriction of only one work place. This meant a few contracts had to be subbed out to other persons which probably had a good income for those who could not otherwise work. Just looking forward to the time when those persons can go back to their preferred occupation and I get some income back to service pre-covid business debts that I can assure everyone did not disappear like the income.

But what has changed is whether I really want to go back to 24/7 contract obligations and maybe declare one day a week as a sanctuary. As long as medical criticals reduce I suppose I could get away with that strategy. Somehow I think I will still get those help now callouts.

  • 12th Nov 2021 02:00am

I think I should get a new job. However what kind of job would be best for me and I still have not sure yet.

  • 9th Nov 2021 12:37pm

I think I fit the category. Kingscliff NSW / Gold Coast. Yes I lost my job at the beginning of Covid on the Gold Coast in the tourism industry and am currently rightsiding my career. I loved the skills I was using in my last role but don't believe I was getting paid well or treated very well. There was no career progression whatsoever in the role. Since I have been retraining to enhance these skills and hope that it will land me in a similar role as my last role but will be paid better.

  • 8th Nov 2021 05:14pm

Yes I'm thinking of moving north away from the city

  • 8th Nov 2021 12:18pm

Yes and no. The pandemic has made us all sit back and think about how we live. It's very forward in my mind, as my wife was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Brain Tumour in June 2020. She was travelling okay with radiation and chemotherapy. And she could walk some, for a while she needed a walking stick, now, because the tumour is in her right side brain, it affects her left side, causing significant weakness. She now needs my help to get in and out of a wheelchair to go from the loungeroom to the bedroom or bathroom.

So yeah, while the pandemic has made me rethink things, so has cancer.

The Pandemic has affected us because her immune system is significantly suppressed, we sanitise and mask up if we go anywhere for appointments etc. Her weakness meant I needed to be at home for a few hours and then could duck out for a few hours to the office. More recently, lockdown LGAs meant we could not travel outside our LGAs and that enabled a lot of us o work from home. I'm now pretty much working from home on a permanent basis and I'm actually more productive than being at the office. Less people wandering by my desk and bothering me.

I'm seeing people returning to the workplace, and many of them have had issues working from home, but it absolutely suits me, so I can be here to give my wife the level of care she needs. I don't intend returning to the office, as most of my work from the office was done by talking to people from other locations anyway.

As far as travel. Before the tumour, we travelled to lots of beer, wine and food destinations, but now that's all shut down. It was shut down for everyone because of the pandemic, but as we are seeing a return to travel, we are not able to go too far from home, as car trips are not favourable for my wife now.

  • 5th Nov 2021 04:32am

Not really as I am an essential workers for local gov nothing really changed from a work perspective apart from wearing masks and being more safety conscious and more hygiene

  • 4th Nov 2021 11:54am

The pandemic has made me realise. That. The importance of family in my life. Especially as I haven't. Been to visit. My mum and sisters. And brother. Now. For 2 yrs. An I won't be. Traveling. Till 2023.
I have. Never watched so much TV. Because I don't go out as much as I did. I live in WA. And we have been lucky. Here covid. Free. For so long touch wood.

  • 2nd Nov 2021 10:38am

The pandemic has made me realise don’t be fussy with jobs, I got lucky with a Xmas job and am so grateful as I had been looking for awhile. I live in Sydney, NSW. Have a great day, and take care. 🌻🌻

  • 31st Oct 2021 07:47pm

Yes it has made me rethink my values and what I hold most important to me. My family has always been important but also taken for granted at the same time. This time of lockdowns and uncertainty has proven to me to be a very abrupt wake up call

  • 27th Oct 2021 10:24pm

Yes my values
Spend more time smelling the roses and stop worrying about little things.
The world and life needed to pause and reset

  • 27th Oct 2021 11:54am

I'm a nurse in WA.
We have been incredibly lucky during the pandemic.
People complain about our tough border controls but I like being safe and know it will be best for the future.
I nurses a few 'well' Covid patients when the pandemic 1st hit but since then it have been life as usual for me.
My lifestyle meant I still worked, still attending and looked after my horses and walked my dogs.
I already shopped on line and would pop into the shops for essentials as needed.
Nothing changed for me.
I rarely had money to go out so no change there.
The biggest change was in my job circumstances.
Nursing is a hard job. Stressful job with often little reward.
People are quick to complain but slow to reward.
As the pandemic started and the world realised the importance of those on the front line I had hope for my career becoming more recognised for what it actually is and not what Is portrayed I'm the media.
Unfortunately in WA the government / hospitals chose to reward casual nurses by paying them a percentage of their wage to stay home and made those of us left working work in any area on combined wards with difficult work loads.
We were often understaffed because many agency and casual nurses didn't need to work so they stayed home.
As the casuals returned to work my workplace kept up many of those unacceptable work loads.
With many, and I do mean many nurses leaving ward based nursing to either seek other employment or to join the ranks of Covid swabbers and Vaccine givers, ward based hospital nurses are being put under increasing pressure.
We often work with 1 nurse down.
There aren't enough nurses to open beds so patients stay in ED longer, have their surgeries and procedures cancelled and ambulance ramping is high.
This puts so much extra pressure on the nurses.
I'm the one, as are my colleagues who take the blame for hospital inadequacies.
Lockdown brought visitor restrictions.
The ward nurses were the ones who coped the complaints, not management.
Many of those in management positions got to work from home and weren't put in a position of wearing full PPE for 10 hours while we risked the possibility of catching Covid.
And for a reward, nurses get greater work loads, more stress and are being offered a pitiful 1.2% pay increase, which won't even cover the cost of petrol these days.
If I was in a position I would leave nursing.
Unfortunately I'm not so I continue to work long hours with little respect, I work every shift with crippling back pain and headaches which worsen with each stressful shift, and no relief in site.
I worked the pandemic so no government handouts for me.
And don't even get me started on how much I'm paying for rent because I dare to have animals.
I use to love my job. Now I loath going to work. The patients are fine, it's the complete lack of compassion from management and share holders that rankles.

