Future Overseas Travel


Posted by: TaylorCS

21st Jun 2021 03:09pm

We want to know how you're feeling about overseas travel? Do you view it differently now?

Are you going to jump on the next plane as soon as you can or is it not even on your radar? What are the variables for you?

Do you think you'll ever travel overseas again or will you never take it for granted? Are there certain places you'd avoid?

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  • 15th Nov 2021 05:42pm

I can’t wait to travel again as I’m fully vaccinated, I think the pandemic won’t be much different to me in some countries just to follow the new normal rules these days of social distancing and washing hands.

  • 29th Oct 2021 07:20pm

I was on my way to Antartica last month when 2hrs prior 2 departure they cancelled due to covid, stranded in BA for a month
What a beautiful place to be stranded in💙

  • 6th Oct 2021 10:08pm

I'm fully vaccinated now and cannot wait to travel overseas. I didn't realise just how much I missed travelling until you can no longer do so!

Harshanie 30779333
  • 17th Sep 2021 02:10pm

I’m fully vaccinated and eagerly waiting to open the boarders. I’m waiting almond 2 years for visiting my mother and family and as soon as open the international boarders I’m off to the air

  • 25th Aug 2021 02:26pm

I think my days of overseas travel are over

  • 23rd Jul 2021 10:04pm

Until Covid 19 is totally obsolete globally, I have no desire or intention to travel at all. I am happy and content to stay close to home, near family and just want to enjoy the simple things in life.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 12:28pm

We love cruising but will not be going overseas until Covid is under control.

  • 16th Jul 2021 12:37pm

We just had our 2nd AZ jabs today at 8.5 weeks so we can fly to NZ next week.
While I am looking forward to booking other international destinations quickly to beat the crowds, my wife said I can go alone as she is still concerned at the risk, and having to isolate in hotels on return

  • 16th Jul 2021 11:44am

I would love to go back to England and visit my mother, she's 93 this year and still going strong. I hope I can get over there.

  • 16th Jul 2021 12:45am

I would love to visit Europe, especially Portugal to visit my family again. I have young kids and I look forward to someday sharing this experience with them. Unfortunately with the current uncertainty and lockdowns it is a worry that we might not be able to get back if another surge occurs.

I’m not too concerned about the virus, honestly I am more worried about the possibility of not being able to return home to Australia.

  • 9th Jul 2021 11:38am

My Partner lives in Germany so of course I will travel there whenever possible, I have my bags packed already 😅. However I don’t think it is the right time yet to travel overseas for a holiday for example. We all love travelling but our safety comes first. Last time I travelled to Germany I caught Corona Virus and the symptoms were bad so my advise is: don’t risk it going overseas for a holiday, we can still have a nice holiday here in Australia.

  • 9th Jul 2021 11:23am

Would love to go to Japan and see the cherry blossoms! Also going on the bullet train and gorging on ramen and sushi.

  • 9th Jul 2021 10:38am

I have only one destination I want to go and that is do the Rocky Mountain Train and see a bit of this region of Canada. But I can forgo this for the next few years and stay in Australia. While we have these restrictions I will travel within my own state. I have no desire to jump on any plane where the cabin crew come from overseas and may harbour Covid. I value my health more than travelling overseas. I have just had a holiday within my state and this has happened after 15 years of restricted income. So for those people that moan and groan not having a holiday for 7 MONTHS, my response is "BOO HOO". Try being a pioneer for a change and think what they went through to come to this country.

  • 8th Jul 2021 08:13pm

I used to love travelling overseas and had a bucket list of countries that I wanted to visit. Luckily I had done a lot of overseas travel but there was always a new one added to the list..Early match 2020 we left for a trip to Turkey and Egypt. Had a great time in Turkey and were in Egypt for 3 days when the country closed due to covid and luckily got the last flight home. Doubt if I will ever get back overseas again..I think its too much of a risk.

  • 7th Jul 2021 02:48pm

Was so lucky to go O/S before Covid hit. Was going again in 2019, but the Bushfires put paid to that then Covid hit and I haven't been anywhere since. Once Australia opens it's borders again, and allows all overseas Aussies to return home, then I might look at going. Don't want to be caught O/S if it hits again and not be allowed home. Scares the life out of me...

  • 5th Jul 2021 12:00pm

I will never take it for granted again. Mind you I have I have never travelled overseas but would love to visit Canada and New Zealand but until Coronavirus is under control no way! Mass vaccination is a must for international travel until then it is too risky to travel. Air flights are so expensive at this stage, lockdowns are a big worry and being stuck in another country without any income is a big worry. Maybe international travel will become available in about 5 years without the worry of these concerns as scientists know more about about this virus. If people choose not to vaccinate then they should not be allowed to travel. I have just had my first vaccination and booked in for my second dose, it is about protecting the vulnerable in our community at this stage and down the track maybe being able to travel again, I live in Tasmania so only way to travel to other states or internationally is by ship or flying, so being vaccinated so I can even going to other states down the track is a must.

  • 5th Jul 2021 11:27am

When will the world listen! being vaccinated is only 70-80% effective and no one knows for how long this lasts! You can still catch the virus and you can still be a carrier with no symptoms. There is no such thing as a safe bio security bubble as the virus is continually mutating and is extremely well suited to being transferred by air. So everyone traveling by air or sea is still at risk because they are breathing the same air as everyone else and they remove their mask to talk and to eat/drink. Dont kid yourselves, governments need travel to start again as it is such a big money spinner for them and employs lots of people. Travel companies have lots of money tied up in big cruise ships and new ones are still being built. Vaccine passports aren't worth the paper they are printed on for the above reasons. People getting tested today can become infected tomorrow. Until we get rid of the virus completely people will still become infected and probably have to get booster shots annually to fight new strains. Even Scott Morrison in his 4 stage recovery plan has stated that we will just have to live with it and expect several deaths a year from this the same as we accept people dying from other common infections. It will become the norm to go traveling and have to quarantine for 14 days when you return. Which dear readers means spend your hard earned money on a holiday but leave some to pay the bills for when you return home and cant go back to work for another 14 days. I cant afford that type of holiday can you?

  • 6th Jul 2021 10:20pm
With Respect - You are free to believe whatever you like, I suggest to check out the experts not the gov who are patsies of WEF, WHO, UN, and DAVOS, the GREAT RESET and BUILD BACK BETTER, It is...

a virus cannot replicate by itself, so you are right there but it can replicate by invading a host which is what COVID-SARS does. British society of immunology.
Virus replication
PDF icon Download Virus replication.pdf (169.52 KB)
Office presentation icon Download Virus replication.ppt (193.5 KB)
John Goulding, Imperial College London, UK

As viruses are obligate intracellular pathogens they cannot replicate without the machinery and metabolism of a host cell. Although the replicative life cycle of viruses differs greatly between species and category of virus, there are six basic stages that are essential for viral replication.I wont copy the whole lot but if you have time read this.
Because other wise you are telling us all here that every health worker/ doctors etc are all in on a world wide conspiracy which hopes to achieve what? Give us all an injection that is not going to do anything? Covid virus attacks our immune system and although it doesn't kill the host cells it replicates inside them. Which is why it is a cytopathic virus and is so hard to stop without a vaccine.

