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How celebrities can affect sponsorship - Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Coca Cola

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Posted by: lolica

16th Jun 2021 12:08pm

We'd love to know, in light of the latest video clip of Cristiano Ronaldo removing Coca-Cola bottles from the press conference...

Do actions like these affect how you think about products or services celebrities endorse or don't?

One of the best sportsmen in the world gave all of us a clear message to drink water and refuse unhealthy Coca-Cola, how did you feel about it?

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  • 19th Jul 2022 05:27pm

Ronaldo had the guts to remove Coca Cola bottled from the table and I am sure he succeeded to change people's choices in just one second with just one cool move! Good on him, although smart people never consume these sugary drinks anyway. I am sure the brand's top managers had a quick shock after seeing Ronaldo's action, but a long manager's meeting on how to fix Coke's damaged reputation.

  • 8th Oct 2021 03:38pm

I don't know what Ronaldo's gesture was really all about...only he knows. I do have a healthy interest in celebs but there actions have little to no influence on me.
Sure he made it quite clear that people should drink water in preference to Coca-Cola, maybe Coca-Cola weren't one of his sponsors...and his actual sponsors would've got their noses out of joint because of the Coca-Cola brand having a place at his interview table. Maybe he was sending a message to Coca-Cola, that if they want that space, they better pay up.

Only time will tell, until he is snapped outdoors somewhere slamming down a can of soft drink or juice, both of which have high levels of sugar. I didn't notice, did he put up a branded water or did he drink tap water from a jug? Again, I'm not influenced by celebrity endorsements...simply because I don't know which of their thoughts and comments have been bought and paid for in some way.

  • 7th Jul 2021 01:21pm

Yes I agree. Water is much more healthy for you then sugary drinks. Plus there is to much obesity around from drinking and eating wrong food. The saying you are water you eat/drink applies.

  • 5th Jul 2021 11:12am

This has been corrected by a newspaper that actually sought out the facts. The share prices of coke were already in decline due to a market correction. Ronaldo's actions happened halfway through this correction but everyone jumped on him being the reason. But if Coke are a sponsor then they probably have every right to advertise and he should respect that without adding a comment. He should have got up and asked someone to come and move the bottles and not do it himself. Other athletes such as car/ motorbike riders have sponsors names all over their cars/ bikes and racing suits and dont express their agreement or not with the sponsor.

dicky a
  • 2nd Jul 2021 04:28pm

What a flog ...honestly , this bloke has had such a cossetted life. Get a grip. I do not normally purchase Coca Cola products . I am now !!!!

  • 1st Jul 2021 04:12pm

I can't believe the reaction has been as instant as it has been.There was an amazing downturn in sales. It shows that people are actually watching what is on the screen. I probably would have been listening but not actually watching all the time.

  • 30th Jun 2021 05:46am

Water good for you.

  • 26th Jun 2021 06:29pm

his decision was a personal one but did he consider all the young sports people who needs sponsors to sponsor competitons so that they might get to where he is. I understand and agree with his choice and he should have told the organisation that he did not want to be associated with whoever not do it so publicly where it impacted the stock market value of the company and the people who may have lost money on their investment especially retirees.

  • 26th Jun 2021 04:49pm

Good for him. Water is much more thirst quenching and healthy, compared to Coca Cola. At least he wasn't saying something he himself didn't believe in, just to get money! I think he must be an honest guy. We need more of these people, airing there honest opinions!

  • 25th Jun 2021 09:15am

I think he should have a choice. he is an influential figure and didn't want to encourage kids that look up to him to drink fizzy drinks.
Although coca cola do also produce mt franklin so why couldn't they put that in front of him instead. They make changes for athletes with religious beliefs but not for moral beliefs?
On the other hand he needs to realise that without sponsorship those hefty cheques he receives could be much smaller.
Maybe a little bit more communication and all parties could be satisfied.

  • 6th Jul 2021 08:56pm
I think he should have a choice. he is an influential figure and didn't want to encourage kids that look up to him to drink fizzy drinks.
Although coca cola do also produce mt franklin so why...

Whilst I agree with most of what you say, I think that you’ll find that Mt. Franklin water is an Australian brand and is available only in Australia.