  • 10th Nov 2021 08:20am
I'm a nurse in WA.
We have been incredibly lucky during the pandemic.
People complain about our tough border controls but I like being safe and know it will be best for the future.

I agree with you nurse's are the hardest workers I have seen and it upsets me to know how much the polling get paid. Stop paying them so much and we would not be in any trouble there wages would cover a lot of the debt in Australia.

  • 10th Nov 2021 08:20am
I'm a nurse in WA.
We have been incredibly lucky during the pandemic.
People complain about our tough border controls but I like being safe and know it will be best for the future.

I agree with you nurse's are the hardest workers I have seen and it upsets me to know how much the polling get paid. Stop paying them so much and we would not be in any trouble there wages would cover a lot of the debt in Australia.

  • 10th Nov 2021 08:20am
I'm a nurse in WA.
We have been incredibly lucky during the pandemic.
People complain about our tough border controls but I like being safe and know it will be best for the future.

I agree with you nurse's are the hardest workers I have seen and it upsets me to know how much the polling get paid. Stop paying them so much and we would not be in any trouble there wages would cover a lot of the debt in Australia.

Joh :)
  • 27th Oct 2021 04:24am

Of course, there is significant privilege in having the time and ability to choose to make a life shift right now, when many people are facing changes they most certainly did not ask for: losses of jobs, savings, homes, friends, family, security. But among those lucky enough to make them voluntarily, life adjustments are coming fast and frequently.
My Instagram feed feels like a constant stream of engagements, pandemic weddings, moving trucks, career announcements and newly adopted pets. Three of my closest friends decamped from major cities to houses in the suburbs in 2021; one bought a house, got married and decided to change careers over the course of about six months.
I just clock into my 50's, so to some degree this comes with the territory. But something about the COVID-19 pandemic, about the unending strangeness of the year 2020-2021, seems to have paved the way for even more change than usual. It’s hard to plan two weeks in the future—who knows what will be open, what we’ll feel safe doing—but, with our previous lifestyles already uprooted, it feels easier than ever to plant new ones. My friends and I joke that when we catch up from our respective quarantines, there is either nothing new, or everything.
Reevaluation is a common reaction to sudden, strange stillness like that brought on by the pandemic,It gives people a lot of time to review their lives and think about what life could look like moving forward. For many people, that’s not a bad thing, for them to really spend time taking an inventory of what their life is like currently and what they want it to be like.
I’m not sure what an expert would say. But if 2020-2021 has taught me anything, it’s that I cannot begin to predict what the future or even tomorrow will bring. I’m happy where I am, and that feels like more than enough as a historically awful year comes to a close. Maybe it’s the optimism bias at work. But optimism, psychologically biased or not, feels like a worthy antidote to a year marked by tragedy and sadness and stress. I’m going to hang onto it where I can.

  • 26th Oct 2021 08:57pm

I was lucky enough to be able to retire 11 months ago after eight years of not being able to get a job. Once you reach a certain age you are invisible to employers. Once upon a time you had a job and you stay there for decades but nowadays people seem to move around very quickly and not stay in one place for long.

  • 26th Oct 2021 05:48pm

I live in SA and are not thinking of changing my job but enjoying the slow down pace and will most probably continue working the same amount of time and have more family time.

  • 25th Oct 2021 07:09pm

yeah i've adapted and found ways to make money online, such as investing, trading, e-commerce, and starting a small business

  • 25th Oct 2021 04:00pm

yeah, it has changed my life drastically. I need to think about some more saving in my life.

  • 25th Oct 2021 01:20pm

I live in Dandenong and work in the CBD so I take up to a 2 hour trip back and forth to work each day on public transport. The pandemic has allowed me to work from home for more than 18 months now and I have used those two hours to improve my life. The two extra hours I now have each day has allowed me to study a Master of Law and also exercise each and every day. I lost more than 15kgs in the last 12 months and never have felt better. I do not want to go back to work in the CBD and have been appling for jobs closer to home so I can walk to work.

  • 21st Oct 2021 07:05am

The ability for accountants and related services to work did not change, we just moved where we did the work, using technology more to communicate rather than face-to-face. The government increase the amount of work we had to do with all of the additional lodgement requirements (meaning hours of research and training for every change they introduced). So in the end, the cash wasn't coming into the business, all of our workers were paid reduced wages, but the accountants worked harder, longer hours, did more research, more training. Since those in other departments couldn't work, and had forced vacation; 3 years plus and I am still looking forward to more than a weekend away from 'paid' work. It will be fantastic once I get the time off, and have some 'extra' cash to go somewhere; anywhere!!! Not many winners either way.

  • 16th Oct 2021 08:33am

The pandemic made me rethink my career. Just before co-vid in March 2020, I moved interstate from VIC to QLD. I transferred between Myer stores, I was growing within the company from sales assistant to merchandiser to administration to team leader. But once co-vid hit the only option was pick packing. If I were still in VIC; the store I previously worked in did not have an online department and I would have been out of work. I was thankful but this instability made me fearful for the future. I agreed to move with my partner to Indooroopilly QLD and apply for reception work in the area with my admin experience. I managed to land a job as a dental receptionist across from my new unit three days after moving in. Seems like fate, right? Co-vid has made me rethink my career and surprisingly improved my future.

  • 14th Oct 2021 01:31pm

While I do enjoy my Job, I would like to Move to another company. I want more Certany in my work hours, I want to be in a company that respects that I want a life outside work.
I also want to be a better person and that isn't going to work in my work and private life in the situation I am in.