  • 6th Jul 2021 11:36am
When will the world listen! being vaccinated is only 70-80% effective and no one knows for how long this lasts! You can still catch the virus and you can still be a carrier with no symptoms. There...

With Respect - You are free to believe whatever you like, I suggest to check out the experts not the gov who are patsies of WEF, WHO, UN, and DAVOS, the GREAT RESET and BUILD BACK BETTER, It is your choice
Dr Michael Yeadon (the former Vice President of Pfizer) amongst many other top World scientists
Robert Malone [ who developed the mRNA]
Professor John Ioannidis
Dr. Roger Hodgkinson
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Stefan Lanka
Stephanie Seneff
In 1952 when education taught you facts not fiction - we learnt in hygiene that A VIRUS is INATE it cannot replicate or infect - when VICTORIA imprisoned healthy people, I doubled checked and every University in USA that was posting their virology lessons online, said exact same thing. Now you go to original vids and they have all been scrubbed.
WE HAVE an IMMUNE System which has worked perfectly since day one of year dot, and we are supposed to believe that an immune system that can kill a whole organ and the host,, cannot handle the yearly mutation of supposed flu in 2020?
Professor John Ioannidis
Dr. Roger Hodgkinson
Dr. Peter McCullough

  • 4th Jul 2021 09:32pm

I cannot wait to be able to travel overseas again. I have already started planning for when we can travel without restrictions or quarantine. Germany christmas markets with a wonderful side trip to Italy, Poland, Estonia and France. I think the World has changed and I don't think it's such a bad thing. I think wearing masks will become normal especially in small spaces. I know that I will be packing packing antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser for the trip, and will have a mask for every outfit. I have already had my first vaccination and cannot wait to have my second as I all be one step closer. I still have so much that I want to see, this will not slow me down.

  • 3rd Jul 2021 12:07pm

I want to travel to the UK, as my brother and sister live there and are in their 80s. I'll wait until most people are vaccinated, both in Australia and in UK, and until COVID has subsided. I would never travel overseas again for purely leisure purposes.

  • 2nd Jul 2021 09:50pm

I will not travelling ever again. Don't need to as I did all my travelling anywhere I wanted to go early in life. If I was going to travel it would be to get out of the communist socialist special kind of stupid Australia has become. If I travel it will be to get out of Australia and move back to Russian/Ukraine where life, honesty is still respected. Not that it is heaven. I never thought I would live to see the day when Australia turned into a Socialist communist dictatorship with the help of many Australian.

4 Let the airlines who have been promoting the fear, go without clients. We would be much better off without all those promoting the fear and BS..

They have promoted the fear porn so much, and degraded education that people under ?? don't even know
1. every human, animal, vegetation is made up of millions of virus, bacteria, germs, parasites etc plus water and electrical currents
2. A virus has always been INATE it cannot replicate, infect etc.
3 we were born with a brilliant perfect immune system.. So great that to have a transplant is has to be suppressed.

Everyone's Immune system sees anything that is not them as a foreign invader and removes it

Yet in 2020 it seems the majority of Australians are running around scared of the flu, which we have lived with since day one of year dot

Aint science great.... Really Sad to see

  • 6th Jul 2021 10:26pm
Thank You for your concern. Let not go to the liars and using GOOGLE???
Try a few EXPECTS that the world medical/scientific areas respect
BUT FIRST, where is the evidence that anything...

It has not been proven that China did not release this virus. What happened was the Chinese orchestrated a visit by the WHO doctors who admitted they did not visit the stag 4 labs where the research was happening and they have said that it cannot be wiped out as a cause and needed further investigation

  • 6th Jul 2021 11:11am
please google virus mutations as yes it can happen which is why we have a different strain of the flu each year and why the virus of an animal can eventually jump to humans which is what happened...

Thank You for your concern. Let not go to the liars and using GOOGLE???
Try a few EXPECTS that the world medical/scientific areas respect
BUT FIRST, where is the evidence that anything the gov is telling us is factual?
The Trueman Show #29 Dr Reiner Fuellmich
Dr Michael Yeadon (the former Vice President of Pfizer) spitting some truths about NHS physicians.

BUT if you rely on MSM well that is your choice.
CHINA never released anything, and that has been proven even by MSM.

People have freedom to believe what they want - have you heard of BUILD BACK BETTER, or GREAT RESET, BLESSINGS

  • 5th Jul 2021 11:37am
I will not travelling ever again. Don't need to as I did all my travelling anywhere I wanted to go early in life. If I was going to travel it would be to get out of the communist socialist...

please google virus mutations as yes it can happen which is why we have a different strain of the flu each year and why the virus of an animal can eventually jump to humans which is what happened to the Asian bird flu a few years ago. This is also why the Chinese Wuhan lab was gathering bats. To study the SARS- Corona virus and how it might be able to jump to humans. It also leads to the idea that they actually changed the DNA sequencing of the virus to allow it to jump to humans. It is also why it is mutating now to different strains which might eventually become immune to the vaccine we are using now.So please check your facts before telling us that viruses cannot mutate.

  • 2nd Jul 2021 01:54pm

Wild horses couldn't make me travel ever again. I am one of those who is allergic to ingredients in the vaccines, and who is very likely to die if I get covid, so I can't go anywhere near it for any reason, let alone something frivolous like travel. I won't even travel in my own state - but that's more to do with poor covid cancellation and refund policies than covid itself (since we have so few cases n Western Australia). I will miss our international friends desperately, but take comfort in knowing we have all met in real life when we toured in previous years - and we were blessed to be able to travel to the US just two months before covid to witness dear friends marry.

  • 2nd Jul 2021 01:15pm

I don't plan to do any travelling OS until this virus is under control. By 'under control' I don't mean eradicated, I just mean controlled to the level of the flu virus.

The question that I need to ask myself is, does that need to be global control or just under control in the destination country. I'd like to say, just the destination country, but I'm going to say, I'd need global control, simply because you could fly into the destination country and everything could be fine and then suddenly someone flying in from a country where Covid is still raging, could throw your holiday into a lockdown. I'm not even doing any planning until the dust settles. That applies to domestic travel too...look at the chaos caused over the last week with interstate travel...good grief...

And I've lost faith in the refundability of payments made in the travel industry...nope.

For me it's very simple, no control over this virus = no travelling.

