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Beauty, Fashion & Style

Posted by: harry31626210

25th Jun 2021 09:02pm

What is beauty? If I consider something to be beautiful, it may not guarantee that you will find it to be the same, but is there a deeper beauty that everyone can agree upon, or a form that is inherently beautiful ?

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  • 12th Dec 2021 04:37pm

"Beauty is a feeling — to feel peaceful and happy and want someone else to feel that feeling — that itself is beautiful.”

  • 7th Dec 2021 11:49pm

The beauty of the soul is more beautiful because vision is transient. Flowers die, people get old, paintings fade, trends change. However the human soul is ever evolving and is a pilgrimage from birth to death on a continuous cycle. To recognise the human soul is to understand yourself. This beauty transcends all other beauty, because in the future we will implicitly understand each other just by knowing ourselves and what works and what doesn’t. All we have to do is love the plight of the other for it is also ours.

  • 4th Nov 2021 04:31am

The definition of beauty is either attributing it to “essential qualities” within the natural phenomenon or artefact, and/or regarding it purely in terms of the experience of beauty by the human subject.

  • 11th Oct 2021 01:25pm


  • 1st Oct 2021 07:44pm

I think everything is inherently beautiful. There is beauty in the intricate design of everything. But there are varying levels that people see beauty through - affected by technology, consumerism and the base human desire to like to look at lovely things. People do have different views of what is beautiful, but there is beauty in everything regardless. And levels of beauty - some people feel one thing is more beautiful than another, more desirable - But that does not mean the other "lesser" level is not beautiful in its own right. Variety gives more beauty to be seen.

  • 14th Sep 2021 10:23am

Everyone has a different perception of beauty yet my personal definition of beauty that many would agree with would be the typical phrase of 'its what is on the inside'. Of course we all get swept up by materialistic beauty as we are constantly being bombarded by it on social media and through advertising. Constantly being reminded of what we don't have, that we are not as 'beautiful' or not as successful or happy as the people we see on social media. Yet what needs to be remembered is that everyone has their own characteristics which makes them beautiful such as kindness and confidence. Some people might have clear skin and long hair but beauty lies in how you carry yourself and how you treat other people.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 11:59am

There is a reason they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", a phrase that has been around for a very long time. Take people for example. I had partners in the past that would have been described as average or even ugly but in my eyes they were the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on because it was the beauty of their heart and soul that shined through that I would see. There is beauty in everything. You just have to open your heart and soul to see it and feel it so this is the deeper more spiritual beauty that everyone could agree on. If you allow something to be beautiful it will be.

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