  • 13th Oct 2021 03:08pm

I had a baby just before COVID hit and I personally thought I was a career mum than a stay-at-home mum. But I've been at home now for almost two years and wouldn't swap it for anything else in the world. My little one is important, staying at home has been difficult but it has ensured the safety of my family and provided a form of consistency in my littles life. If I was balancing work and a baby, one would have had to give and I feel like I may have been more of a weekend mum and no one would have seen the best version of me. We don't need a lot of things to enjoy ourselves and life in general. It's surely fulfilling and I have taught myself various crafts and DIY during this time. have worked on personal growth and continually learn something new alongside my little.

  • 10th Oct 2021 01:09pm

Yes i have to agree it has made me realise that i have to do some other work elsewhere because my industry is just dying in the country. So i had to upskill a bit and ready for something else to take off when all this opens up and we are not isolated in our own country. I live in Victoria, which is kinda now the home of lockdowns and as you know a lot of industries have been hit hard but not much as so as the ones that are in Victoria. So i have to say it was time for both an upskill and also look at what other countries see as a next booming industry. So a great deal of research ive been doing to ensure that when all this is over that im ready for a change in both scenery and possibly life style as well.

  • 10th Oct 2021 08:43am

I am definitely looking to change my job soon. I currently live in the Canberra region and work at a local government level where there has recently been significant increases to workloads, dysfunctional restructuring, and a breakdown of workplace ethics, morale, bullying - all coming from those areas that are meant to protect staff from these things happening.
As I am in the final stages of my degree, hopefully this will allow me to make a fresh start at rewarding career in my chosen field.

  • 9th Oct 2021 10:47pm

No the pandemic has made me love my job more. I am so thankful that I have continued working through the Covid pandemic when others have been less fortunate. Working at a private hospital has been a privilege and blessing

  • 9th Oct 2021 06:53pm

I don't fit into the category of looking for a new job. I personally feel people are doing this for a couple of reasons - no wages growth so trying to climb the corporate ladder and secure a better job with better pay and conditions, and secondly the dissatisfaction with the job they have in the work tasks they perform and possibly flexibility around working from home and hours/days worked and/or family demands to have more time with family and less of a commute etc.

I live in Perth and thought about what was important to me around 8 years ago when I started my own self employment, so I haven't thought about a job/career change or my values around work and family since the pandemic began. My work for the past 8 years has worked around my family and other commitments, whereby I have the flexibility to change when I work to suit circumstances as they arise as I work from home. My purpose back then was to have a little earner without overcommitting myself to an employer, demands, work life stress, a commute and juggling two roles.

  • 9th Oct 2021 02:29pm

I’ve been self-employed for some time and work from home. I love working for myself and not having to commute to a job every day and spend 8 hours in front of a computer screen at an unappealing desk. I don’t think I could ever work for someone else again unless I really have to.

  • 9th Oct 2021 01:42pm

I changed jobs early 2021 and while I moved within my own industry, it was to do the opposite of what I had been doing.
I felt really exhausted from the extra workload Covid brought and also felt free to make changes that were within my control after being caught up in so many that were outside of my control since the pandemic started.

  • 9th Oct 2021 02:43am

Not really because I was already doing it. I re-evaluated my life 10 years ago after getting really sick and then when I finally got well enough to pursue something different decided to study. I completed a Certificate 2 course and now doing a Certificate 4. The one thing though is I am keen to work from home and have a more balanced life, so I can eat a healthy lunch at home and look after my veggie patch. Health is a priority always because without it, it is quite hard to face anything else, we all need to stop eating processed unhealthy food and get back to wholefoods, fresh, organic and lots of fruit, that is what made me healthy again.

  • 8th Oct 2021 07:04pm

Yes has made me feel more grateful for my family friends and spending time with them. I don't like how it's made rents increase though

  • 8th Oct 2021 09:08am

NO, the Corona-virus is not ruining my life, except for one thing.

I was actively looking for a job, when the lock-down started and now I have NO job and zero prospects. I am grateful that I have a working spouse, who is able to pay our bills and mortgage.

But the lock-down has no end in sight and because thousands of people have lost their jobs, the job market will be brutal, when the lock-down is lifted.

Otherwise, I am grateful that I have a house and a loving partner. I have heat, water, electricity and food in the fridge. I have a working vehicle and people who love me.

All-in-all its really not that bad.

It makes me sad, to read about people who are ‘whining & complaining’ about having to stay home. They miss their friends, going out, having fun and social interaction. What they fail to realize is that everything we do, is to save our lives and the lives of others.

Stay Home & Stay Safe..

  • 7th Oct 2021 06:37pm

I'm retired, but still stressed that when I should be out enjoying my retirement can't visit friends or relations.

  • 7th Oct 2021 11:03am

I moved interstate just before covid hit and I haven't been able to secure full time work as yet. It's a difficult time but I try to stay positive and I'm happy to fulfill government requirements around vaccines.

Elizabeth 31231703
  • 6th Oct 2021 08:03pm

Need to explore more on oline jobs.

  • 6th Oct 2021 04:48pm

Having a big family has meant that lockdown in our LGA has been very hard.I have not seen our youngest daughter for about 3 months and she is 33 weeks pregnant.Lockdown has affected my family also as we lost dad in May.Luckily he was able to have a number of family and friends at his funeral and able to celebrate his life

  • 6th Oct 2021 02:09pm

It has made me change some values in life as now it's made me value my family and friends a lot more...even though we are a very close family it feels like we have become closer as not being able to see them so often for casual drinks or dinner etc. has made it much more important for the times when we could. Really miss the open days we used to have on boxing day, new years day, australia day etc. and hope soon we can have that start happening again because they were a great way for everyone to catch up and enjoy a relaxing day with a bbq etc. My work life totally changed with working from home fulltime which although I used to do a couple of times a month it was a pretty major adjustment as didn't have the same social interaction with my team or colleagues and video meetings, phone chats just weren't the same. One of our team died recently (thankfully not from COVID) which was a sad time for all of us as we couldn't visit her in hospital or attend the funeral which was a difficult time for all of us and made the situation hit home even more. Working from home actually improved our financial situation as no long having to commute to work, buy petrol as often, pay for car parking, daily takeaway coffee, breakfast or lunch, no new clothes all became a saving so the bank balance grew but as I had all that extra time each day more was spent on food as I that to use for preparation and more exciting dinners each night so I became a more adventurous mutli cultural cook (some which were great and some not so good). We also bought a puppy during this time which although was a bit of a logistical nightmare due to changes in lockdown restrictions all the time has made it so much more bearable for us and we are so glad we stuck with it and got him. I look forward to international borders reopening so in the future I can see my extended family overseas having missed 1 wedding, 1 engagement, 2 births and some milestone birthdays and can't wait to see them all again if even for a short time. Although we all hate the restrictions they are necessary to limit COVID and get us back to some sort of new normality but the only way to do this is to follow the rules and all work together to beat the virus.