  • 1st Jul 2021 09:23pm

I am very wary of travelling overseas in the next year or two. I think I will be staying in Australia for the time being and just seeing what this country has on offer

  • 1st Jul 2021 05:29pm

Went on my first cruise in 2019 and absolutely loved it. Cruising is the ultimate relaxing holiday. We booked two more for 2020, one around the Pacific Islands and the other around New Zealand. Then Covid struck! We crossed our fingers that it would all pass before our departure date, but it wasn’t to be. We were so disappointed and thought oh well, next year. Not going to happen though, who knows when cruising and international travel will resume. Even though I was looking so forward to going on another cruise , hesitancy has crept into my mind about whether or not I will ever travel this way again. After the big debacle over the Princess Ruby I don’t know if I could trust holidaying on cruise ships . As the situation improves ( allowing optimism for the future ) we will travel more to Australian destinations and hopefully to New Zealand. Travelling further to overseas destinations isn’t on my radar and I don’t know if it ever will be. I don’t feel like I will miss out that much as Australia has so much to offer and it makes you more appreciative about what we actually have in our own backyard. So much to see and do, we really are a lucky country.

  • 1st Jul 2021 03:17pm

I actually booked for January a cruise from Sydney to Auckland, as I am still hoping that by this time it is save to travel to the NZ and back so things are booked and mostly payed for keep your fingers crossed

Joh :)
  • 1st Jul 2021 03:48am

The era of risk-free travel will never return, even with the advent of a COVID-19 vaccine, and the stop-and-start nature of domestic travel in Australia foreshadows what the future of international travel will be like. A vaccine gives us hope. But none have been successfully developed so far, and even if one crops up, because The Virus is so adept at mutating, it may not be a silver bullet for your health at home – let alone while travelling. Even when borders re-open globally, the economic constraints and lingering health concerns of jet-setting means travel will never be quite so laissez-faire as it was last year, or if it ever is again, it won’t be until Coronavirus is as far away from 2020 as Polio.
With everything happening around the world right now the last thing i would want to do is travel anywhere overseas. Why would i, when Australia is one of the best places to live on earth. We really do have perfect weather here. Head north for winter, south for summer and be anywhere in Oz for Autumn and Spring. The most stunning beaches in the world and laid back people everywhere. There’s so much about our own country’s past and present just waiting for me to discover.
People from all over the world dream of visiting Australia. I’m lucky enough to live here. No need for expensive and exhausting international flights—I can travel by road, rail, and short domestic flights to innumerable new destinations within my own country.
As an active, outdoorsy person, Australia provides endless choice for me and my family. We’ve hiked through snow-tipped eucalypt forests in Victoria, and along kilometres of New South Wales coastline. We’ve trawled through rock pools on the Sunshine Coast, and watched the sunset over Sydney Harbour. My kids have hand-fed pademelons on a rainy beach in northern Tasmania, and spotted koalas in Noosa National Park. We’ve watched whales frolicking off the Coast at Victor Harbour, and the Fairy Penguin parade at Phillip Island.
From postcard perfect islands to snow-encrusted mountains, Australia has it all. Why would I need to go anywhere else?

  • 30th Jun 2021 11:56pm

I am concerned about going overseas as COVID is still out there and many countries still have high deaths. I was to go now, it would be stressful rather than enjoyable. I would be concerned of sickness and not being able to get home.
I am looking forward to going to new destinations, and am lucky to have travelled in the past (and for all the memories).
I am reluctant to go to many Asian countries due to wide spread COVID. However I would consider going to New Zealand as they have had minimal issues.

  • 30th Jun 2021 11:31am

Yes, from last year we were thinking to go to oversea's travel. But because of COVID-19 pandemic, all international flights are cancelled. As a result, I don't know what to do? Because day by day in Australia corona spread to a great extent. it's really confusing, so, as soon as the flight is ready I will pack up and go. Don't waste my time. I came back from India on 09.10.2019, since then I am stuck in Sydney. It's really dull and boring.
As soon as border restrictions are gone, I will fly. but we don't know which month it will be?
I think, may be in October/November, 2021 the situation will improve, all of us can go safely with Vaccines already done.

  • 29th Jun 2021 11:20pm

That would be awesome

  • 29th Jun 2021 10:15am

With the new restrictions back in I can't even imagine traveling anywhere internationally but I really want to travel in Australia I have been wanting to go to the Northern Territory and hope the new restrictions doesn't stop this

  • 29th Jun 2021 01:48am

As an Australian locked out of Australia and complete with Two shots of Pfiezer, I don't think that it is going to make a lot of difference. I am in Mexico and life is almost normal, when the vaccinations came there were big lines for 5 days in all the areas so now there is a more relaxed feeling, we still wear masks in the supermarkets. However, getting into a plane with all those people still worries me at this point in time because as soon as Australia opens up again we will be getting into the plane! That's Life!

  • 27th Jun 2021 08:49pm

I'm feeling skeptical about overseas travel. This is because there are different strains of Covid forming in different countries which at the present time, not everywhere knows of each strain and or has a vaccine that covers every strain of Covid. This said, I personally wouldn't be going on the first plane when overseas travel opens up fully again. However, I wouldn't stop anyone who is vaccinated from going on a plane to overseas but there would have to be a change to who is allowed to fly and where.

These changes would have to be the following:

We'd have to have a digital covid check upon purchasing tickets which would state everything the covid check in apps do but also what vaccine we have had, if any vaccine. That way if we haven't had a vaccine that covers a known strain of Covid in the country we are flying to we would have to either have a medical reason to why we haven't vaccinated or have had a vaccine that covers the known strain in the country we are flying to. If we don't, we would fail the digital Covid check and be denied flight.

This said, flying overseas wouldn't be open up in Australia for a long time yet. This would be because we'd have to develop a secure digital Covid check we could use when purchasing plane tickets/cruise tickets etc and work on getting a safe vaccine that doesn't have major side affects and covers the majority of the known strains of Covid. Hence, I won't be flying until this happens.

On that note, I do however think that I will travel overseas again. I've always wanted to travel, just never had the time/money to do so and now it's even harder. Given that it's even harder, it makes me more keen to travel overseas when things open back up in case something worse than Covid hits and we are stuck in our home countries for a long, long time and can't travel again.

Even if things open back up and I'm vaccinated, I'd be cautious of visiting countries like India. This is because the Delta Plus strain/variant has originated from there and I'd be skeptical of what other strain could originate from India as the vaccine in Australia probably wouldn't cover that strain of Covid. Yes, I probably wouldn't get it as bad as someone who wasn't vaccinated but it could still affect me and be just as deadly.

Overall, I am feeling skeptical about traveling overseas and won't be the first to travel when flying/cruising overseas opens up. I will be waiting until the government has better measures to fight/track covid, better vaccines and better prevention methods.

  • 27th Jun 2021 08:07am

I’ve always wanted to travel to multiple places overseas, and that hasnt changed, but only after this pandemic has settled once and for all, once the majority of the population has bee vaccinated (including me of course) and they have been proven to be effective in the long run.

