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Posted by: Tina1947

24th Jun 2021 03:41pm

Could someone please give me an unbiased opinion on Plantation shutters.
I am moving into an independent living retirement villa and thinking of putting plantation shutters on the windows and sliding door. I can get lots of "sales talk" but I need the true opinion of someone that has them and ask if given the chance would they keep them or change them.

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  • 24th Jul 2021 05:14pm

I don't know whether I can be called unbiased but I think our decision to put plantation shutters into our two front bedrooms was just the best decision. The windows were triangular, architect-designed features to the house when we bought it and were impossible to curtain attractively or to put roller blinds into. We tried to keep the window arrangements that were there and then I tried sewing curtains and fixed material blinds on the triangular bits but everything looked like it just didn't fit. Then we paid a lot of money and had plantation shutters installed. We waited many months for them to come from the manufacturer overseas but oh when they were installed the expense and the wait didn't matter. They look classy inside and out and do the job of keeping out the sun and the cold very well. I love looking at them when I drive into the driveway and I will often go into those rooms just to have a look at them. The installer got the measurements exactly right and then was meticulous in installing them. We are so pleased with the result.

Missy Sarah
  • 8th Jul 2021 11:11pm

Am interested in these also.

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