  • 6th Oct 2021 12:02pm

Yes and I must say all for the good. Having been an unbalanced life style person dedicated to my career and work in general I have neglected myself in the self awareness and development area between my brain and my feelings. This forced vacation time has given me plenty of time to look at who I am as a person. I have engaged professional help with this to help set a course towards a more balanced perspective on life and deal with the grey. It is an ongoing process but but has great advantages to my current and future happiness. It is a challenge to adjust habits learnt over a life time but i have taken up the challenge. As far as career well I certainly want to do different things one of which is spending time supporting others. I have done this in the past financial but now i have the time and the availability to support certain charities and group physically. Extremely rewarding. As they say one door closes and another opens. The only thing I need to work out is time management and what I want to do. There are many opportunities and adventures so I look forward to my future life. Without COVID this would not have happened.

  • 6th Oct 2021 10:42am

I was working in Tourism when the pandemic hit, and it really showed just how little our employers cared about us! After 6 and a half years with the company, Covid made me re-think my career path. I'm now working for a new employer in a different industry, who honestly cares about their staff and gives me much more job security!

  • 6th Oct 2021 10:35am

Damn Covid, it made the entire world rethink their values in life, health approach and family importance. I live in VIC, do I have to say more? We have been in lockdown pretty much for 2 years on and off for the most duration than other states in AU or even world as discovered lately. I forgot how is it to go on a day trip and enjoy the beauty of the nature, I forgot what eyes colour my beloved relatives and friends have. It has been a sad time since 2020 and this I guess will still continue well into 2022. I have been lucky to still have a job and work from home and I would be very happy to continue working from home even when pandemic finishes (is this even a possibility?). I have always worked in an office Mon-Fri 40 hours a week. I am much more flexible being at home, because I can still complete my work in time and enjoy a great work-life balance. I get to spend more time with my family, I get to sleep more hours now (don't need to wake up very early to get ready for work), which is great for your health and mind. Fingers crossed we will get through this damn covid and will be back to our normal lives sooner rather than later. I miss SO much the old times. We now tend to appreciate more little things in life.

  • 6th Oct 2021 08:36am

No. As I am now in retirement and done all the hard yards in life I will leave it up to the younger generation to struggle on as I did for years with all the troubles that life has on offer!

  • 6th Oct 2021 06:16am

I was already retired when Covid struck. I may need to go back to work if the money can't be stretched far enough.

  • 5th Oct 2021 11:18pm

I'm retired and on a Centrelink Aged Pension. The voluntary street ministry I usually do has been put on hold because Melbourne has been in lockdown and under curfew for a very long time, but nothing else has changed. I still enjoy the love and companionship of my furkid Honey, who is always more than happy to share my attention.

  • 5th Oct 2021 10:18pm

I'm on a disability pension and not employed; however I have family members whom work in the public health system here in Adelaide and they are burnt out. My niece refuses to have the Covid vaccine and has been given until the end of this month to prove she has had at least one dose, or she will no longer have a job - absoultely nothing will change her mind. On a personal level, I feel that many people I know are wanting to have more of a life/work balance and working from home has made people re-evaluate their choices.

Izzy bee
  • 5th Oct 2021 10:02pm

I don’t work I am disabled but this pandemic has made things so bad for everyone. I live on the central coast I miss going to Sydney to see my brother and sister in law niece and nephew. I have been home except for going to doctors or shopping for 4 months. I love going swimming and going to the movies and that has been hard not to do.
Everyone has their own stories too tell I’m sure. People with COVID in hospitals or in isolation on ventilators young and old. Everyday someone passes away and a family looses a love one. What a tragedy it is. I would love to be able to work but a car accident stopped that. I feel for the small business that are hit hard from this pandemic and hope they pull through when the restrictions are taken down. It will be a long road a head for those people
Giving them your help will get them off too a great start.
Every little bit help.

  • 5th Oct 2021 08:24pm

Yes-it has put a real value on Family and sticking together during tough times!

  • 5th Oct 2021 07:04pm

Prior to covid, I thought I had a chance at getting part time work. Since covid, I have become permanently unemployable, as I cannot risk being exposed to covid. I am unable to be vaccinated due to vaccine allergy (medically directed to NOT get any of the existing vaccines), and I have multiple chronic illnesses that make me super-vulnerable to dying if I get covid - So I literally have to avoid it like the plague. I am lucky for the moment - I live in WA, and our Premier has kept us safe and covid-free. But if ScoMo gets his way, we will have no choice but to open the border and let covid back in - and once that happens, I will be 100% housebound. I will have to go back to sanitising every single thing that comes into the house. My spouse will have to strip and shower as soon as he comes home each night. Going out will become a thing of the past, as will having friends over for our annual pre-Christmas BBQ. My niece and nephew's birthday parties will be long gone for me. Hubby will have to go back to doing shopping for us on his way home from work and on the weekend. Fear will once again be my constant companion.