  • 26th Jun 2021 04:45pm

At the moment I'm staying put ,as you never know where, or when, this disease will break out again. You could get stuck in some other country and Australia may not let you back in, plus you have to pay for the stay and hospitals may not be as good either. It could be possible that I never go again, as the virus just keeps going! You definitely don't want to travel through poor countries and get stuck there! It's definitely too risky at the moment!

  • 26th Jun 2021 10:01am

I view it differently because I dont feel safe travelling like I used to.
I want to travel to nz but im still scared and hesitant so will wait.
I think I will but it will be quite a while from now. I think closer travel to home and also interstate will be my immediate priority.

Kay Dee
  • 25th Jun 2021 07:06pm

I think whether it's CoVID/other/flu, there will be an ongoing mutation or similar version of it in some form. I have no immediate plans to travel or risk being stuck somewhere or in quarantine. I've travelled to a few countries in the past as part of the bucket list so there's not the urge to travel overseas. Thankfully our State is in a great position with no cases and my family and friends are close by. I'm happy to explore locally and support the local economy and producers who have been struggling.

  • 25th Jun 2021 10:58am

I feel very apprehensive about any overseas travel in the future. The thought of being in a confined space with strangers pressing in all around me for any length of time is terrifying for many reasons that COVID has now brought to the fore. Whereas before I could put up with being squashed into a narrow seat in a hermtically sealed airline cabin for approximately 24 hours for the prized reward at the end of being in an exciting new place and seeing old friends and family, now I see no good reason for such ventures. What is gained is lost in triple at the thought of what COVID may bring to my life. I like my days served up with less risk of catching a deadly virus. So, no thanks - Sydney and my local beach are looking just lovely and relaxing to me these days!

  • 25th Jun 2021 10:42am

I will not be going overseas in the near future I prefer to stay closer to home

  • 25th Jun 2021 09:21am

I absolutely love travelling overseas,we have been to most asian countries and used to make this a yearly adventure.
Well hasnt this been turned upside down.Our favourite place is Thailand,the wonderful people,the variation of sites and places,especially the markets,we miss this terribly.
I am convinced it will be years before we can go back to any of our favourite places and I really cant see much alternatives as everywhere is effected one way or the other.
Only time will tell.

  • 25th Jun 2021 09:18am

i really want to travel overseas but not while the risk is so high. I also am concerned about the vaccine. Something that was created so urgently, i am concerned about side effects.
I would probably avoid India for a number of years just based on their capability to handle mass casualties within their health system.

Ellie 30656027
  • 25th Jun 2021 12:48am

I don’t view it differently I just won’t book putting myself at risk of being all of a sudden stuck and having to quarantine etc. Don’t know when I’ll book again when everything is back to normal and they stop talking about it completely. I won’t avoid anywhere but would still travel when everything ceases.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:43pm

My husband and I are at an age now where we thought we could do some travelling and would love to have an overseas holiday but we've put that on hold for a while maybe a few years. We're getting older and wonder whether we'd ever travel overseas at all as we don't think it would be wise or safe to do so at the moment.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:33pm

Unfortunately the CORONA Virus is mutating all the time, easier to catch so I believe all inter country travel should not be resumed until it has been brought under control :/

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:05pm

I'll be travelling as soon as all restrictions are lifted. I've had a Ģerman holiday planned for two years.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:08pm

I think all overseas travel should be banned until the corona virus is totally deleted from this earth. This will never stop globally until everyone with sypmtoms are isolated and then tested negative! I cant wait to travel but when we have this virus popping up endlessly we cant afford to spread it causing lockdowns. These in turn ruin businesses and and destroy people mentally and physically. Lets starve the beast!

  • 24th Jun 2021 08:45pm

Well, I think our government should follow some other countries who let their own citizens leave and overseas travellers come to their own countries as long as these people are fully vaccinated. Also not necessary to be quarantined if both vaccinated and test negative with Covid prior to travel or arrival. This will let people can quickly return back to normal and be able to see their friends and families over such a long time. I do turst some of the vaccines, and as long as I am fully vaccinated, and knowing that I don't have to quarantine whenever I go, then I will consider overseas travel. I do want to see my parents who live overseas and haven't seen them for a very long time. They also want to come to Australia to see us too. Obviously, I only feel safer to travel to Asia region because it is safer than the rest of the world except India.

  • 24th Jun 2021 08:45pm

I am missing overseas travel so much. Not only was it a treat to travel and explore the world, it was also incredible to be part of how other countries live, and be amongst people and experiences that only come with travelling to overseas destinations. I can’t wait to once again explore the wonderful world we live in!

  • 24th Jun 2021 08:30pm

I miss international travel so much. I usually take an international trip each year. Because of COVID cancelled last years trip and don’t think I will be able to take this years trip as well. Wanted to go to Japan but with quarantine restrictions and such I don’t think it is going to happen. So planning on Hawaii since that is still part of the US and I have never been there. Keeping my fingers crossed for an international trip in 2022.

  • 24th Jun 2021 08:22pm

Love cruising we have seen so many places cruising we had a cruise booked flying to Hawaii staying 4 nights then cruising back to Brisbane for the big opening our Brisbane,s brand new Cruise terminal we booked this cruise 2 years before sailing we had everything booked hotel tours transfers all paid for then covid happened we got refunds for everything but hotel a credit which we booked a 4 night stay Harvey bay we have had 8 cruises cancelled we have a Tasmania And New Zealand November 2021 dont think we will be going with todays covid Spread NSW borders closing our goal is to do as much travel we can before we get to old

  • 24th Jun 2021 07:52pm

I have done some in the past and started my list of Disney parks to tick off. My plan is to travel in 5 years. I will have the money to do it and travel should be under control

  • 24th Jun 2021 07:46pm

The last time I travelled overseas was in 1962 when as a child I accompanied my parents as we migrated from Canada to Australia. Since then, whilst I've seen most of Australia, I've had no interest, nor had the money, to travel overseas again. So not being able to do it at the moment because of COVID has no impact on me. I'm perfectly happy doing the ministry I do among the homeless and my street friends whilst being accompanied by my faithful furkid Honey as we travel on our mobility scooter.

Rouge et Noir
  • 24th Jun 2021 07:37pm

For myself , not jumping on a jet headed overseas is NEW. I guess in 30 years as an adult it would be 3 or 4 years included is the current 18 odd months due to COVID that I did not travel to America, Canada or various parts of Europe.
I cannot wait to resume learning about the world through real life travels. You can only do some much using the internet and glossy books.

  • 24th Jun 2021 07:09pm

My first overseas trip in 30 years was to take place in 2020. A 15 hour plane flight to LA wasn't really my cup of tea but I was looking forward to Disneyland & Hawaii. Now that it's a no go zone I don't tnink I will be renewing my reservations at any time in the future - I'll watch the movie instead.

