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Are you more of a homebody due to Covid?

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Posted by: TaylorCS

21st Jul 2021 02:30pm

Are you more of a homebody due to Covid? or are you itching to get out of the house? Maybe a bit of both?

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  • 9th Jul 2023 06:20pm

I feel like it has become harder to leave the house, yet I've also been wanting to leave more. Anyone else feel this confliction?

  • 12th Sep 2021 07:38pm

I love being at home, I have a huge garden that I love to sit back in my hammock and read a book while having a refreshing drink. Being at home, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, and just chill.

  • 11th Sep 2021 01:06pm

I enjoy being at home with my pets and in my garden. My area is very quiet in general, with little traffic. I have no issue staying home during lockdowns, and don't have many people to visit anyway. I have lots to keep me busy at home so I don't really feel I have to get out of the house. I only go out for regular appointments and grocery shopping, and I am happy to come home.

  • 28th Aug 2021 11:41pm

I like being at home for most of the time and rarely feel lonely. If I feel the need to get out of the house, I'm always happy to get back home again.

  • 28th Aug 2021 11:41pm

I like being at home for most of the time and rarely feel lonely. If I feel the need to get out of the house, I'm always happy to get back home again.

Joh :)
  • 6th Aug 2021 11:22pm

My dubious energies, having no other outlet, are getting focused on the family and they are not a little displeased by this new avatar I’ve metamorphosed into. The Coronavirus has brought life, as we knew it, to a standstill and the phrase, twiddling your thumbs, has taken on a whole new significance. Today, confined to the house, I can vouch for its popularity and success because it has come to play an important role in passing the interminable hours between rising in the morning and going to bed at night.
During the day, you are likely to come across me staring into space in a state of solitude induced numbness, attempting to induce my lethargic brain into a state of meditation, as advised with nauseating regularity on television and newspapers. I am unable to decode the convoluted and inscrutable expressions like, become one with one’s self and plumb your inner worth, because try as I may, I have arrived at the conclusion that I am not made to be a Solitary Reaper. To bloom and thrive, I need a garden full of company.

  • 5th Aug 2021 07:57pm

I am a bit of both but being under lockdown time and again has made me appreciate going out more!

  • 4th Aug 2021 04:20pm

I would say I was always a homebody. I realised how easy it was to adapt to the lockdown/stay at home style of living and working from home as well as studying remotely has been very convenient!

  • 4th Aug 2021 04:01pm

I'm a bit of both. I was a bit of a homebody before, but did enjoy my freedom of being able to go to the movies, browse in stores, visit family/friends etc.

I find though, working from home, I am getting much more done housework wise and far less stressed about work, although it can be tough without human contact.

  • 4th Aug 2021 02:57pm

i was already a homebody so Covid did not affect me much. It's more like the world is heading towards 'my normal'. :)

  • 28th Jul 2021 10:17am

As anetzz below says, to me it was a much needed break in some ways although the extra workload at work and home schooling was a lot to do.

  • 27th Jul 2021 01:28pm

Lockdown for me personally was a much needed break at home and I used the time to get my garden back in good state as well as began a mini veggie garden! I’ve enjoyed being outdoors picking herbs and watching my flowers bloom. The birds chirping and bees buzzyalso bring me joy. I appreciate the simple life more.
Covid is horrid and I feel for those affected past and present and especially appreciate and admire the health workers more. Lockdown has been necessary. Together is the only way forward. Let’s make COVID history! I’m certainly taking this time to ‘stop and smell the roses’
Stay well everyone.

  • 26th Jul 2021 12:40pm

Yes undecided what to do?? Can't really make any plans because it changes every day.

  • 25th Jul 2021 08:41pm

In lockdown so will only to go out to buy essentials-but with face mask and protection! Yes, itching for lockdown to end but it must be safe to return to former life!

  • 25th Jul 2021 03:51pm

I'm still living my normal life with some procorchens to reduce the chances of getting coved in the community.

  • 25th Jul 2021 03:51pm

I'm still living my normal life with some procorchens to reduce the chances of getting coved in the community.

  • 25th Jul 2021 01:09pm

More of a homebody, spending lots of time on Gumtree purchasing bargains. Once international borders open, I'm going on a long trip overseas.

  • 24th Jul 2021 08:05pm

I guess that I am ambivalent about this. I have begun to appreciate my garden and my home a lot more since the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns began. I have spent a lot more time gardening and cleaning up around the house so they both look better for that and I feel better for having put in the effort.
On the other hand when I see that it is a beautiful warm day outside I really long to go out and enjoy a day with the grandchildren and maybe sometimes to just get in the car and drive off up the coast and just laze away on a beach somewhere.
I really am looking forward to hugging friends when all this is over. Aren't you all?