But what about when 80% of the eligible population are vaccinated, you say? Doesn't do me any good. Unlike vaccines that actually prevent transmission, and prevent people getting/spreading a disease (such as measles, rubella, influenza etc), covid vaccines do not. Anyone who is vaccinated can get covid - over and over again, and can spread it to anyone else. All the vaccine does is give vaccinated people a better chance at not ending up in ICU and a better chance of not dying. But as someone who cannot get it - I am at huge risk, even if every single eligible person on the planet gets the vaccine.

I no longer have career options. I am not qualified to work from home - there are no remote jobs in my field, and I cannot possibly afford to study in the fields that do have remote jobs. I have been unemployed for health reasons since 2008, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

  • 5th Oct 2021 06:52pm

As a grocery retail worker, I am done and have handed in my resignation without another job to go to. I finish in 6 weeks. My physical and mental health has been completely battered over the last 18 months. Staff downsizing, increased workload, rude and abusive customers, zero social distancing, fears for my health as someone who’s immunocompromised. Things will be tight money wise but I’ve reached breaking point and have to reprioritise my life

  • 5th Oct 2021 06:50pm

Hello I live in NSW. I’m almost 55 years. I have been stood down at my job of 14 years. The job is paying me not the Government. It’s given me a glimpse at what early retirement is like. And I’m truly loving it. Although I cannot retire just yet, I rent a one bedroom apartment. I’m not looking for another job as this one is secure. I’ve done so much self care, walking to the sea views everyday. Doing my 10000 steps (some days). I won’t be looking forward to going back to work. BUT I’m grateful I have a job.😀😀😀

  • 5th Oct 2021 06:34pm

The pandemic has confirmed my choice of career, Medical Research is a GREAT field to be in!

  • 5th Oct 2021 06:33pm

I am 55, live in Victoria and am not in as good health as I would like to be. My husband is retired. We fully own our house and have one child just about to finish Year 12.
I haven’t been in paid employment for many years. I do lots of things online from my home computer to earn supermarket vouchers, free samples, gifts, food, small amounts of cash and earn free tickets to events etc.
COVID has lessened a few of the companies who offer such opportunities and also reduced the offerings of some companies...but I have also seen new companies popping up trying hard to get their brand out into the market as they desperately try to stay in business during lockdown.
I have made no changes to how I want to spend the next ten years of my life. If an opportunity presented itself for interesting employment, then I would seriously consider accepting...but in general I have no plans to change how I assist in supporting my family. That decision would not be as a result of the pandemic.

  • 5th Oct 2021 06:33pm

I've always wanted to leave hospitality in Brisbane (been doing it for 9 years straight at this point), but the pandemic really re-affirmed that notion. The fear with every lockdown and cases at my restaurant made my job very difficult for only minimum wage and the morale is so low now that none of us want to be there. The only reason I haven't quit is cause I'm a uni student who can't get centrelink and need to pay rent, so until I can find another job, there's no luck for me yet.

  • 5th Oct 2021 06:30pm

Professionally I left a very stressful job about 10 years ago and learned to live on one income as our house had been paid off. I'm a community volunteer and unless the NFT pulls the plug on our relationship, I plan to keep going. People in the community need help. Personally, I have always been very health conscious but the pandemic has really honed in on what's most important, health, family, choices, access to food and health care, pets and domestic travel. We have enjoyed a lot of freedoms in Australia and freedom of speech and democracy is rapidly disappearing.

  • 5th Oct 2021 05:44pm

I have thought about changing my job at some stage early on in the pandemic, but then decided that I like it too much to give it up. I work in healthcare going to clients who need help, so I decided that that work was more important, especially now with clients being so vulnerable to getting sick. I do what I can for them and often it's just a case of something simple and listening for a while. I honestly considered going back to work for a previous employer, but that was office based and it would have been too dangerous for me because I have a disabled husband at home and won't risk his health for the mighty pay packet. All in all, I consider myself lucky to have a job I like and get paid while listening and helping others. Cool isn't it?

  • 5th Oct 2021 05:13pm

My job has not been affected so much by the pandemic, and therefore I have not been thinking changing my career.
I work in IT and luckily still demands for my field as Data Analyst in multiple places. I live and work in Sydney NSW. My normal workplace is in Sydney CBD but currently working from home.

I still like what I am doing, but in the future I might think of another career path. You never know!

Also, the pandemic has made to appreciate the family values more and not to focus on the job as much as I did before.
Live now and not in the past or future.

  • 5th Oct 2021 04:11pm

It feels like more than 18 months we have been living with this pandemic. I was thinking about retirement for a long time but loved my career. I took leave to enjoy an interstate holiday as I had been under a lot of stress, then decided to use my long service leave and the pandemic hit during that time. Now I have decided never to go back to work. During this time, we have sadly lost loved ones and missed so many special occasions, but have been blessed with a grandchild. This changed everything and our life is now helping family, friends and neighbours. Life is looking positive in the future with lots of love and vacations when permitted.

  • 5th Oct 2021 03:55pm

Many years ago I made a choice to leave a job of some 30 years, downsize everything, move to a place close to the hospital, and begin caring for my hubby 24/7. I have never regretted that decision because what really mattered was that I wanted to do this for him, not what was demanded of me.
When it all boils down, I found we did not need as much stuff, but do need each other. So, no, the pandemic did not affect my career choices. What it does for me is feel sad that there are so many in the world who have lost a loved one, or more. At the same time it shows that my choice some 20 years ago was the right one.
In the last 6 months hubby was diagnosed with a melanoma then whilst being treated for that went into septic shock. ICU and hospital 1 month later I was able to take my miracle man home with gratitude to the amazing medical team who saved his life.
My responsibility in life is to live it and embrace every moment I have on this earth. Every night when I tuck my hubby in, our last words before sleep are I love you. Every morning we have a reason to smile because we opened our eyes and said good morning to each other, looking forward to what the day has to offer.
Whether our choices in life revolve around the desire to carve out a successful career, or to have a life of peace and serenity is entirely up to us. What really matters to me right now is we are still here.
Covid was just another spanner in the works.
It matters not what happens to us on any given day. What really matters is how we face each situation with either acceptance or fists up.
Keep safe everyone.