  • 24th Jun 2021 06:45pm

I am very reluctant to travel overseas so will concentrate on travelling in Australia over the next couple of years. However would consider a holiday in New Zealand after that.

  • 24th Jun 2021 06:17pm

I started late as an overseas traveler. While the kids were growing up we spent a lot of holiday time jetting off to see extended family and friends and going north to the sun and theme parks. We thought overseas travel was always going to be there and for a while it was! I planned a self-drive holiday to New Zealand. I spent many a night shift going through all the places I wanted to see, which turned out to be every place that there was wine to taste and fabulous food to savour! We watched the sunrise from our balcony in Napier with a bottle of champagne, had a fabulous degustation in a vineyard in Martinborough, a picnic with bikes in Malborough after crossing to the south Island. We drove down the coast and had a lobster morning tea and then through bright sunshine and spectacular snowtopped mountains in the distance to Central Ortago! It was a fantastic trip, but I booked the whole trip and left my purse in the car with all my cards! One put out husband but thankfully he had his cards!
We did Bali for a friends birthday...hohum, Fiji...hohum and discovered cruising when neither of our kids could make it home for Christmas! We did South Pacific then Asia the next year and then our son got married in San Francisco and we saw some beautiful countyside, loved San Francisco, and had a joyous time and then, of course, we had family to travel to and see again!
Until now!
I would be on a plane overseas tomorrow! I have itchy feet and want to see more of the world! I want more holidays like the New Zealand one where I can stay in a town in France or Italy or Spain and go to a market every day and cook what I can find there. I don't need to see museums or galleries. I want fresh bread from a local baker and wine from family vineyards and to see the country!
I want to see more of the USA and have a bucket list of places I want to see! A cruise to Alaska, the Rocky Mountaineer train journeys and Autumn in Vermont!
But most of all I need to see my son again and hold him in my arms for the precious time he will permit me to, maybe a full minute or two!
So, Im over Covid. I want it gone. Right now is not soon enough!

  • 24th Jun 2021 05:40pm

Yes I would be jumping on the plane as soon as border opens and have my dose of vaccine but I will check first which countries is safe to visit. I cannot wait to enjoy my drinks at 40000 feet.

  • 24th Jun 2021 05:29pm

I can't wait. I have now had 2 doses of the AZ vaccine. I had an expedition cruise booked to the High Russian Arctic in July last year. It was deferred until this July. Now it is booked for August next year. As I haven't travelled out of the state, Queensland, (it is not worth the risk of travelling interstate because of the frequency of QLD shutting its borders and requiring mandatory hotel quarantine,)
I have booked a second expedition cruise from Svalbard to E Greenland, finishing in Iceland, to follow straight on.
The thought of getting on a plane and flying away gives me great cheer. But I would like to see more of Australia and the world vaccinated before I depart (plus booster vaccinations)

  • 24th Jun 2021 05:11pm

Can't wait to travel overseas again but when it is safe to do so. Have done a lot of overseas trips but still have a few more in mind. Unfortunately not getting any younger and the clock is ticking especially as hubby is a little older than me and do find overseas travel wonderful but full on trying to fit as much as possible in when away. Would probably only travel to "safe" countries but don't think borders will open here till most of the population vaccinated, possibly not even till mid next year. Have just returned from a lovely "holiday at home" to Cairns and Darwin both of which I had never been to before, very nice particularly the 32 degree days in Darwin.

  • 24th Jun 2021 05:11pm

I have been heartbroken to not be able to travel to the US to meet my new grandbaby. However, I have a compromised immune system so travel has been out of the question for me anyway, due to COVID. Hopefully the family will be able to visit me one day, but for now I'm happy to stay well and thankful to be in Australia.

  • 24th Jun 2021 04:59pm

Not planning on leaving my state for quite a while, you are still hearing that quite often just travelling to other states that there is a 14 day isolation required. Happy to travel in my own state and support the locals

  • 24th Jun 2021 04:51pm

There’s nothing like a worldwide lockdown to instil the sense of urgency about travel. Before the pandemic I always felt the commercial travel industry would always be around and I would always have the opportunity to travel whenever my heart desired or when I had enough money to take off. Now I am more attuned to the knowledge that some experiences may be off limits in the future and time may not always be on our side when it comes to seeing the world. For this reason I am yearning more and more to go to the places I have always longed to see like London, Egypt and Disneyland. I think the lockdown has definitely inspired a more intrepid spirit in me and it is something I will be wanting to do when the world re-opens safely for the tourist. I also have a grown up Autistic daughter and I am looking to finding holiday packages that could cater for her more luxuriant needs. Train journeys appeal to me greatly. I would enjoy to take Samantha on a scenic tour with premium food and wine and luxury bedding. To drift asleep to the sound of a train clattering along to its destination is truly inspiring.

the rack
  • 24th Jun 2021 04:47pm

Thankfully, after returning from my last overseas trip in 2019, I decided to retire from overseas travel for a while and explore Australia. Little did I know then that was to become the norm for a few years. I’ve been to many overseas destinations in the past and am enjoying the shorter travel time in re-exploring local and interstate places. As much as I would love to revisit some of my favourite overseas destinations, I’m still in no hurry to embark on the long haul flights for a good while.

  • 24th Jun 2021 04:45pm

I do view overseas travel differently now that it is not really possible and it is impossible to predict when we can go overseas like we used to. We did take the experience for granted. We used to bemoan the fact that there were far more tourists than when we first started going overseas (in 1969 we could walk right up to the Mona Lisa in touching distance of it). I am desperate to go overseas to visit a son whom we haven't seen for18 months but I will not be rushing to buy my tickets. I do not wqanqt to get trapped in quarantine somewhere especially as there have been suggestions that 3 weeks is the time we should be spending in quarantine not 2! The thought of a long quarantine is something that causes me a lot of anxiety. The other aspect is if I got sick I might get the type of health care that we take for granted in Australia. As well the populations are much larger in other parts of the qorld so health care can be a problem with not enough beds, equipment and staff. I am actually not sure that I will be travelling to Europe or the Americas ever again. New Zealand is probably as far as I can sensibly expect to travel. When the rest of the world opens up safely I expect that my travelling days will be over. We have been used to being very active travellers and walk all day exploring what various places have to offer. As Australia is so far away from much of the world we always thought we need to do as much as we could each day because we didn't know if we would ever go back. If the world doesn't open up safely soon I think our age will prevent us from long holidays long distance. Our legs and stamina won't cope😦.
One thing that gives me solace though is the wonderful e-travel we can do these days. Some of these programs enable us to see far more than if we were on the ground and if they involve locals showing us their countries/regions/homes etc then we can feel we are almost there. We come from the very lucky generation that were able to travel far more and far further than our parents and than our grandchildren will be able to do in the near future. So we miss it but we do so value what were able to do and see by travelling all over the world for over 50 years.

