The Olympics


Posted by: sheza54

9th Jul 2021 08:40am

Should the Olympics go ahead, knowing that in Japan is in a state of emergency with the Covid.

Comments 2

  • 19th Jul 2021 12:49am

In the words of Queen and Freddie Mercury;
No no no no, no no no no!
The Olympic athletes’ village was supposed to be the most COVID-safe spot on earth and it has already infiltrated.

  • 18th Jul 2021 06:26pm

Well they are going ahead without crowds. I have heard that many Japanese would have liked them cancelled. The athletes have already been immunised and travelled, but it would have been better if less movement of people was adhered to around the world to stop the spread of COVID-19. I feel the coronavirus can be controlled with strict measures and procedures as athletes arrive and depart from different countries around the world. Japan won't be making any money from the whole Olympic games which will be a big cost to them. The Olympic games broadcast will provide people with a distraction and positive experience of unity and world cooperation.

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