  • 5th Oct 2021 02:36pm

I have realised during these tough times, life in itself is very precious, being grateful for what and who we have in our lives is important, no one should take life for granted.

  • 5th Oct 2021 02:19pm

definitely has made me rethink my values and my health and whats important and has made me more grateful for these things and has made me slow down in my career and allowed me quality time with my kids

  • 5th Oct 2021 01:26pm

For some, more time and less work can mean more time for reflection on the self, others and the situation you are in and surrounded by. Based in Sydney with the (previously) typical hustle bustle, sorry can't stop, i'm too busy lifestyle, I would say, since the pandemic, i would fall into the category of being open and considering a new job, without actively looking for it. With some of the extra and newfound time, it has given me a greater appreciation of slowing down, enjoying the simpler things and to (re)consider my goals, aims and values in life. While earning an income is necessary to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep you sheltered and secure, is it possible to do so and yet be satisfied at the same time, feeling like you are contributing to both society and the greater good? Perhaps we should value meaning and purpose in what we do for so much of our waking lives, rather than just doing it just "because", following the rest of the "Jones" or the script that we have been taught. As some say, you only life once, so maybe its time we lived authentically and true to self.

  • 5th Oct 2021 01:17pm

I am fortunate enough to be retired, if you consider that a bonus? I don't need to look for employment. Although with the Aged Pension it's not exactly a big pay day, just enough to get by but not to save at all. I guess I'm just thankful that because I am retired I wasn't impacted by the tragic loss of jobs, etc because of this evil pandemic.

Sil sil
  • 5th Oct 2021 01:08pm

It definitely has made me think about my career, working in healthcare and having the vaccine made mandatory for us, I find contradictory and I'd like to move out of this industry.

  • 5th Oct 2021 12:54pm

What many people are coming to face is that the world needs people doing real jobs that provide the necessities of life - shelter, food and maintaining a healthy environment. Being brought up in farmland facing many economic and climatic challenges meant this pandemic has not been too hard to work around even though it has personally cost income and choices. Wish droughts etc were as simple to get around by merely washing hands and maintaining social distance (avoid clusters).

no name
  • 5th Oct 2021 02:22pm
What many people are coming to face is that the world needs people doing real jobs that provide the necessities of life - shelter, food and maintaining a healthy environment. Being brought up in...

Couldn't agree more!

  • 5th Oct 2021 12:39pm

I haven’t thought about changing careers. I think i just feel lucky to have a secure job, not leaving it anytime soon. But in terms of family you think about spending more time with them and be grateful for the health we do have.

  • 4th Oct 2021 09:23pm

It made me realise life is too short and to value every day making the most of your life.

  • 4th Oct 2021 11:54am

I Live In Beautiful Melbourne...Love This City But The Weather Could Be Warmer !
I Work In Quarantine So I Get To See How Horrible COVID-19 Is And Has Been And I Struggle Understanding Why People Don't Get Vaccinated !
I Can Imagine Myself Moving Into A Different Field But Not Sure Sure Where, I Have Been In Customer Service All My Life And I Love This Role But Lately I Have Seen Behaviour Which Makes Me Want To Re-Think Where I Work.
You Can Only Help People So Much And The Rest Is Their Doing, Even When The Answer Is There Staring You In The Face It Seems People Would Prefer To Exercise Their Rights And Get Sick, Not Get Vaxxed And Shut Down The Community !
Can You Imagine Having To Wear Full PPE Nearly Every Working Day Of Your Life, That Sweaty Gown, The Shield, N95 Mask And Have Loads Of That Sanitizer All Over Your Hands..Only To Have People Tell You That They Value Their Rights More Than They Do Getting Vaxxed !

  • 3rd Oct 2021 05:15pm

The pandemic gave me no choice... as a freelance worker, I lost 50% of my paid work during the first lockdown in 2019, then about another 30% at the start of 2020.
I took on other unpaid projects to keep me occupied and productive... but essentially I had to set up a part pension stream from my super, to give me a minimum income each month, which I was hoping not to do until I fully retired in about 3 years time.
On the plus side, this has shown me I can live ok on far less income and I now have to justify everything I spend, so that's a good thing, right?
But I would give anything to have a productive career again.

  • 3rd Oct 2021 05:18pm
The pandemic gave me no choice... as a freelance worker, I lost 50% of my paid work during the first lockdown in 2019, then about another 30% at the start of 2020.
I took on other unpaid...

ps: as a freelancer it was next to impossible to meet the criteria for Government assistance... and when you consider there are tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of workers in this situation in different sections of the economy... that's just wrong.

  • 3rd Oct 2021 12:28pm

I am retired so changing careers is not an option. I live in South Australia and I guess I have changed my values somewhat - family is much more important and also saving and not spending. I am starting to get nervous about where I am in life and how little I have to carry me on if I have to move into care. Not a happy thought. I was watching an interesting programme on SBS a while back where 10 ladies were asked to stand in a line and as they were presented with scenarios regarding income, marital status, whether they were renting or had their own home, and how much they had in their bank accounts and where I stood really frightened me. Apparently I am only one step away from homelessness (oh goodie), so I am knuckling down and trying to save more.

  • 3rd Oct 2021 10:05am

Today my employer instructed all employees to work from home as much as possible and to change all on-site meetings to online meetings.

While this might seem more than drastic overkill, most of us work from home now and then anyway and have online meetings internally and with customers often, so the actual change is quite small..