  • 24th Jun 2021 03:59pm

About overseas travel, I like that everyone will be more considerate of each other regarding health and hygiene. I see this as a bonus. Some lesson we can take from the pandemic is masks- they’re very logical and should be normalised everywhere. Also, respect people’s personal space and normalise not going out if you are feeling sick. In the past, everyone would “suck it up” and go to class/ work/ travel despite being ill. Not very logical.

I am happy to jump on a plane as soon as I have time and have been vaccinated. This won’t be anytime soon. I am young and healthy so I will be one of the last group of people to be vaccinated. I don’t think I’ll be able to travel overseas anytime soon.

I would definitely avoid America. They’re probably the wealthiest nation in the world but handled the pandemic so terribly. China also just because it’s hard to trust them. They knew about the virus for so long and didn’t lock down or warn other nations.

  • 24th Jun 2021 03:53pm

There is to much confusion about what will happen in the future so it is very hard to make plans at the present. Once there is clarity I will travel because I have a lot of family members overseas.

  • 24th Jun 2021 03:14pm

Air travel is no longer an option for me. I cannot have any of the currently available covid vaccines (due to allergies to some ingredients), and until and unless someone brings out a safe, effective and hypoallergenic vaccine I can safely have, and the Govt allows people like me to get it, I won't be getting one. So air travel becomes something of the past for me.

But supposing I was ever able to get one, I would still mask up wherever possible, still sanitise (I was doing that years before covid anyway) frequently, and still social distance as much as possible. I would not go to areas reporting large numbers (double digits daily or more) of cases - no matter if catching it would mean less of a serious illness.

I am simply insanely grateful that two dear friends of ours (in Pittsburgh PA, USA) had their wedding in September 2019, and that we were able to fly from Perth to attend - getting home just a few weeks before the first case was announced. We are all still in shock with gratitude for that trip and that their wedding was not cancelled or postponed.

  • 24th Jun 2021 03:04pm

I am 74 years old and have NEVER had to urge to travel anywhere overseas. I want to see my own country of Australia first and foremost but sadly, due to the Pandemic and as I get older, the chances of visiting those places I have not already been, grows slimmer every day. I still hold onto hope though.

  • 24th Jun 2021 02:50pm

I will definitely wait until I am vaccinated and covid cases are down I feel it is way too risky at the moment to travel overseas.

  • 24th Jun 2021 02:20pm

I wasn't a big traveller anyway. Europe was on my bucket list (I am of an European descent), but I am more cautious now and don't think will have the courage to sit on a plane full of people (even if they all wear masks) for 24 hours! That is insane and dangerous. I will definitely wait till the world comes back to its normal life (if it ever will?) and then might jump on a plane (with the best and safest airline) and hopefully enjoy my dream holiday. At this stage, I will enjoy travel locally and enjoy our beautiful Australia!

Carla Priscila32084450
  • 24th Jun 2021 02:20pm

I am dreaming with the day I am free to go whatever I want.

  • 24th Jun 2021 02:00pm

I think I would travel overseas.Mainly the UK or USA. I would definitely do my research on the community’s to see where it is very active and where it isn’t. I would definitely avoid places like India where it is virulent and many people are getting sick..It would also depend on how our borders are doing also as I wouldn’t want them to close and I can’t get home

Momma Bear
  • 24th Jun 2021 01:58pm

My son and I were meant to go to Italy May last year, but due to COVID-19 we had to cancel. We were so upset about having to do this as I wanted to go and visit my 89 year old uncle the only one left in our family he passed away May this year so never got to see him before he passed away. The last time I saw him was when mum was dying and he flew over to be with us he was mum's brother. We are not sure now when or if we will go overseas not with what's happening with COVID-19 and countries in lockdown. I really would love to go back to Italy and mum's sister-in-law and all the nephews and nieces are over there and also America, but don't want to get stranded or have to pay huge fares to get there. My son and I did go to America in 2014 and got to meet relatives we hadn't met before and that was wonderful and last year my cousin's husband contracted COVID-19 and passed away so was grateful that I go to see him and spend a weekend with him.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:57pm

We’ve booked a cruise (Lisbon to Bergen) for June 2022 - hoping that’s enough time for things to settle down Covid wise. We’ve taken premium travel insurance to ensure we’ll get our money back (paid up front for extra discount) if we’re prevented from going. We’ll add on some travel in the UK/Ireland if it’s a goer. Hoping business class airfares are a reasonable price.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:48pm

Overseas travel isn't on our radar. I travelled when I was younger, before I was married and now I am a home body. I might travel overseas again for my husband to explore with me, but I think it will be at least over 5 years from now because of the ongoing pandemic threat. I always have had travel insurance for past travel, but that might not cover pandemics in future. I would ensure flights and accommodation booked are more flexible and allow for cancellation and rebooking with minimal cost, rather than losing money for cancellation. I don't want to get stuck in another country because that is a risk you take and if you do become stuck you can't complain as you knew the risk before going. I would never visit India, China or Brazil so no issue there for ongoing COVID. I don't even want to go to New Zealand, Fiji or Vanuatu and Bali is a been a couple of times and never again for me. I would never go on a cruise ship, and that was before the pandemic because of all the noro virus and food poisoning. On my radar for later on are the U.S.A including Hawaii, Singapore.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:47pm

I don't want to travel overseas right now as Covid is still rampant overseas. My view hasn't changed since Covid first began. I will not be jumping onto the next plane, not for a long while. I will definitely travel overseas again but only when the world is safe again. I still think it will be some years away.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:30pm

For the foreseeable future, I would only travel to New Zealand and some of the Pacific Islands and then only by flying.
My wife & I used to be regular cruiser ship travellers but I will not ne doing that for quite some time.
I believe that international tourism will suffer for several more years or at least until we have widespread Covid -19 immunisation worldwide and infection rates have dropped a lot.
I have always wanted to spend some time visiting the areas of the UK & Ireland where our family roots are, but it will be a long while before I am comfortable with that idea. I would also like to revisit the US & Canada, but I can't see that happening for a long time.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:17pm

I have never been overseas or on a plane and with everything going on with covid etc I'm not in any hurry to jump on any planes nor go traveling overseas.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:09pm

I will definitly travel again. I had 2 European river cruises cancelled last year. I rescheduled them for late October and early November this year based upon the Initial estimates of when International travel would again be allowed. I have also booked European travel for 2022. I am now full vaccinated and ready to go.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:06pm

Normally, I'd be making 2 trips a year to visit family members overseas. At this point, I'm just feeling thankful for free video chats and not expecting any travel to resume till the end of 2022. This pandemic turned out to be a good catalyst to visit more local spots and finding new places of interest with friends. As I write, Sydney, NSW is in lock down and I just rescheduled a booking for free. So thankful. This is the new normal.