If you were to ask Cristiano Ronaldo, or any of the European sports people, or probably any of the Coca Cola executives in the U.S., about Mt. Franklin, they wouldn’t have a clue, I’m sure. Now, if Coca Cola owns another water bottling company in Europe, then your point is well made.

  • 25th Jun 2021 07:47am

I think it is great, it shows the youth that drinking water is for everyone.

the rack
  • 25th Jun 2021 12:26am

I didn't even notice the product placement or it's removal until it became news. I just goes to show how fickle the world of media and finance are that fortunes can be made or wiped out so easily.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:36pm

Until it was brought to my attention I didn't even notice them there. Normally I don't notice products or services celebrities endorse or don't but Cristiano moving them brought Coca-Cola more attention so he did them a service. My family and I rarely drink any fizzy drinks and do actually always drink water at the dinner table.

  • 24th Jun 2021 09:45pm

Doesnt affect me at all, I dont take advice or guidance from ?
BTW What brand of water did he drink? was it made by COKE?

  • 24th Jun 2021 08:26pm

Personally I do not drink coke so often and don't like it either as it is not healthy for me or my family.
But, Coca cola is one of the main sponsors for the tournament and the major soccer event.
If Coca-Cola has paid for the tournament then they have every right to advertise during matches and interviews.
If Ronaldo does not like Coca-Cola then he must use other channels to deliver his message and NOT during the tournament and interview.
I think Coca-Cola should ask for their money back. And Ronaldo should be fined so the others can learn the lesson.

  • 24th Jun 2021 08:15pm

In fact, the share price actually saw a small correction and climbed up after Ronaldo moved those bottle of coke. It has been very embracing for coca cola,yes,but not the financial hammer below it may have seemed.

  • 24th Jun 2021 07:43pm

I have no interest whatsoever in which celebrity is being paid to endorse any products, so Ronaldo's removing Coca Cola bottles from his press conference has no impact on me. I don't have the money to waste in the sharemarkets so the soft drink companies share price plummeting doesn't worry me either!. I'm glad that someone other than me finally realizes the harm such products can do on those who drink them.

Rouge et Noir
  • 24th Jun 2021 07:40pm

I am dumbfounded that celebrity type people’s have so much pull that it affects businesses in this way. There is no way this has influenced me from purchasing Coke. I think if my GP Oc said to me to stop drinking coke I would listen, Cristiano well no, he promotes products and gets paid handsomely that were it should stop.

  • 24th Jun 2021 06:26pm

I think it’s a good time to buy shares as the price will 100% go back up

  • 6th Jul 2021 09:00pm
I hope those shares never ever go up.

I agree with you, Jolica!

  • 24th Jun 2021 06:56pm
I think it’s a good time to buy shares as the price will 100% go back up

I hope those shares never ever go up.

Wally the Clown
  • 24th Jun 2021 05:25pm

Being as he is frankly a nobody, important to no one of consequence, who cares? As a fitness aficionado he may prefer water. Also he may have offended a sponsor. Still, as he has no expertise or credibility, who cares?

  • 24th Jun 2021 06:59pm
Being as he is frankly a nobody, important to no one of consequence, who cares? As a fitness aficionado he may prefer water. Also he may have offended a sponsor. Still, as he has no expertise or...

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best sportsman in the world and businessman too,he got his empire and only haters and people without knowledge can say differently about him,He knows whats god and what is rubbish and of course he doesn’t want rubbish in hus body and gey he would nit be the best if he was taking rubbish.

  • 24th Jun 2021 05:00pm

I am attuned to health although I am happy to adopt a more “middle of the road” approach when it comes to following the rules. To my mind the enjoyment of life need not always correlate to the extension of time. If I want to put something into my mouth that may not necessarily induce a longer life is my choice, so as long as I am enjoying it in the moment and I am not contributing to climate change or the cruelty of animals I have no guilt to indulge in some activities which are considered controversial in terms of health. If a sportsperson pushes a drink away at a conference it will have very minimal impact on my decision to consume or not consume that product.

  • 24th Jun 2021 04:01pm

that video clip does nothing to alter my view of celebrity endorsement, as I take no notice of those paid endorsements anyway.