  • 2nd Oct 2021 07:18pm

I did seasonal/casual work before the pandemic. That stopped end 2019 and has not yet resumed and will be a long time before it resumes. My husband is self employed and worked with children before the pandemic. He has had next to no income since 2019 and and he too has limitations to re-start. We have been living off our savings, in between what the government has provided. I am on jobseeker and have no idea where this will lead. It is a very long drawn out process, on hold because of lockdown. I have no resume, no certificates in anything, no “experience” according to employers. I do not own a (working) computer, nor a car. I am pinning my hopes for a future on Centrelink services but given their track record my prospects are not looking good.

  • 2nd Oct 2021 01:44pm

After two of the most trying years I have decided that after 20+ years it is time to retire. I have lost a mother, friend, suffered through google classrooms and zoom meetings, been isolated from family and friends, had family suffering anxiety, had family with health problems, had a 12 year old come to live with us and generally put my life on hold for everyone else. I need to step back and prepare for another stage in my life and hopefully enjoy what is to come.

  • 2nd Oct 2021 01:16pm

I applied for a job at Flight centre in the last week of February 2020. I got to the final 3 and went on a cruise to PNG. Arriving home 5th March, I learned I was unsuccessful this time but encouraged to reapply in 6 months. I decided to stick with my retail position and reapply in 6 months.
When the pandemic began closing down our country and our freedoms, a piece of me was glad I still had a job!
BUT......I have seen some appalling behaviour from everyday Australians and have not felt safe or happy in my essential but vulnerable position.
I really want to work in the travel business and have looked into other pathways to achieve my goals.

  • 2nd Oct 2021 11:39am

The pandemic hasnt altered my feelings on my job at all, it has changed my priorities when it comes to housing though after being locked down with a housemate for large chunks of the last 18 months, I can afford to rent a place on my own and thought I needed people around for my mental health hence a share, however the lockdowns have made me rethink that and I'll be getting a place on my own as soon as I find something suitable. It has also made me prioritize my mental health

  • 2nd Oct 2021 11:32am

I have decided it is now time to retire.

  • 2nd Oct 2021 10:33am

I started a travel and tourism course through flight centre in October 2019. The pandemic began in November of that year, by February it was clear that the world was changing and tourism and travel was the first part of the economy to feel it and suffer. Travel Centre anounced job losses and it was clear that this was not going to be a viable career option for me for the future. I am now doing a photography course instead after having a break to relocate, a decision partly made due to the pandemic and partly to improve my mental health and look after it during this pandemic.

  • 2nd Oct 2021 09:51am

I am now virtually retired at 77 but still in demand for training actors who are hopeful of careers in Film and TV. However trying to run a course with constant sudden lock downs has made me personally hold off until next year. What truly amazes me is that so many people complain of losing their jobs, having no work and no money and yet the constant complaint from local employers, especially in hospitality and fabrication is that they cannot get employees and so have to close their doors. Almost daily restaurant and cafe owners, in our region which depends on tourism , put vacancies on Facebook desperate to stay open. Three have gone to reduced opening hours due to lack of staff just this week. A friend who runs a cleaning company cannot get enough staff and another has had to close his fabrication business because his two apprentices said they could get Government pay for doing nothing. Have we become work shy? Have Government hand-outs been too generous? Just what is the true situation?

  • 2nd Oct 2021 09:06am

We are very lucky in Western Australia so far. I have gone back to school to see if I can get different employment. As I am an older female with injuries it is very hard to find employment but I will keep trying.

  • 2nd Oct 2021 03:44am

Sydney/NSW, because it is where the work is.
I usually work part time/temp for a gov department. The pandemic is giving me about about 4 years straight work.

  • 2nd Oct 2021 01:59am

Yes, the pandemic made us rethink that we need to help each other more and build a better, more responsible world with conditions
better , more job opportunities

  • 2nd Oct 2021 12:01am

Yes I do fit into this category, but not really because of any direct impact of the pandemic. I feel that the solitary nature of accounting work, coupled with the ongoing care of my child with Autism, makes my life quite isolated and I am inclined to feel depressed. I have been questioning my values lately and realise that my strengths are not in the corporate sector. I have a caring and nurturing dimension that only Samantha gets the pleasure of witnessing. I would like to put these skills to greater use. Also I would like to undergo training in the field of a counselling, as I am an excellent listener. I have an empathetic nature and I am experienced in dealing with all walks of life. I guess it’s the maturation and the realisation that I could be more valued if I put my strengths to better use. To feel valued by people other than your immediate family must be the greatest of all positive feedback. I have a dream to be a better individual than what I am now. For my children’s future and that of my community in which I live.

  • 1st Oct 2021 11:10pm

I like my job and like others i always dream of the ultimate sea change. Just pack up and go to find exotic locations, dream jobs that others lust over. But hey reality check; I am married with children to support and need my sleep! I enjoy coming home to the same house and being greeted by my family knowing I am doing the responsible thing of supporting us all because I made that commitment when I said I Do those many years ago. So No I am not giving up my job to chase a dream but I still like to watch movies like raiders of the lost ark and romancing the stone!

  • 1st Oct 2021 10:02pm

the sooner this nonsense is all over, the betteroff we all will be.

  • 1st Oct 2021 09:38pm

The pandemic has not moved me to reassess, my career values, primarily because I was already retired from the workforce when it 'hit'. Covid hasn't really caused me to reassess my values...they remain the same. Covid has been nothing more than a incredible nuisance, even that statement in itself is an understatement given it global impact. But to put it as simply as possible, my values remain unchanged and zero impact on already terminated career. I guess it could affect some eg self isolation could lead some to value their friends and relations more than they did before the pandemic, for me that wasn't the case, I value them as much now as I did before. May some might value their freedom more now, when it was taken fore-granted, pre covid. And I've just identified a change in myself...because I really do value my freedom more, freedom to venture further than 5 km from home, freedom to step outside with out bl@@dy mask across my face. Freedom to see as many friends and love ones as I want. So yes, I value freedom more than I did, pre covid.