Antonios 31249919
  • 24th Jun 2021 01:02pm

I would love to go overseas only when most people in the country is vaccinated. But say that I would like to have the option to go whenever I want if I’m fully vaccinated . Not when the government at the moment bans us to

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:51pm

As an immigrant with elderly parents and a brother I haven't seen since 2017, I will definitely jump aboard a plane as soon as possible to visit my family back in Singapore. My Australian husband and I had planned to visit last year - alas! He has never been overseas. Furthermore, my mother had a stroke last year, in the same place she had a brain aneurysm 10 years before. She has been pining for us to visit, and having early dementia, she does not comprehend the strict border restrictions. I am in a couple of Facebook groups: Parents Are Immediate Family, and Travel Exemptions Australia, and there are some truly distressing situations mentioned in there. Moreover, I am expecting our first child, and I am rather miffed that, unlike my sister-in-law in Saudi Arabia some years ago, I shall not be able to have my father's excellent culinary and grandparenting support during the traditional Chinese "confinement period" following birth. My husband shall have to learn how to cook the nourishing soups!

I shall certainly be more circumspect in future overseas travel, avoiding crowds as much as possible and taking precautions like masking up in urban areas and being mindful of minimising contact with railings, elevator buttons, etc, plus washing hands more frequently. Having lived through SARS in Singapore during my teens, and having a germaphobic mum, I am quite aware of the measures one can take. However, we have only one life to live, and I don't want to live it in fear! I'd like my husband and son (and any future children) to experience the wider world and learn firsthand about various cultures. I believe this can be done safely, with prudence.

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:43pm

I don't think overseas travel will be not available to us for a very long time. We need to all be vaccinated and also need other countries to have the virus under control. It will only be feasible once the 14 day quarantine periods are no longer required for travellers. I have booked cheap flights to gold coast $50 tickets and I have my fingers crossed that there are no issues in November. My accommodation has a 7-day cancellation which makes the risk lower. It makes it difficult to even travel within Australia and your own state with the circuit breaker shutdowns and boarder closures.

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:42pm

Overseas travel is the only thing I miss since the start of the pandemic. As soon as we are allowed to travel again I will be doing so... however if there is a quarantine requirement upon return I will not be travelling. We currently have a household family member who has been stuck overseas since February 2020 so I feel that travel is something we have definitely taken for granted as it has been extremely difficult organising a return flight. She is currently stuck in the Philippines and I feel that, that is one country I would avoid travelling to as their president has some very extreme views about how their citizens are treated. I would probably stick to travelling to first world countries until the situation has improved in the future and I'd also stick to major cities as it is easier to get flights home.

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:42pm

I will travel again as soon as I can. I have relatives and friends in North America and I hope to get to visit them again soon. I am lucky I have done a few big trips in the last 10 years, I can't see that happening again soon. Might be too old bu the time the borders open up again

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:28pm

Prior to Covid we were regular travelers. Now that we are older and perhaps more prone to virus attacks we will only travel around Australia but even then that is up in the air too because of the uncertainty of any covid out break anywhere except for WA at the present time.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:51am

I won’t be jumping on any planes at the moment, international or domestic. I would only fly to the UK where I have friends and family, but the UK have to have the virus lot more under control and very stable before I would consider going. I won’t be flying any domestic flights any time soon, not until there virus clumps/zones are sorted. The less travelling/flying done the quicker the virus gets under control. I’m thankful to the phone and internet and all they offer so I can keep in touch with my son. It’s hard on the majority of people who have played by the rules, which have been very harsh many times, which hasn’t helped by the small % of people who knowingly and purposely broke the rules allowing the virus to spread contaminating others who went on to contaminate others etc.
Sadly this virus is never going to go away, but when everything is done correctly, put in place and organised it may be safe to fly again internationally.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:50am

I don't really care about traveling now. I think I will just save my money and stay here. No vax for me, so I will probably be banned from life soon anyway haha. I'm avoiding it all until people wise up and realise it's all a hoax.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:44am

Yes COVID really has changed travel for me. To date I have really only one dream when it comes to venturing overseas again and that is to visit Japan. Will it ever happen with Covid so widely spread in this country? Who knows but I can at least hope that one day it will eventuate. In the meantime there is so much to see and satisfy me in this beautiful homeland we call Australia!

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:22am

I am so looking forward to be able to freely travel throughout Australia. About to retire and have brought a new caravan and raring to go.We have virtually lost a year of our lives with lockdowns in Melbourne so the great opens roads will be exciting and amazing. I have only travelled overseas once and didn't really have much interest in going again. Covid has definitely made that a no-no for me. Many other countries are still on a much worse position than ourselves so no interest at all especially being crammed on a plane for 15-20 hours. No thanks! We will keep put money in Australia. Our economy has a long hard road to recovery from this scourge

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:17am

I was planning on visiting friends in Christchurch NZ this year but worried about the flight being cancelled and borders closed, losing the airfare. I do see traveling different now compared to before because of the above reason and the high risk of having Covid.
If Covid is under control and safe to travel mid-2022, I'll fly to NZ then but worried about paying hotel accommodation there and here in Sydney.
I would avoid all high risk places there and here for my own safety and not spreading it if coming in contact with an infected person.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:07am

I like to travel overseas but at this time the only place I would travel to in New Zealand, as I feel that is one of the only places at this time it is save to travel to. I acutely booked for the start of next year a cruise to go there hope everything is okay. I am waiting at this time for my second Astra Cenika shoot.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:03am

I worry about overseas travel, and due to my health it is unlikely I will ever be able to travel overseas again.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:55am

We want to know how you're feeling about overseas travel? Do you view it differently now? do I feel about overseas travel post covid? Well, tbh, my feelings about overseas travel have changed a lot over the years, but this started before Covid. Things really changed after 9/11 in regard to travel. It just got a bit harder everywhere you went, not impossible or onerous but just a little more work/energy and time required everywhere you went. For me, overseas travel had become less relaxing, more stressful, the idea of the journey itself was less fun. So I guess I was already planning fewer o/s horizons in my future when Covid hit.

Added to this a redundancy with my hubby's job, then successive contract roles, difficulty securing permanent jobs paying his prior level, certainty of employment and income started to be a bigger concern for us personally, and one we hadn't experienced to that degree in 30 years of marriage, and for him, many more than that as a fulltime worker. Being in our early 50s already, money became something we had to focus on saving more and spending less because, as a single income family and two dependents still at home, we simply couldn't afford not to have a healthy buffer in case of job loss again. So of course, travel was always going to be a lower priority at that point.

Has Covid affected where our heads are at on travel...yes and no, I guess. Yes, there are places we want to go, but iur priorities had already changed. Would we be jumping on a plan overseas at the first, but we never were because of all of the above.

