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What was your favourite Tokyo 2020, Olympic moment?

Sports & recreation

Posted by: TaylorCS

9th Aug 2021 04:32pm

As the Tokyo Olympics draws to a close, we'd love to know - what was your favourite Olympic moment?

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  • 21st Nov 2021 03:30pm

I have many favs in sport but my all time favourite was the women's Boxing at Times even better than some of the men's.

  • 3rd Nov 2021 07:15pm

When the corrupted, bloated, waste of taxpayer's money was over! And to think that I'll have to endure it in Brisbane in 2032. A disgrace.

  • 6th Sep 2021 12:14pm

Watching the swimming relay of the Australian teams ...on the podium handing out the medals to each other...

Joh :)
  • 23rd Aug 2021 10:44am

Everyone has a beautiful story in their own right, but this one just stuck with me.
Cedric Dubler finished 21st overall in the decathlon but deserves a share of Ash Moloney’s bronze for the way he spurred his training partner on during the final leg. Knowing he was out of medal contention, Cedric sacrificed his own race and ran alongside Ash to act as a pacer, yelling encouragement and spurring his mate on. He sacrificed his own event here just to help his teammate.”

Totally selfless - the human spirit never ceases to amaze me!

  • 22nd Aug 2021 10:19pm

My favourite Olympic moment was the opening and closing ceremony. I always love seeing what countries come up with and I think that given the current pandemic Japan did a fantastic job. They paid respect to the current situation and incorporated it into the ceremony.

  • 22nd Aug 2021 12:14pm

Jess Fox’s commentating while she competes and wins gold - a beautiful moment.

  • 22nd Aug 2021 12:13pm

When Cedric Dubler yells encouragement at Ashley Moloney during the 1,500m which helped he secure a bronze medal. Shows the true essence of team work and the strong Aussie spirit - amazing to watch!!

  • 22nd Aug 2021 11:22am

The opening ceremony & many events: the gymnastics & 10,000 metres running events.

  • 20th Aug 2021 06:41pm

The opening ceremony is when everyone is fresh and enthusiastic

  • 20th Aug 2021 11:08am

Silver medal in Women’s high jump. She was absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant post match interview. Praise God !

  • 19th Aug 2021 05:51pm

Jess Fox winning gold

  • 19th Aug 2021 05:15pm

seeing Australia carry on showing the world how good we are at sports

dicky a
  • 19th Aug 2021 04:31pm

Australian Pat Tiernan's efforts in the 10km, the grace of Kate Ledecky and Arienne Titmus whenever they competed against each other and the 2 marathons - just gripping

Colonel Snr
  • 19th Aug 2021 12:40pm

Kookaburras winning the hockey silver medal

  • 19th Aug 2021 11:05am

when we all saw the amount of medals our athletes received they did us proud

  • 19th Aug 2021 11:04am

the time when we all saw the amount of medals our athletes won for a small country they did us proud

  • 19th Aug 2021 10:20am

It was for sure when the Boomers won the bronze medal in the basketball. That moment when the buzzer went off and the whole team went running in to hug each other with excitement. That medal, although it only be a bronze, means so much to the team, to Australia and to the Boomers that came before them. We have been so close to getting a medal in the men’s basketball multiple times before and this time we did it! It was definitely an emotional game and they made Australia proud!

  • 16th Aug 2021 11:06am

I have so many, but probably the ones that you don't see but hear about. The ones where peoples true colours shine through. Where winning isn't everything.
But if I was to pick just one from Australian team mates it would be Jessica wining her gold in the kayak. Her face said it all. Pure excitement and joy, after years of competing, she finally got her Gold. Very well deserved.

  • 19th Aug 2021 05:52pm
I have so many, but probably the ones that you don't see but hear about. The ones where peoples true colours shine through. Where winning isn't everything.
But if I was to pick just one...

Totally agree and such a wonderful person. Her father commentating was brilliant too!

  • 14th Aug 2021 09:45am

Seeing Pat Tiernan push through to the end of the 10,000m final! Such a show of determination!

  • 9th Aug 2021 08:44pm

The most favorable to me was the basketball match between USA and AUS. The scores were close. If Australia won that match - that would be amazing - the sport itself will become more popular in Australia as more bigger sponsors will invest there time and budget to develop the sport in Australia. However, Australia lost the match :(

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