  • 24th Jun 2021 03:07pm

Didn't see it (don't watch anything to do with those overpaid dolts), and don't care. I am perfectly capable of making up my pwn mind about the poison that is "soft" drink, but I am so grateful I don't have impressionable kids watching these so-called "heroes". In this case, his actions are fine (though if Coke is one of his sponsors, they won't have been happy), but our kids see these "heroes" doing things and they want to be them and do what they do. These "heroes" have a massive responsibility to do the right thing and to realise what their actions do for those who look up to them.

Carla Priscila32084450
  • 24th Jun 2021 02:17pm

He is right. As a sportman he opnion can be benefitial to make people see better ways to be healthy. No make sense a healthy man promoting sugary drinks.

  • 24th Jun 2021 02:02pm

I think we have become very opinionated and that is his opinion..Personally I don’t drink coca-cola so it has no impact on me but the people that like it aren’t going to stop just because he did that

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:54pm

I don't buy or consume soft drink and stay away from unhealthy food, drinking water and 1 glass of milk per day. I thought it was a great move if seeing to be endorsing a bad product doesn't fit well with him. It was a good message to children who are easily influenced to drink water. Actions by celebs/influencers don't affect my behaviour of buying and consumption as I don't follow them or even consider their opinion would be applicable to my life. However, didn't Ronaldo once appear in Coke advertising? He might want to return that money if true. How about events like sport which is healthy can only be sponsored by healthy products in future? That would solve the issue from occuring again based on the sponsor not aligning with someone's values.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:45pm

As much as I agree with the message that sugar laden soft drinks are bad for us and the benefits of drinking water, I also support his actions. There remains the fact that the tournament has sponsors and there will be contractual obligations that the organisers and participants have to meet regarding sponsors.
When anybody accepts a sponsorship, they sign a contract to use and promote that sponsors products. It is simple, If you don't agree with or like a product, do not take that sponsorship, There may well be times when conflict of interests occurs over an events sponsors vs your own sponsors and that will require negotiation.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:41pm

I don't understand why any one could care a rats a---e what a celeb thinks or does, don't people have brains of their own. For God's sake think for your selves. Follow your own path.

  • 24th Jun 2021 07:03pm
I don't understand why any one could care a rats a---e what a celeb thinks or does, don't people have brains of their own. For God's sake think for your selves. Follow your own path.

Well Ronaldo is no celebrity,he is one of the best sportsman in the workd and he would not be where he is now if he was nit following his gead and his own mind:no drugs,no alcohol,no junk,no freeky scandals…

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:40pm

He pushed them aside...good move too many people all over the world becoming obese both sugar and no added sugar are just as unhealthy I never drink any soft drinks.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:14pm

I think that celebrities play an important role and they also have responsibility towards society. They are morally responsible for the young generation.
Ronaldo removing Coca Cola and gave a clear message to drink water. Coca Cola is unhealthy drink and young generation are after it.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:14pm

I'm not sure if he is saying drink water instead. From the short snippet, it looks like he is not sponsored by CC and perhaps, not in line with his contractual obligation to other brands. Maybe, I'm wrong.. I do wish people can learn to ignore all celebrities and make up their own mind on what to eat, drink, wear or buy. In short, consume what you need and not to gratify the external created desires. I ignore all celebrities endorsed product unless I've a need for the product. Why pay part of the cost to them?

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:06pm

How do I feel? I feel fantastic! And happy, not just for me but for all young people out there who drink tones of this unhealthy drink and think: I am still young, few bottles/cans a day will not affect my health. We need more influential people like him to get the message out and finally scream to the world: STOP drinking this bloody drink!

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:45pm

Coke colas stocks were in a decline before the tennis interview- it's a furphy that his behaviour was a factor in their stock fall for that day.

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:37pm

I admired his lack of conformity. Celebs influence purchasing patterns and diet choices. Coca-Cola is unhealthy and addictive for some. I respect the positive use of celebrity power to dissuade poor health choices.