I haven't really considered places I'd avoid, I perhaps was less interested in going to some of the highly impacted third world countries already. I'm more interested in taking proactive measures though via vaccine and hygiene. I think by the time I'm heading overseas again it will be more local eg NZ, Singapore. I'd really be happy in the short term just to see our states acting like one country and allowing more travel between. The panic response/closed borders etc. to small outbreaks is devastating to people's health, mental wellbeing and the financial impacts on individuals, business and the general economy will be felt for decades and by the generations still to come.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:51am

I yearn to travel overseas again. I watch planes fly overhead and wish I was sitting in Business Class sipping champagne bound for foreign countries. I was planning a trip to Switzerland to ride the Glacier and Berlina express trains when everything stopped. The optimist in me hopes to travel again, the pessimist thinks I will never again see Paris, Rome, Berlin, London or all the places on my bucket list for the first time. Overseas travel for me is a dream !

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:49am

Overseas - I intend to go into Space just as soon as I can! In the mean time, I am longing to return to overseas travel as travel is a passion of mine. I have already been to all seven continents, but there is still so much to see. So to be cautious for the time being, there are "overseas" options in Australia, such as Norfolk Island, King Island, Lady Elliot Island, Christmas Island, the Torres Strait islands and even the Sub-Antarctic Islands!

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:46am

Since retiring in 2012 my husband and I have travelled overseas at least twice a year and I miss it terribly. But, we are happy to wait until it's safe to do so. We've both had our vaccines and we know that we want to return to Italy when we are both able to do so. I used to love all the planning and researching that went into an upcoming trip, and I miss that too. But I have been busy making photobooks and movies of our travels which has at least let us re-visit some of the wonderful adventures we have had. We are so lucky in 2020 in that we were only back for 2 weeks from a trip to South America and Antarctica before the world went into lockdown. It was so sad to read that the passengers and crew in the very same cruise after ours were affected by COVID and many died as a result.
As much as we miss overseas travel, we are determined to enjoy more of our beautiful country. In fact, in a week's time we are travelling on "The Spirit of the Outback" to Longreach and will visit all of the sites out there, as well as the dinosaur museum in Winton, Roma, Augathella etc. The world has changed so much and we have to roll with it - look for new interests, re-evaluate what's important in your life and be grateful for each and every day.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:43am

I am 80, so Destinations being Covid free is an absolute must, i have traveled very widely in my life, more than most, including Antartica in 1968, down there supply dropping with the Air Force. Being Military air crew, I never had the chance to go to Eastern Europe or Russia, and there are a number of places on my bucket list, Moscow, St Petersburg, Prague, Budapest and the Slovenian countryside is beautiful in the spring.
Top of my bucketlist, is visiting my homeland New Zealand, Top of my bucketlist is walking the Milford and Routeburn tracks, the package costs NZD4000 just for the two walks, done the Routeburn before, over 50 years ago, it os the more challenging of the two, but the age record is 87, my cousin's husband an American Professor did the Milford track at age 82, and he was no where as fit or tough as i still am, so it is not an unrealistic ambition - i have climbed and hiked throughout NZ's Fiordland National Park and the Southern Alps, just like to do it again before I die.

A visit to Canada is high on my bucketlist, never been there, I'd like to go for a couple of months do the Rocky Mountaineer/ Kamloops circuit, go to the Halifax Military Tattoo ( July) see Quebec and Montreal and catch the Calgary Stampede Rodeo World biggest over1 week.

Europe Calls with a Rhine Danube Cruise, followed by a trip to Prague, but Europe is a mess even without Covid, so this is a pipe dream.

The only part at present with any probability is a trip back home to NZ, for the coming season all the Kiwi Great Walks for Spring/Summer 21/22 are already fully booked out, bookings opened on 9 June and Closed 3 days later, so the aim must be for Nov/Dec 22, with committing in June 22.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:41am

I’m really not a good flyer ever since in the 80s my mum, brother and I travelled to Spain. At that time people were allowed to smoke. The trip took 26 hours long. My brother and I were in competition who was the most to dry reach in the end. Wasn’t pleasant. Saying that Japan seems like a lovely place to travel to but that would be as far as I go. Since my wonderful experience traveling to Spain.😩😇

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:31am

If I had the money I would like to visit Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina (old Yugoslavia) to search for my parents ancestry. My Mum was born in Italy and Dad in Bosnia. That would be a great discovery.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:27am

As soon as we have good uptake of vaccines around the world we can extend our travel bubbles and include countries. I think this will happen in 2022, so not too far away in the scheme of things. I do think we will live with that of quarantine periods etc but international travel beyond Aus/NZ shouldn't be too far away. We will stop doing the tracking when hospitalisations decrease and fatalities become on par with other flu types, which will hopefully happen with vaccine use. Contact tracing will be a thing of the past as we can eventually accept covid19 as just another flu.

The assumption is that the vaccine is good enough to prevent deaths and hospitalisations. l read that the efficacy tests are worked out in getting the virus or not, but I'm pretty convinced that 99.9% of those in the trials did not require hospitalization after contacting covid.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:18am

India, Pakistan, Nepal...Hong Kong...Japan..USA...Philippines...Countries I Will Be Avoiding...Any 'Planes Going Through Doha...Hoping To Travel Overseas One Day But When I Am Not So Sure...It Is Just Far Too Risky...And Not Everyones Wants To Get Vaxxed !
I Love The Philippines President...He Says "Anyone NOT Getting Vaxxed Will Go To Jail !"

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:13am

I am 75 and have a cousin in Wales who is well into her 90's so would love to travel to Wales to see her and my others relatives. However, I would only go when I feel that it is safe and have completed my last Corona Virus jab so maybe next year when it is summer over there. All my family on my fathers side are in Wales, there is a new baby due this year, my cousin is in good health so I reckon next year will be considered very carefully.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:10am

I currently have concerned views on overseas travel. I would not want to jump on a plane to head overseas unless i knew all the passengers had been vaccinated and tested for covid before the flight . On saying that the destination i would be flying to i would want them to have covid under control - the world has certainly changed a lot in regards to travel and contact with others .

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:08am

I don’t think that my health could handle an overseas trip anyway so I’ve resigned myself to local travel only. Australia is a wonderful country so I feel blessed to be able to see it.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:07am

I don’t think that my health could handle an overseas trip anyway so I’ve resigned myself to local travel only. Australia is a wonderful country so I feel blessed to be able to see it.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:04am

I've always wanted to go to Vietnam. I have absolutely no idea if this will ever happen now! First world problems, really. We have many lovely places to visit in Australia.........we are a lucky country.

  • 23rd Jun 2021 09:36am

Apart from Covid, we have put the idea of overseas travel on the backburner now to concentrate on raising our young family.
Once the children are bit older, and able to remember the trip, we will look at going overseas.
My parents took me to LA when I was 10, and its a trip I remember quite fondly, I hope to recreate these memories for my children.

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ReachOut is the most accessed online mental health service for young people and their parents in Australia. Their trusted self-help information, peer-support program and referral tools save lives by helping young people be well and stay well. The information they offer parents makes it easier for them to help their teenagers, too.