  • 1st Oct 2021 09:17pm

I was forced to retire, deemed 'too disabled to be safely employed' nearly 30 years ago, just try getting any job with that stamped on your WorkCover documents! Yes, I live in Australia, in eastern Melbourne Victoria, with my furkid Honey.
Despite some medical professionals believing that I shouldn't still be on this earth, I continue to breathe. Disability continues to encroach on my abilities, but when we're not in lockdown I continue the ministry I do among the street folk and the homeless, many of whom have become my dear friends, thanks to my having a mobility scooter as I can no longer walk as I used to.
These days I continue to offer support to the new mums among this group. I can no longer support them in the delivery rooms as I used to but I have provided a tablet to the delivery room staff in the hospitals that they most often go to, so that I can be contacted and be in contact with the young mum when she is in labour and during the birth.
So, even though society continues to think of me as merely another 'useless old person', God has found many ways for me to contribute to society AND He's provided me with a lovely companion, my maltese x toy poodle rescue, Honey.

  • 1st Oct 2021 08:42pm

I’ve just recently changed jobs. As I wanted to spend more time with my wife and visit my mum on weekends. I’ve taken a job that allows me to have Friday's off to be able to do this. Since the pandemic my wife and I have decided to move out of town so I will be looking to move jobs again next year. We live in Brisbane, QLD

  • 1st Oct 2021 07:48pm

My values have not changed, rather I wish to use every opportunity I can to bring them to life even more! I want to help people and work somewhere where there are good people I love, a place I can enjoy living and working in every day. I will not regret anything and try everything - especially after lockdown. No regrets. There is only one life we can live, and I will live it to the fullest.

  • 1st Oct 2021 07:24pm

No as I retired 26 years ago, just hope one day to see my families overseas and in Queensland. Not sure how long it may take?

  • 1st Oct 2021 07:12pm

I, like Maggie, am fully retired, but only since 2018. My aims/ambitions are to travel, or go travelling this planet more than I have done in the past.
What's the saying? "When Man makes plans, God laughs!"
Yes. Covid has put paid to my travel plans. So my covid plans are to get healthy again in order to make more of my travel experiences when travel restrictions are lifted.
I intend to go on more small boat expeditions to remote areas.
I would love to be able to do more hiking when I am there.
So I have had knee replacements and bariatric surgery.
My goal to be a shadow of my former self and be able to move my body in a more comfortable manner through exercise.
I want to be ready to go when borders are opened again.
Living in Brisbane, QLD has meant I have been able to get out and about a bit

  • 1st Oct 2021 06:02pm

I am an older retired person. I live in the place that has been called "The lock down capital of the world". The COVID Pandemic has not had an effect on my career, as my career was over before the Pandemic began. The Pandemic has had an effect on my values in the following ways:
1. I no longer take things for granted,for example, being able to catch up with family and friends in person and visit restaurants, exhibitions, the library etc If and when we ever get out of lock down I will treasure those opportunities, and in fact make more time to enjoy those small things.
2. I now realise that we all need to decide what is really important to us. This will be different for each person. In the past, so many of us have done things "because we feel we have to", even though we got little enjoyment or pleasure from the activity,whether that be in our working life or private life. Deciding what is important and pursuing that improves a person's quality of life.
I guess the lock down has given me time to reflect and the space to do so. Some will decide that they are on the right path and receive confirmation. Others may well decide to move on to new things, whether that be in terms of their career, their friendships or their lifestyle.

  • 1st Oct 2021 05:27pm

I am a full time carer for my darling hubby, pandemic or not.
So, no, it has not affected my career aspirations, however, I have been watching and reading.
The way I see it is that Covid has opened the hearts and minds of many.
Is it so important to be chained to a desk, or, is it time to re-evaluate?
Only those who are going through this can cast the vote.
I, personally, am at a point in my life when every day is to be appreciated. So, there we have the other side if the coin to look at and perhaps embrace.

  • 1st Oct 2021 04:43pm

For some the coronavirus pandemic may create long lasting changes to the way they live and work.
As a primary producer enjoying the rural lifestyle there have been minimal disruptions to our working lives during the pandemic.
It has not changed my life values or work/life balance, but has altered the way we market our product.
Career shock can be a positive experience, for example, a sudden pay raise or promotion. However, they are more typically negative. A negative career shock can range from the rather benign (such as a treasured mentor leaving your organisation) to the catastrophic (such as a natural disaster).
Covid19 is a disruptive event, and it certainly has had an impact on a lot of careers. I think it matters how the people responds to this extraordinary event, If they use their time to retrain or upskill they stand a better chance at weathering the crisis perhaps.
A job loss might allow individuals to explore a career they hadn’t considered beforehand and create a re evaluation of career aspirations leading to more positive life decisions.
So all in all though this Covid19 has had a negative impact on many jobs, maybe use this time to reflect on what we truly want both as individuals and as a society , it could be the catalyst for a brighter future.

  • 1st Oct 2021 04:33pm

Yeah it has things have been taken for granted not anymore I still have my job as I am a cleaner saving my money I have more then I did before it's very strange I live in Australia hope we come out of this

  • 1st Oct 2021 04:24pm

Yes absolutely. The pandemic has certainly made me rethink a lot of things in my life, especially what career path I want to go down and what I truly value the most. I do live in Australia.

Over the last two years, I was unhappy about where I was going and I was studying a course I absolutely hated at the time.

But recently the pandemic has actually helped me realise I was in the wrong course (was studying teaching) and decided I would not longer study teaching.

Instead, it has helped me to realise that I wanted work in the mental health system here in Australia as it has been ever more clearer that there needs to be more done to help those with mental health issues during this pandemic.

So, I am considering studying in either a Certificate IV in Mental Health or a Diploma of Counselling course, as I find myself motivated to help those in need and give back to the people who have helped me, in return.

  • 1st Oct 2021 04:21pm

No, in fact the pandemic has made me feel secure in my current career. I work in a white collar govt job and my career has remained the same while a lot of other people have been affected greatly. It has made me value my employer even more.

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