  • 24th Jun 2021 12:34pm

I agree that his actions will have many followers move toward healthy options, which is a great move given the obesity issue society is struggling with.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:53am

I used to love Coke until I realised 20 years ago that it brought on a gallstone attack. The last time I drank it I ended up in emergency so have never touched it since even though my gallbladder has now been removed. Good on you Cristiano, wish you had passed on your message 20 years ago!

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:51am

Yes, I saw it on the news, I guess he has a point, Cola drinks are not very good for you and water is certainly the way to go. I know he has certain endorsements to have to make as part of his contract, but maybe this one was a bit of a stretch, even for him, to endorse something known to go along way in causing bad teeth and obesity.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:50am

No, It does not affect my view of Coca-Cola but I am critical of sports people who are happy to "take the sponsorship money" which got them there anyway, directly or indirectly and then, full of their own importance bite the hand that feeds them and smugly lecture the world..

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:50am

I don't really care, I buy something if I like it, not because an athlete tells me to try it.

  • 24th Jun 2021 11:29am

HYad to remove them and place his sponsors product there the water as he said better for you and i agree coca cola was sponsor of soccer but he has his own so i think good on him and if as they say they lost share price well thats not his fault way to go .

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:50am

What a legend! Showing those who follow him to take water over Coke. It's a sugar loaded drink that may taste good, but is no good for you. It doesn't affect how I think about the product as I don't drink it. I think he should be applauded! Well done. :)

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:38am

As stated in Finance World, COCA-COLA stock prices were falling relatively quickly three hours before Christian Ronaldo's gesture at the press conference.

For a product that is made, transported and refrigerated in stores for an average $AUD0.09 per litre (YEP — just nine cents), it's hellishly expensive to have as a drinking habit and of seriously dubious health benefit.

Pour a bottle of COKE over a greasy engine block in an old car ... then, as the grease and oil dissolve — just imaging what this cr@p does to one's stomach and digestive system over time!

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:33am

He is right, as a fit, healthy and wealthy sportsperson, to be a role model for impressionable youths and children and forsake "BRAND NAME FIZZY SODA DRINK" for water.

More power to him.

Reminds me of the great Peter Sterling (rugby-league — Parramatta, NSW & Australia) who would turn his shorts inside out playing for NSW and Australia so no cigarette company or brewing company sponsors names were in view to children.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:27am

In today’s world people especially children are highly motivated by what the celebrities do. That could be using a brand of clothing to the brand of drinks that they promote. People relate brands to their heroes and their actions definitely impact what we think about that brand. These influential people know that very clearly so the onus is on them to take people to the right path. We all know what killer these cola drinks are and with this recent act of Ronaldo the message has at least gone out clear and loud to the generation Z to keep away from these sugary drinks and drink more water. It was hilarious as well as commendable effort by Ronaldo coz he knew the world is watching him and he could send clear message to people out there to stay healthy and stay away from these sugary drinks.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:20am

I believe that the content which he did was right

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:11am

Each to their own. Congratulations to him for refusing to drink cola. I’m in the same boat fizzy drinks do not quench my thirst but water does. There still will be people that love the cola so let them be.😇😇😇

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:05am

There is no place in the human diet for this crap. No I don’t think differently about this rubbish because I’ve only ever considered it to be good for one thing-cleaning. Good on him for being real.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:03am

The truth is Coke stock prices were dropping before Cristiano Ronaldo did that. Funny how hardly any are reporting on the truth. Seems better to keep reporting on the lie.
If Cristiano Ronaldo wants to promote healthiness then he should be allowed to. He just said Aqua he didn't use a company name.

  • 24th Jun 2021 09:55am

I sinecerely think that Cristiano did people of the world a massive flavour to promote water as he has clearly shown people that we should drink water as a healthy choice.

  • 24th Jun 2021 10:39am
I sinecerely think that Cristiano did people of the world a massive flavour to promote water as he has clearly shown people that we should drink water as a healthy choice.

Hear, hear to that! And to CR's gesture.

CocaCola won't be able to cry poor over a sales slump that won't even hit 3%.

  • 24th Jun 2021 09:49am

nothing we didn't already know

  • 22nd Jun 2021 12:24am

He is THE MAN Legend 🙌🙌

  • 21st Jun 2021 10:11pm

Love it

  • 22nd Jun 2021 12:24am
Love it

Me too !

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