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Posted by: r23

8th Jul 2021 12:43pm

Hi Folks,
What’s your favourite cuisine and the best place to have the mentioned cuisine.

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  • 28th Jul 2021 08:46pm

Best cuisines of the world might vary from person to person . For me the best cuisines, i.e the foods I love are —

pasta,pizza, burger , tacos , kebabs, biriyani, chocolates, cakes , pastry , fried foods , and specially all indian cuisines are just yumm.

  • 27th Jul 2021 05:04pm

The little snail is a good place to dine. It is an Italian cuisine - as Italian cuisine isn’t well know compare to other cultures. The food is top notch; especially their snails are fresh and tasty 🤤. The place is located at darling harbour with decent access of parking and beautiful view of the harbour. The price is also fit the pocket for a night to dine with your partner.

  • 25th Jul 2021 05:02am

Student Biryani, Jasmine,

  • 23rd Jul 2021 10:00pm

I love Italian cuisine - not just pizza and pasta - using fresh clean ingredients.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 04:07pm

Love anything soup or Stew, stir fry that has Corriander added to it, at home or outside.

  • 22nd Jul 2021 12:55pm

There's an awesome little chinese restaurant in Barooga, NSW. A little town on the Murray River, about an hour's drive West of Albury/Wodonga.
I also really enjoy Baulkham Palace Chinese restaurant.

I don't have a particular favourite cuisine, my mood depends on what i feel like.

  • 21st Jul 2021 02:06pm


  • 21st Jul 2021 06:21am

Vegan Thai and the best place in Launceston, Tasmania is Lotus Thai Vegan House

  • 20th Jul 2021 01:58pm

Filipino is one of the lesser known foods, nice fusion of Chinese, Spanish and some American influence with peanut butter. Garlic, vinegar and soy are usually the key spices. Hoy Pinoy is a street bbq vendor at Queen Vic market but also there are more places in outer west like Melton, Brimbank and south east like Springvale, Dandenong and beyond. Boodle fight best with groups to share food, first time I heard of it didn't know it was food as sounded like boxing punchup.

  • 20th Jul 2021 10:34am

Nice coffee

Olga Ryan
  • 19th Jul 2021 10:49pm

My favorite cuisine is Japanese or Chinese from local cafes

  • 18th Jul 2021 09:01pm

Vietnamese - so fresh - and Footscray is the best spot for it!

  • 18th Jul 2021 08:31pm

Canto and Japanese cuisine will always be my favourite. Crystal Seafood Restaurant in Carlingford is quite good for dim sum in my opinion.

  • 18th Jul 2021 06:17pm

I really enjoy Mediterranean cuisine Italian, Greek and Turkish with my favourite being Italian. Italian food is easy to cook and easy to make authentic and tasty. We as a family eat many Italian dishes which I personally prepare at home to satisfy hunger, share and warm us up this winter such as spag bol, ravioli, fettucine, tortellini, lasagna, canneloni, fish, minestrone, cacciatore, pizza, rissotto, gnocchi and parmigiana.

  • 18th Jul 2021 02:12pm

Thai and the Lime Leaf restaurant in Pakenham Vic.

  • 18th Jul 2021 01:35pm

Jimmy Noodle King Cronulla,
Combination Fried Rice

  • 18th Jul 2021 12:45pm

I worked on an Italian cruise ship for years, so I just love Italian, brings back many memories when I eat it.

  • 18th Jul 2021 12:09pm


In each case, the 'best place' for it can depend on the dish.

  • 18th Jul 2021 12:07pm

I love Thai and Vietnamese food.
In a restaurant

  • 18th Jul 2021 08:49am

Turkish food at home with the family!

  • 17th Jul 2021 08:32pm

I love Japanese and Moroccan cuisine. I love Japanese because of it freshest and Moroccan because of it spices. Best place for Japanese is Okami and for Moroccan Casa Tajine.

  • 17th Jul 2021 04:15pm

I love all kinds of Asian cuisine. They have so much flavour and are so delicious. Beleaguered is a favourite in my locality.

  • 17th Jul 2021 04:16pm
I love all kinds of Asian cuisine. They have so much flavour and are so delicious. Beleaguered is a favourite in my locality.

On my post the name of the restaurant is Beleaf, not Beleaguered.

  • 17th Jul 2021 03:52pm


  • 16th Jul 2021 04:12pm

Japanese Ryu restaurant

  • 16th Jul 2021 01:38pm

I am from an Ethiopian background and I find Ethiopian food is my favourite. It is so special to be able to access Ethiopian cuisine in Sydney. Especially, as the spices are hard to replicate outside of their origin. We have amazing, authentic Ethiopian restaurants in Sydney including a vegan restaurant in Camperdown and a meat lover's restaurant in Glebe. Each restaurant is adorned with Ethiopian artifacts and traditional Ethiopian music is played on repeat. Dishes are made in the traditional style by Ethiopian Chefs, slow-cooked for hours, and infused with the traditional rich berbere spice. It's a must-try if you are in Sydney.

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