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What values/lessons/skills has COVID-19 taught you?

Society & Culture

Posted by: Avocado Green

20th Jul 2021 05:53pm

COVID-19 has dramatically shaken the world. For the last 18 months, we have been surrounded by negative news and stress. Countless people have lost financial, physical, social and emotional stability. Many people have lost loved ones. But in such a challenging time, what diamonds are being formed? How has your outlook changed? What have you learned about yourself? What things are you surprised that you miss - and so what have you come to appreciate?

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  • 22nd Aug 2021 02:11pm

During covid I had spare time to just sit down and think about what I have achieved and needs to be done. I realised that I love cooking and spending time i kitchen trying to make new dishes. I also took the opportunity to learn a new language since I cannot go out and do much.
I obviously missed the happy faces I used to see before covid. Many of us are depressed, worried and sometimes scared.

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