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Healthy snack ideas for fussy kids

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Posted by: 8355kate

17th Jun 2021 07:56pm

I would love other opinions on healthy snacks (essentially for lunchboxes)
My son is 6 and hates standard fruit/veg in his lunchbox.
He likes carrots, pickles, cucumbers….but every day it gets boring!
At home he will eat apples.
He hates bananas!

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  • 9th Jul 2021 11:42am

Take your kid with you to the supermarket give him the shopping list and let him choose the fruits you would buy.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:58pm

Would your son eat dip and crackers? Perhaps hommus. He could dip his carrots and cucumber in it.
Some tiny pancakes with jam? Mini quiches or mini vegemite scrolls? Sultanas and pretzels?
Another great idea is cutting sushi rolls into smaller manageable slices.

Good luck!

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:45pm

I am in same boat. Children don't have enough time to eat at school. They want to play as well. He eats half of his lunch which is normally everything healthy rest he eats when home. I don't worry much. He loves sushi at school.

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