Posted by: mustang6000

12th Sep 2021 08:40am

I recently moved into a gated community of over 100 townhouses that uses industrial waste bins instead of each residence having their own bins. It is very handy as I do not have to remember to out a wheelie bin out each week.

My biggest shock is that they do not have separate bins for recyclables and garden/kitchen waste, instead everything goes into landfill. I have discussed this with the complex resident managers and they say that the cost of having & emptying the bins is too high and that it all goes into landfill anyway.

For myself, I have purchased a small compost bin and put the household recycling to our children's recycling bins.

I have tried talking to the managers, I contacted our local Council & was assured that they do recycle and have garden waste disposal facilities available.. After passing on this information and relative contact details, they still stick to the cost factor and do not believe the information.

Not wanting to harp & put the management offside I have left the matter for the time being. Other residents I have spoken with just accept the situation.

i would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions as I believe that we have an obligation towards the only planet we have and we are drowning it in waste.

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  • 24th Nov 2021 03:21am

I believe that there are no higher costs to recycle because if you put a container for each type of collection , for example = plastic , glass , paper , food etc. and if you have the recycling sector to collect , it is much simpler and easier to benefit everyone

  • 3rd Oct 2021 10:07am

Today we are going to discuss why recycling is important nowadays!
First of all, we should know what is recycling to understand the concept. So Recycling is a way to manage used items into new products. Recycling is a process that includes collecting and processing used materials that would be thrown away as litter or trash and making new products out of them. As a rule, a recyclable product turns back into its raw form to create a new and usually different thing. All recycling attempts will significantly decrease the amount of additional waste that harms our environment.

As we all are aware of natural resources are limited on the planet; therefore, humans must make the most efforts to save, recycle, and reuse things whenever it is possible. The natural resources on the Earth, unfortunately, are limited, Nature cannot replenish. The resources that humans extract more, the less they leave for future generations.

Nowadays, plastic is one of the materials that widely used by humans in all of the countries. The bad news is plastic wastes that come from our unusable goods end up in the oceans. There are 60% to 80% of plastic wastes on the sea are coming from the land and it will cause a big problem to 267 sea species in this world.. There is a lot of garbage, plastic waste, and electronic waste. We always produce it and dump it when we need the new one. Our waste is piling up and continuously accumulating. Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems for us now. And our solution to this problem is Recycling. Nowadays, natural resources and energy are being used too fast: every second, rapid deforestation destroys the forests by producing tons of waste. The process of recycling is essential to the environment as it can improve it in multiple ways.

The above example is more than enough to understand and start recycling our plastic waste. People get many resources from the forest land that include wood for paper, fuel, and furniture, and herbs for medicine. Massive deforestation on the globe has a large impact on humans as well as the climate. Hence, it is necessary to apply to recycle as it decreases the need for raw materials and thus preserves the forests.

There is no simple answer to the question about how recycling helps the environment because this process is significant to both society and nature. There are various methods to improve the environment through recycling, and even the smallest step will bring good results by getting each person involved..

  • 1st Oct 2021 12:23am

What a difficult situation when you would like to do the right thing and recycle by separating your rubbish. I do understand not getting management offside and be labelled a troublemaker who they make life difficult for. I feel your best bet would be to form a group of likeminded individuals in the complex who garner support from the other tenants by spreading the facts of the situation amongst the gated community, then a working group can confront management to come up with a workable solution that suits the environmentally conscience residents of the gated community. It could start from an informal event at the community where people mingle and gain spread and speed as people meet each other. It comes down to people's motivation to do something and how much a viable solution will cost, if the cost is passed onto the residents by the management. Keep in mind not everyone will want to be involved or care about the environmental impact.

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