  • 24th Jul 2021 09:26am

We in the west do the right thing when it is asked of us. We stay home. We have been very lucky so far and I hope that it keeps going. But if we do have to stay home I love my garden and I do read

  • 23rd Jul 2021 10:17pm

Due to Covid, like most people, I'm now more of a homebody. I don't mind being at home as there is always stuff that needs doing and to relax, I love to read. I'm lucky to be living with my son and his girlfriend - we get along very well but it must be more difficult for those that live alone - and even more so for parents with children. Sometimes it is nice to get out of the house, sure, but we all just have to follow instructions from health professionals, and accept that this is out of our individual control right now.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 08:03pm

I have always been a bit of a homebody but these latest lockdowns have got me regretting not doing things when I had the chance. Nevertheless, I’m continuing to do my part and staying home with the hopes of a safe future for all soon.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 04:44pm

I think everyone is finding these latest lock downs hard going. You just have to stay home. The winter weather forces you not to want to go out. Keeping in touch by phone and email and Zoom is OK, but at the end of the day, it is not the same as face to face. I feel for those who are compelled to work from home while the children are at home doing home schooling. Very hard going in a small living space. The internet can also be spongy at times, so that doesn't help either. I agree that many have had a bit of a re-think about how they want life to be. COVID has provided a bit of 'focus' on that one. Just have to keep going and make the best of this time. Most of all look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Far away as this seems. Hang in there everyone !!!

  • 23rd Jul 2021 03:58pm

Have a hobby farm that I commute to, but with Covid lockdowns, have had to delay visiting a number of times so just have the Garden to visit most days.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 02:02pm

Absolutely I’m a home body more now than I was before the Covid-19, even my sister rings me from the U.K, she lets me know at least she can get hold of me now than before and she laughs with it, because I use to love galavanting around.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 01:21pm

I am definitely wanting to get out of the house. With three small children who are very active going out into nature was on our daily list of things to do. It helped them stay grounded, get their exercise and be calm when getting home. It has effected all of us mentally and my children all cry on a daily basis because they don’t understand why we can’t get out. I am even beginning to think my 5 year old is starting to get depression from it.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 12:43pm

When you live alone, going out with friends keeps me sane. However because the virus moves with people, I am happy to stay home and catch up on chores I need to do. Also the cold and wet weather helps me stay home. I do go out for my 2 hours of exercise and a coffee every day. Occasionally I walk with a friend and do my taekwondo class via Zoom. I don't think I could sustain this long term so I must not be a homebody!

Bill Collins
  • 23rd Jul 2021 12:20pm

More of a homebody, because still not fully vaccinated. Do you know you need to give yourself a fortnight each, after each jab for vaccine to become fully effective. I am itching to get out, but only when it's possible & safe to do so. So worried, until at least 80% of Australia's total population is fully vaccinated, including kids < 12. Exceptions for people unable to get vaccinated, through having some medical conditions or illnesses.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 12:04pm

It is very hard to differentiate between home and work life as working from home. Your 'office' is in the warmest part of the house which is also your living room on weekends so it is very hard to escape and you feel like you are always 'on'. I am looking forward to getting out of the house, to see other scenery, people, hear other discussions. Returning to a work site will mean I can get my home back, as at the moment whilst I like being able to access the fridge for meals I find I am working through lunch rather than having a break. But I think the working from home aspect may see many people reconsider their career choices and what they want out of life.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 11:07am

Aside from missing gym and yoga I am loving lockdown. I get to spend all day with a cute puppy and my husband, I can cook a fresh hot healthy lunch every day instead of microwaving leftovers, and as a school teacher this means no commute to work, working in my PJs and using the MUTE function on zoom when students don't behave is amazing. Not having to visit my MIL is also amazing haha.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 10:43am

I've always been more of a homebody than someone who loves going out,

But Covid has made me miss going out a lot!

Would love to just get out there again and attend sporting events and musical performances

  • 23rd Jul 2021 03:37am

Having been unemployed and not receiving the dole for the vast majority of the last 19 years, I've been forced to be a homebody for lack of income to be anything else, even if I was inclined that way, which I'm not.

So - Covid has not changed what I do. I still shop at midnight by preference. Fewer people around at that time. Those that are around seem to have the attitude that "social distancing" means that it's your obligation to stay the prescribed distance away from them - they can do as the want.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 02:54am

I was a homebody before Covid, so I thought I'd make the adjustment better than most. That said, I'm missing going to the cinema or theatre, which I liked to do a lot. But they never really returned after the first lockdown...cinemas were only showing the B grade flicks and holding back on the better stuff. As for the theatre, they were only just starting to reopen with a full season of performances when the Delta variant turned up.

