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Posted by: r23

7th Jul 2021 10:26pm

Hi Folks,

Which is your favourite cell phone brand ?
Also, do you prefer buying your phones outright or opt a plan from a major telecom operator.

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  • 21st Oct 2021 08:00am

My favourite brand is Samsung, I have had a Samsung for over 10 years. Tried Apple once when first launched, but that only lasted for a year. Prefer how customisable the Android OS is.

  • 21st Oct 2021 08:00am

My favourite brand is Samsung, I have had a Samsung for over 10 years. Tried Apple once when first launched, but that only lasted for a year. Prefer how customisable the Android OS is.

  • 12th Sep 2021 07:41pm

My favourite brand of phone would have to be Apple, it’s the only brand I have ever had. I usually go on a plan due to being a University student. it’s the better option for myself, as it doesn’t put a big dent in my bank account while I have other things to pay for.

  • 28th Jul 2021 08:20pm

I don't have a favourite cellphone brand as of such. I've owned 3-4 smartphones in my life varying from HTC Desire 310 (Good for it's time), HTC One x10 (Loved the Phone, hated HTC have pretty much dropped off the Smartphone market and their latest phone not available in Australia) and Google Nexus 5x (Best phone for it's value that I've owned, LG let us down and that's a shame). I enjoyed these brands and phones due to the fact they had a more clean Stock Android feel to them then their competitors like Samsung. This said, I now use and highly recommend Realme phones. I brought the Realme 6 when it first hit Australia and have been using it for about a year with no issues.

I love Realme 6 due to the price being mid range $400-500 at the time I purchased it and it having almost every feature of a smartphone I could ever want at that price. Features such as long battery life, good memory/ram, fast charging and decent camera's for what I use them for. You can even now get some of the latest Realme phones for the mid range pricing.

This said, when it comes to buying a phone, I always go for mid range and outright. This is because I can't justify buying a phone for anything more than $500 for everyday use. This is because in my opinion, the effective life of a phone isn't that long. Furthermore, a phone can easily be lost, stolen, or damaged no matter how careful you are with it.
Hence, in my opinion, you should always buy outright as it is cheaper. Think of it like renting vs buying a house. If you can afford to buy a house why rent? Rent is dead money whereas buying a house you own it. Same thing with a phone. If you buy a phone on a plan you are always paying more to pay off the phone and are charged a very expensive phone plan to go with it that you most likely don't need just to cover the phone and more. For example with every mid range phone I've brought outright for $400-500, I've been on a phone plan for $15 a month which covers unlimited texting and calls within Australia and 3GB of data with monthly rollover of unused data. So far, I've got 53gb of unused data just waiting to be used at my free will. Whereas, if I brought a phone not outright from a major telecom, I'd be charged for the newest phone they have instore at the highest possible monthly plan they have, that of which I don't need or want, just to get the phone and pay it off.

Furthermore, when it comes to mobile plans in Australia never use Telstra, Virgin or Optus... the major brands. This is because there are many Telstra, Virgin and Optus resellers out there that give the same or better talk/text/data plan prices for less money. I use Aldi Mobile a Telstra reseller which my whole family is on and have never had an issue.

Overall, my opinion is, buy a mid range smart phone of any brand (Always do your research on which phone brand suits you, not one phone will suit everyone) outright. This will save you money in the long run and never buy on a plan from a major operator unless you want to be ripped off.

  • 18th Jul 2021 08:56am

Currently I use Samsung A series phone, that has been good for 18 months. Easy to use and no issues, the phone has enough memory space for all my photos, videos, etc.
Compared to my iPhone before, which was a great phone to use, but light on memory capacity and some App restrictions.

I prefer to buy my phone outright, and used Officeworks, was convenient and best price.
Bought my daughter her Samsung outright at JB HiFi.

  • 21st Jul 2021 01:12pm

Prefer buying outright. Ends up a lot cheaper for us.
I've never really had a favourite phone brand, but I've had my Oppo phone over three years now, and it is still as new (excluding screen protectors I buy on the regular).

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