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Posted by: khal123

10th Jul 2021 04:28am

What's your pet favourite food?

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angry mum
  • 23rd Nov 2021 02:24pm

I wish I could say Toby has a favourite food. He is the fussiest eater out. 5 year old Cavoodle, need I say more. Currently feeding him Big Dog frozen patties which is what he came home with initially. Likes it for a while then goes off it. He is raw fed but I believe the poodle in him explains the fussiness. He looks just like the background picture. I alternate between human grades of meat and veg but if I had to choose his favourite, it would be turkey mince.

  • 26th Oct 2021 11:30pm

I personally don't eat pet food.
Did you mean 'what is your pets favourite food'?

  • 7th Oct 2021 05:39pm

Fancy Feast for my spoiled feline ;)

  • 7th Oct 2021 05:22pm

Hills Diet for older cats: my cat is now deceased but just couldn't get enough of these pellets, produced especially for older felines. The pellets are smaller than the usual Hills Science Diet ones also and easier for them to chew. I simply left a small bowl for her throughout the day to eat as she wished and she was very healthy. Don't know if the product is still around, but it was/is EXCELLENT.

  • 30th Sep 2021 01:44pm

Fancy Feast wet or dry.

  • 22nd Sep 2021 01:43pm

Bbq chicken!The excitement starts when I come home from the supermarket and they can smell it! They run around in circles and get a little taste and then get it for dinner.Happy dogs!

  • 11th Sep 2021 01:02pm

My dog will eat anything I give him, he is an excellent eater- he enjoys his dinner as he gets both wet and dry food, whereas he only gets dry food for brekkie. He does love his treats, especially those peanut butter flavoured strips, and schmakos. My 15yo cat is now starting to become a bit more finicky, so I try to change the wet food varieties to see what she likes more.

  • 15th Aug 2021 07:31pm

We have five kitties who have different dietary needs. Felix can have any type of wet food, but has to have Royal Canin Sensitivity kibble. Heathrow, TC and Chloe are fed a combination of Felix, Applaws, Royal Canon wet food and Gatwick is fed any wet food. Dry food for our Gatwick is Science Diet Lite or Weight Reduction.
Chloe is very fussy but will eat Felix

  • 23rd Jul 2021 10:23pm

My fussy feline, Mittens, likes variety and loves any wet foods with jelly. She loves Felix, Fancy Feast and Dine. I like to change things up with dry foods and focus on products that care for her teeth and gums because she is 12 years old. Fussy Cat fresh mince is another favourite of hers and of course, she often has some proteins of what we have too. She is spoiled rotten but deserves it!

  • 7th Oct 2021 05:24pm
My fussy feline, Mittens, likes variety and loves any wet foods with jelly. She loves Felix, Fancy Feast and Dine. I like to change things up with dry foods and focus on products that care for...

Hills Science Diet used to have an excellent product - bag of pellets made especially for older cats. My cat couldn't get enough of them. They were nutritional and smaller in size than the usual pellets, making it easier for her to break and chew them. Don't know if they're still around but I highly recommend!

  • 20th Jul 2021 03:34pm

I only feed my darling Honey food that is suitable for humans to eat too. I refuse to expose her to the many dangers inherent with so called pet food. She eats raw minced steak, enjoys eating bones and chicken necks and is very healthy.

  • 19th Jul 2021 12:47am

Speaking for my cat, she will only eat Fancy Feast dry food - either flavour. I have to make sure she is drinking lots of water. The only wet food she will eat is Science Dirt. She doesn’t even like chicken, fish or meat. Cooked or raw.
Very discerning.

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