After a recent trip to supermarket I was informed I'd become a close contact so my confinement to my home for 14 days without the freedom to even go for a walk is really testing me on how much of a homebody I thought I was. You can't imagine how excited I was to go OUT for my first test and equally so, for my second test in a couple of days.

So yeah, I'm itching to get out and go shopping again...I know, you're thinking why tempt fate again...well, it's one of the few legitimate reasons there are to go out...see a doctor, get tested, get vaccinated or go shopping for food.

Good grief... :(

  • 22nd Jul 2021 09:19pm

getting used to staying home more. especially now one needs mobile net to get into places.

  • 24th Jul 2021 03:14am
getting used to staying home more. especially now one needs mobile net to get into places.

I agree with you, at least I'm saving.

Ellie 30656027
  • 22nd Jul 2021 08:16pm

No not really only that I’m working from home. I do get out of the house shopping and walks

  • 22nd Jul 2021 05:32pm

Generally speaking I am staying home more and I have had the first vaccine at my GP's clinic with the next on Aug 2.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 03:57pm

Well I love to be home most times but now I feel I don't have the freedom to go out and about as I used to do. I Am a peoples person I love company and meeting others now I seem to be stuck some how as I can't even go to get things for my hobbies! and finish some projects I have started it is frustrating! I love my own company but I also love other peoples company.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 03:57pm

I've always been more of a homebody than someone who loves going out, but Covid has actually made me miss going out a lot!

  • 22nd Jul 2021 03:31pm

I've always been a homebody, so the covid restrictions don't affect me a great deal. The crappy weather keeps me indoors too. Before all the lockdowns, my youngest son used to take me to the movies every couple of months or so. I do miss that.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 01:28pm

I'm happy to stay home where I know I'm safe. Doing much less now because of lockdown and not trusting going out at all or mingling. This may become the new norm for many people now! We've been conditioned to trust no one and not to get close to anybody! Life is much simpler on the farm! I'm over sanitising hands, washing hands umpteen times a day! Putting on a mask each time you go out! I'm out as little as possible at present! Must be bad for everybody's health I expect!

  • 22nd Jul 2021 12:56pm

I feel that life has slowed down since COVID - less functions, events, parties, get together. People are hesitant to organise anything due to the constant changing environment.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 12:44pm

I've always been a homebody by nature, and this was enforced by chronic illness, so covid has not really made me more of a homebody, but it has changed the way I feel about this part of my nature and personal circumstances. When everybody has to take up this lifestyle, I find I feel less lonely or out of step with society, especially when people talk about the benefits they experience by slowing down and spending time with their families and on personal projects, instead of always rushing around and using home as just a crashpad. When I get out of the house now, I find I'm much more interested in spending it in nature and in my neighbourhood, feeling more connected to the community. I feel that this part of covid has been a blessing.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 11:57am

I have barely left the house for the past 18 months compared to pre-COVID times.
My Mum started chemo as COVID really hit last year and she has done it pretty much all alone. I made the decision to not visit her. We only live about 25kms apart, but both hers and my LGA have been hot spots and i do not want to be the one to pass on any type of illness to her.

I live across the road from a park and each time we have been asked to stay at home, the park has become a magnet for people from away from our area to come to, picnic and have catch ups with friends. For that reason, my children and i do not like going for walks in our local area much anymore.

There are still too many selfish people spreading the virus.

Thankfully i love knitting and taking part in surveys/market research so that keeps me busy when i am not helping my children with Remote Learning.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 11:50am

Hi all I like most people in Australia are in lockdown with basically everything closed this is Victoria fifth lockdown and it appears that NSW has lost control of the virus and I estimate they will be in lockdown for at least another month based on the Victoria experience. This is a very sad case and impacting many Australians . In a prior chat I was critical of the govt approach to the vaccine rollout this was prior to the AZ changes for certain age groups. It is a certainty that we will have to open up asap as people can no longer tolerate the lockdown and eventually there will be a high level of civil disobedience. But the question of the chat about being a homebody unfortunately I don't have much of a choice and missing family and friends greatly. All the best to others on this site with your personal situation

  • 22nd Jul 2021 11:16am

No we are blessed to have a normal life. We are shopping easily, school and office. We did see hard time before but now we are enjoying blue sky again

  • 22nd Jul 2021 11:14am

Yea I am more a homebody now, just staying home not going out. Just going out for grocery shopping. Looking forward to the day when we can go out freely.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 11:11am

I like being home, enjoying the time doing things I enjoy

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